Organic Flea Control

organic flea control

There is so much information in the media today about all the harmful products that we should NOT use on our pets it has many pet owners asking themselves, “What exactly IS safe to use on Fido?”

When it comes to flea control, you really don’t want to mess around. You don’t want to leave your pet susceptible to fleas, which in turn can make your home a breeding ground for the pests, but you also don’t want to put some chemical based product on your pet that is going to irritate your pet’s skin or possibly cause other health complications. Therefore, as a happy medium, any responsible pet owner wants to look at organic flea control options for their dog or cat.

There is a pet product company that is centered completely around holistic, organic, and natural treatments for protecting your pet against fleas and other insects. Heaven Sent Natural Pet Products offers a wide variety of 100% natural flea control products for your pet, your home, and your lawn, ensuring there are several lines of defense between your dog or cat and blood-sucking vermin.

Heaven Sent Pet Products offers a Flea Free Natural Food Supplement, which is an organic alternative to standard flea supplements. The dosage is easy to give, simply place a small amount of the liquid in your pet’s water or on their food. After the supplement is ingested it acts as a repellant, killing existing fleas and protecting against future infestations.

The Fleas-Away Carpet Treatment protects your home and kills roaches, silverfish, ants, and other insects that could find their way into your house either on your pet or through other means. This carpet treatment is completely safe and can be used around your pets without worry.

Finally, the Heaven Sent Natural Yard & Garden Spray will kill the bugs that normally harass your pet and should be applied with a hose once a month. However, your pet will not have to worry about inflamed feet or other irritation because this product is 100% natural!

Heaven Sent Natural Pet Products is a great alternative for the pet owner who wants to protect their pet, but who also doesn’t want to endanger their health through the application of poison and other chemicals and because of this, this company and their products win a “thumbs-up” in our book!

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