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Where Do Fleas Hide on Dogs?

Where Do Fleas Hide on Dogs?

Fleas are incredibly tiny, incredibly hungry parasites that live on warm-blooded animals. They are incredibly resilient and can live anywhere from a couple weeks to almost two years depending on the environment they are exposed to. Fleas typically only grow to be two to three millimeters in length, making them very hard to see or find.

If your dog has recently shown signs that they are developing a problem with fleas, don’t wait another minute to see if the tiny little insects have made Fido their home. While they may be difficult to see, it is important for you to know which areas on your dog they tend to infest first.

Fleas, while they can live and thrive on any area of your dogs body, still try to go to the areas that offer some form of protection. First, check around the base of the tail or around the neck of your dog if you believe he is being bothered by these bugs. Depending on the color of your dogs coat, they may be difficult to find, check on the skin for redness or bite marks. Examine the skin in between the individual follicles of fur, while they are microscopic, if your dog does have fleas, you should be able to see them at this level.

Fleas also like to live on the belly of dogs and are more likely to be in the chest area where there is thicker fur.

Depending on the level of the infestation, medical care may be required. A veterinarian can get rid of a bad infestation with a flea dip at their office or may recommend a strong shampoo that you can apply at home. Monthly preventative is highly recommended to prevent against fleas long-term.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The face (around the muzzle, forehead, under the chin as well as around the ears) is another favourite place for fleas since they can’t be easily messed with there.

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