Natural Flea Drops for Dogs and Cats

natural flea drops

No bones about it: fleas are a pesky problem for pets. However, the harsh chemicals frequently used to eradicate fleas can also pose potential risks to others and should be avoided.

A sizable number of serious animal poisonings related to the overzealous application of traditional flea drop medications have recently been reported by veterinarians. These unintentional poisonings result from the organophosphates and carbamares in synthetic pet pesticides.

While these harmful chemicals are designed to cause paralysis, convulsions, and respiratory arrest in fleas, unfortunately the symptoms can also show up in pets and the children who play with flea-treated pets. Long term affects, such as kidney failure and cancer, have also been linked to the use of synthetic pesticides.

Natural flea control eliminates these risks because the ingredients are safe for dogs and the people who love them. Natural ingredients also mean that the chemical smells of synthetic pesticides are replaced by neutral, or even fragrant scents. Two of the best products we’ve found for natural flea control are Sentry Natural Defense Flea Squeeze-On and the aptly named Bite This! Flea Remedy.

Sentry Natural Defense Flea Squeeze-On for Dogs and for Cats

Three monthly applications of this product can eliminate fleas for up to four weeks. Utilizing a mixture of botanical oils, Natural Defense Flea Squeeze-On works by using a natural flea neurotransmitter known as Octopamine. Because dogs and cats do not have receptors for this substance, they will not be negatively affected by Octopamine. The drops are applied to the back of your pet’s neck in either a spot or a stripe and should be used year round to achieve that best results. However, it does come in slightly different formulations for dogs and cats, so be sure to get the right one.

The reviews for Sentry’s Natural Defense Flea Squeeze-On are overwhelmingly positive. People especially appreciate the gentleness of the formula and the ease of use. There are very few drawbacks stated against the use of the product. Some users doubt the effectiveness of the treatment, and others feel that the not unpleasant clove smell is a little strong. That said, overall there much more positive reviews, especially from people who own pets with allergies.

Bite This! Flea Remedy for Dogs

Another remedy recommended for natural flea treatment is known as Bite This! Flea Remedy. This treatment, like the one from Sentry, uses an essential oil blend. Apricot kernel, neem, hazelnut, almond, tea tree and rosemary oils are only a few of the oils that make up this extensive mixture. The treatment is in dropper form and can be massaged into a dog’s skin 2-3 times daily. The drops can also be used in treating bedding and collars, but be careful as it can cause slight staining. People who use the product love the smell and say that it at least results in a partial, if not total, reduction in fleas.

One Response to “Natural Flea Drops for Dogs and Cats”
  1. Elvira says:

    I have tried the Sentry Natural Defense squeeze on treatment and I love it for my Maltipoo who had a terrible allergic reaction to Frontline Plus. Sentry Natural Defense also smells great and was very effective in keeping fleas off my baby. I am now going to purchase “Bite This” as an adjunct. After doing research on the insecticides used in Frontline and others like it, I am now going all natural for all my dogs.

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