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Program Flea Pills for Dogs

Program Flea Pills for Dogs

Manufactured by Novartis, Program tablets for dogs put an end to fleas by preventing their eggs from developing.

Sold as beef or pork flavored tablets in packages of six, dogs four weeks and older must receive one tablet each month to prevent flea infestations. Treated dogs then secrete natural oils containing the drug onto their skin, killing the flea eggs. Program has shown to be safer than other flea treatments such as sprays or dips that expose other pets and their owners to harsh insecticides.

Reports of the flea pills are plentiful with the vast majority of current users being extremely pleased with the results. Several customers praised Program to us as reliable flea protection even with multiple dogs in a single home. It did not matter whether the dogs spent their days indoors on the couch or roaming the woods; no fleas were found. Long-term users often commented on their pet’s favorite flavor of tablet and that after years of use they had not seen a single flea on their dog or in their home. An additional positive side effect of this flea prevention program is how much relief it provides to pets who are suffering with severe skin irritations from constant fleabites.

Because it prevents eggs from developing rather than killing adult fleas, the few dissatisfied users of the product were generally mistaken and were expecting immediate results. While the manufacturer does provide a list of possible side effects that include allergic reaction symptoms such as itching, hives, red skin and vomiting, very few users report their dog experiencing any allergy problems caused by the flea pills.

Program tablets are a non-prescription medication and on average, a single package will cost approximately $40. Program for Dogs is effective at breaking the flea life cycle when administered monthly without the chemical harshness of other flea control products.

One Response to “Program Flea Pills for Dogs”
  1. Hunter says:

    With Program Flavor Tabs, my peke & home have been flea-free for about 18 months. Yippee! How I detested putting poisons on him that did not even control the fleas. Poor guy scratching. Such a waste of $$, too. This product costs less per dose than squeeze-on spot stuff. Because he did have fleas in the beginning, I gave him Capstar for a few days. It kills almost all fleas in 24 hours and can be given every day for a little while. This is my go-to solution for fleas. Great to find a product that works.

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