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Sentry Natural Defense Flea Carpet Powder Review

Sentry Natural Defense Flea Carpet Powder Review

If your dog or cat has recently suffered from fleas and the little pests have now moved off of your pet and set up shop in your home, you are probably trying to figure out how to get them out of your carpet and life completely.

Fleas can bother humans just as much as pets, and if you have them in your carpet and rugs, you are probably realizing just how hard they are to get rid of completely.

One solution is Sentry Natural Defense Flea and Tick Carpet Powder. This powder claims to kill fleas on contact, and that one bottle can treat an area up to 1,000 square feet, roughly three to five rooms in any average size home. It is also advertised as safe for children, pets and easy to use in a resealable container.

  • The powder smells great and will works not only of the fleas, but also any ants, cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, or ticks.

  • The formula has been tested and approved by veterinarians and will protect long-term.

  • This product is safer to use than traditional flea bombs or foggers and is not based on heavy chemicals or pesticides, meaning that you could use this product every time you vacuum with no adverse results to your health or the health of your family or pets.

  • While the instructions say, “Apply powder liberally over entire surface,” at $18.99 per canister you probably want to be more conservative than that. They advertise up to 1,000 square feet, but if you apply liberally you’ll only get more like 500 square feet out of it.

  • We’ve gotten feedback from one user that the canister may not be ideal for spreading the powder around and that you have to be really careful when shaking or you could create a cloud (see comment below).

All in all, Sentry’s Natural Defense Flea Carpet Powder is a natural and friendly smelling way to keep your carpeted rooms flea free. While it can get expensive if used regularly, it may be worth paying the extra cost to stay chemical free.

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6 Responses to “Sentry Natural Defense Flea Carpet Powder Review”
  1. Tony says:

    The word “Natural” was the motivator in purchasing this product. Some years back we lost two dogs to indoor chemical treatment for fleas. Now days I check everything three times and then use the product with reservation.

    This product is terrible! The container is poorly designed for “shake a container” application. The container is filled to about 20% of volume. All of the power is in the bottom of the container. You have two choices on an opening size to shake the powder out – one lets the entire amount go at once and the other throws large amounts with minimum shaking. Since the powder is all at the bottom you have to really shake it! There is no way to regulate the application amount.

    Then you are forced to ‘spread’ the clumps of powder with a broom. This results in something reminiscent of the famous dust bowl – clouds of dust entering your lungs and settling on everything – everything. It will take days to wipe down every item, table tops, lamps, shades, blinds, chairs, shutters; you name it and it has to be hand wiped to remove the powder.

    And the real ringer – the product only works for two weeks before you reapply for the next exciting dust bowl day at home. At $18.99 per container (PetsMart) the cost could put you in the poor house before summer. And don’t forget the cost of running the blower on all AC units. By the time you add up the product cost, utilities, labor, you may as well purchase a new home given the real state collapse in many markets.

  2. S. Wisner says:

    I bought the Natural Defense spot on flea treatment for my Yorkies. They are exclusively indoor dogs and once I applied the treatment the smell of clove was so overwhelming and made their coats disgustingly oily that I washed all four of my dogs to get the smell off of them. This stuff really stinks and after sitting with my dogs over a period of time in the livingroom it started to make me feel sick. Maybe its okay on an outdoor dog, I definitely wont ever buy it again. Yuck.

  3. Claudia says:

    I agree with Tony on every point, although my issue with this product is not that now I have to dust everything but that the state of my new carpet is upsetting. It went from the new shinny clean fiber look to a dulled opaque high traffic area look in just one application. I will be calling the company to find out what their suggestion is to get my carpet looking like new again. I’m afraid to steam clean it myself because the powder runs orange under the water.
    This product would be great if it wasn’t for the fact that it will ruin your carpet, the strong smell, the mess, the cost…
    As S. Wisner said Yuck.

  4. susan says:

    How do I get the smell out of my house? I used this stuff in ONE room and it’s overwhelming! I can’t open windows in November, I’ve spread baking soda to absorb it and it’s still horrible. Help!

  5. David J says:

    Kills most, but not all fleas. They seem to come back VERY quickly. Almost seems like it just makes them inactive, instead of dead.

    I bought 3 cans. The can is good sized, but the amount contained varies – but is MUCH smaller than the canister. Can we say ‘Deceptive Advertising’? The last can was less than 1/4 full and only covered @ 40 square feet. Total waste of $20.00.

    For this price, get an exterminator. and get rid of the fleas in the process.

  6. Wynona Freeman says:

    I just bought this product at local pet store. I called customer service to ask if it was safe for my cat to walk on, The service rep then called corporate & they said animals or humans should not walk on it for the 24hr. No way can we not use the living room for 24hrs! Will be returning it 2 store.

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