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SpringStar Electric Flea Traps

SpringStar Electric Flea Traps

SpringStar Electric Flea Traps

This incredible product is a safe and simple trap that uses heat and light to draw fleas from up to 25 feet away!

There is nothing worse than having to endure terrible smells from bug bombs, and hazardous fumes that are produced by chemical pesticide sprays, just to ensure that your house is free of insects and pests that sometimes go hand in hand with having dogs and cats as pets. This product will kill fleas by luring them to fall through the grid and meet a sticky demise on the replaceable capture pad that is provided. Adult fleas will literally be killed by the thousands!


The Springstar Electric Flea Trap allows you to control even the worst infestations in your home by attracting four to six times more fleas than older style traps. What is better is that this trap uses all natural principles in its design and can work year round without the need for poisons, pesticides or sprays that endanger your family and pollute the air that you breathe. Most importantly, it will also protect your pets, eliminate the need for expensive pills to control a pest problem and cut down on your bills from the vet!

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