Natural Flea Dip

natural flea dip

When you think of a flea dip for your pet, it’s hard not to get the idea in your head that you are knowingly dipping your dog or cat into a big tub of chemicals. You know you would never put chemicals on your body, so why are you doing it to your pet? With all of the concern about toxic products and doing the best for your pet, many pet owners want to work with a natural flea dip when it comes to treating or preventing fleas on their pet.

However, here is the benefit when you work with a natural flea dip, you don’t have to buy it at a pet store. In fact, you can make it yourself for best results.

Nature provides a variety of solutions to the industrious pet owner and there are a variety of solutions that can be found to repel fleas at your local grocery or drug store.

Citrus sprays or dips are among the most effective when it comes to a natural flea dip. Whether you spray this mixture on your pet or “dip” them in the bathtub or sink, the fact is oranges, grapefruits and lemons, when steeped in boiling water for approximately ten to twelve hours offer the best natural solution to flea prevention and control. The only issue you could face is that while dogs are not bothered by citrus smells, you may face an irate cat after application. However, you can also use this citrus mixture on bedding or other linens, fleas will die after they are exposed to this citrus water.

There is no need to spend money on big brand names when it comes to natural flea dips. You can make your own in the privacy of your own house and provide for a healthy flea free experience with your dog or cat. No chemicals required.

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