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Signs and Symptoms of Fleas on Dogs

Signs and Symptoms of Fleas on Dogs

No dog owner ever wants to deal with fleas on their pet. However, regardless of how well you try to prevent fleas from making their home on your dog, sometimes the worst happens and you have to deal with it.

Fleas are a nasty brand of insect. There are over 2,000 different types of fleas and most have a tendency to thrive in humid and hot environments. They thrive on the blood of animals and can jump over 10,000 times in a row (this would roughly be the length of three football fields). Fleas are very resilient and can live between 16 days and 21 months, depending on the species and environment.

Your dog just happens to be one of their preferred breeding grounds.

Fleas typically feed two or three times per day, so you will notice if your dog is giving fleas food and shelter.

Some typical signs that your dog has fleas are:

  1. Flea “droppings” on your dogs fur.
  2. Flea eggs.
  3. Itching, redness, allergic dermatitis.
  4. Licking or biting at skin.
  5. Patches of hair loss.
  6. Pale gums.
  7. Scabs or red spots on skin.
  8. Formation of tape worms internally.

If you believe that your dog has fleas, consult your veterinarian immediately. Fleas should not be left untreated as they can cause serious health problems, including anemia, in your dog. Furthermore, puppies with fleas should be given immediate medical attention as prolonged exposure to fleas can cause blood borne illness and death.

Most flea conditions can be corrected with flea treatments bought on the internet or from your local veterinarian. Ongoing preventative is recommended by pet care professionals to prevent and kill fleas long-term.

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