Signs and Symptoms of Fleas on Cats

If your cat has been itching and scratching a lot and if you are noticing hair loss or other skin issues, you need to look closer at your pet and examine their skin, as the chances are high for a flea infestation.

The main symptom for a flea infestation in a cat is of course, major itching. However, cats who have fleas can also be highly allergic to their bites because of an ingredient in the flea’s saliva. With a case such as this, the cat who has fleas will lose hair, especially on his back and around the tail and develop scaly skin in the areas that have lost hair. Furthermore, the cat who goes through this will also probably scratch his skin until it bleeds, this is known as fleabite dermatitis. If you notice this, you need to get your cat to a vet as there could be other issues. After all, the flea is the intermediate host of a parasite like the tapeworm.

Fleas are very easy to spot when you are actually looking for them. You need to part the fur of the cat and look at the skin and around the base of the hair follicles for tiny block dots. If you see this, your cat has fleas.

Another method for determining if your cat has fleas is to take a wet paper towel and rub the area around your cat’s behind vigorously. This is one of the most popular areas on an animal for a flea to live and because a flea’s feces are made up mostly of blood, if your cat is suffering from a flea infestation you will see a red smear on the paper towel.

There are many at home solutions for ridding your cat of a flea problem and depending on the severity of your pet’s problem, it may or may not be necessary to consult a vet. However, if your cat is an indoor cat, you need to look around your house. Chances are, fleas have jumped onto your couch, bedding, carpets and other areas.

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