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Sergeant's Yard and Premise Flea Spray Review

Sergeant’s Yard and Premise Flea Spray Review

Sergeant's Yard and Premise Flea Spray

Sergeant’s Yard and Premise Flea Spray is a broad-spectrum insecticide intended to keep your yard, pets, and landscaping free from common pests.

The spray is packaged in concentrate form with a hose-end sprayer for easy application around the home and yard. Using the potent insecticide bifenthrin, Sergeant’s Yard and Premise Flea Spray target fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, ants, aphids, tent caterpillars, and many other common pests for up to six weeks after application. Because bifenthrin is an insecticide, it’s safe to use on roses and other delicate plants.

Unlike products that are designed for use on pets, this is a preventative treatment specifically designed to keep your lawn and landscape free from fleas.

Overall, users report Sergeant’s Yard and Premise Flea Spray whole-yard treatments to be highly effective. The hose-end sprayer attachment has fittings that are sturdier than most of the competing brands and bifenthrin is the same pyrethroid insecticide used by the leading residential pest control brands. Some users of this product have even reported results lasting longer than the six weeks suggested by the label.

This spray is especially beneficial in tropical climates and warm regions where chiggers, mites, and cockroaches can be particularly problematic. According to the package instructions, one 32oz bottle treats approximately 2667 square feet, which is the average size of a small suburban lawn. This product is not designed to treat every corner of a half-acre lawn rather it is intended to treat the area immediately surrounding the house. When applied to the foundation, the insecticide forms a barrier that prevents all types of pests from entering your home.

Sergeant's Yard and Premise Flea Spray is a do-it-yourself pest control spray that is highly effective at preventing and eliminating troublesome pests that affect your pets. For best results, this spray should be combined with other flea and tick control products for your pets and indoors. Like all chemicals, this product is hazardous if used incorrectly. To reduce the risk, keep pets inside and avoiding spraying when there is significant wind.

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