Natural Remedy for Fleas on Cats

natural remedy fleas on cat

Pet owner’s constantly battle the ever changing conundrum of wondering what is better, leaving their cat without a flea preventative because they are scared that it could harm their pet, or chancing the application of a product that says it is safe and natural when really, the reality could be much different.

To all of those cat owners out there who want to be flea preventative, but are looking for the most natural remedy for fleas on cats, you should check out an effective flea tablet that is made entirely of garlic.

Fleas are little blood-suckers, so it is very fitting that a natural repellant of the little vampire-like pests is in fact, garlic. One of the best products on the market, which is an all natural remedy to fleas on cats is Only Natural Pet Brewer’s Yeast & Garlic Tablets.

This product is a great all-natural way to protect your cat from the inside out. It allows your cat to maintain a robust immune system and will kill existing flea colonies on a cat. Furthermore, the garlic tablets contain a large dose of B-12 vitamins which helps promote a healthy immune system in a cat.

The product gets overall positive reviews and cat owners like the fact that it works to repair immunity if their cat is facing a flea infestation and repels fleas from setting up shop on flea-free cats.

However, while this product is endorsed by cat owners, a disclaimer must be put forth. While garlic is safe medicinal plant and is used in many holistic medicines for humans and animals, it can, on occasion, affect the red blood cell levels in some cats. Therefore, it is necessary for cat owners to watch and monitor their pet’s intake of this as an overdose could be detrimental to the cat’s health. Cat owners should be advised to only give their cat the recommended dosage and stay on strict schedule for use.

Another natural alternative is the Flea Free Natural Food Supplement, which not only repels fleas but contains over 200 vitamins and nutrients as well. You simply add a little to your pet’s water each day and it goes to work by prohibiting blood-feeding insects from biting and preventing them from laying eggs.

Whichever natural remedy you choose, it is important to understand that no single remedy will completely prevent flea infestations. You need a well rounded approach that combines one of the supplements above with a natural flea shampoo, treatments your house, yard and frequent vacuuming of your carpet for fleas.

2 Responses to “Natural Remedy for Fleas on Cats”
  1. lynn says:

    Hartz flea treatment almost killed my cat. It caused him to go into convulsions and the emergency clinic said he would have died if we hadn’t gotten him there when we did. I have talked to several veterinarian clinics in Cleveland and they have had a lot of cases where pets have died from this product. I tried to have them taken off the market but I am only one person and they are a big company,but, please if anyone reads this do not put Hartz of any kind on your pet or you take a chance of loosing them.

    • Theresa says:

      Lynn, Thank you for sharing your tragic experience with us. Hopefully, another may read your post and think twice before using this product. What happened that caused harm to your pets?

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