Pictures of Fleas on Dogs

fleas on dog

If your dog is scratching and biting, there is a good chance the culprits are fleas. Take a look at the following pictures of fleas on dogs and see if a flea infestation is to blame.

When you scan your dog for fleas, it is important to be thorough. They like to hide on the head and neck, in the armpits or fold of a joint and around the tail and buttocks.

Picture of Fleas on a Dog

Picture of Fleas on a Dog

Dog fleas range in size from 1/16 to 1/8th inch wide and 1.5 to 3.5 mm long. They usually look like small dark colored dots or rice.

The key is to identify and start combating your flea infestation right away. While fleas prefer to live on dogs, they may also spread to humans and other pets.

Closeup Picture of a Dog Flea

Closeup Picture of a Dog Flea

If you let a flea infestation get worse it can cause serious health problems for your dog, including anemia, tapeworms, and allergic dermatitis.

Dog fleas may cause your pet to have itchyness around their legs, feet, neck midsection and creases of body parts. Red or swollen bites are also a symptom.

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