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Liberty 50 Spot-On for Dogs Review

Liberty 50 Spot-On for Dogs Review

Liberty 50 Spot-On

Manufactured by Star Horse, Liberty 50 Spot On for Dogs is flea and tick treatment that claims to also eliminate lice, mites, and mosquitoes.

About Liberty 50 Spot-On

Star Horse claims that their product, which consists of 50% Permethrin and 1.2% Pyriproxyfen, is “one of the safest pest control products on the market.”

According to them it outperforms competitors by killing flea eggs and larvae for up to eight weeks and outlasts them with two additional weeks of tick protection. It also claims to be able to kill lice and mites unlike its competitors.

What Are Users Saying?

While there aren’t many reviews for Liberty 50 Spot-On, there are plenty of reviews on Permethrin, the active ingredient found in this product. Unfortunately, the Environmental Protection Agency is more closely regulating over-the-counter pesticides such as Liberty 50 due to an alarming increase in flea and tick control-related deaths and illnesses.

Permethrin is lethally toxic to cats, and the company makes it clear that Liberty 50 should not be used on cats. Despite the clear “no cat” warning, they fail to mention that the National Resources Defense Council implicates Permethrin as a carcinogenic agent with the ability to disrupt the endocrine system in humans. It is also a possible contributor to asthma and allergies. The EPA also points to negative side effects in pets such as skin irritation, loss of appetite, and vomiting.

Moreover, reviews over BioSpot, a flea and tick treatment that contains 45% Permethrin, validate the EPA’s concerns. Yes, these reviews are not specifically on Liberty 50, but they illustrate Permethrin’s side effects and indict Liberty 50’s safety claim.

Many reviewers indicate that upon first use, their pets appeared to be fine, with only a slight drop in appetite or mood; however, after several months of treatments, several pets began refusing to eat for long periods of time, vomiting, and itching. Many reviews also attest to an irritating skin rash immediately upon application of the product. Several reviewers complained of its failure to work for more than a few weeks.


Permethrim is a pesticide proven to have ill effects on humans and animals, and Liberty 50 Spot On for Dogs contains more Permthrim than other medications. It may by half the price, but the savings are not worth the harm.

49 Responses to “Liberty 50 Spot-On for Dogs Review”
  1. Jenny says:

    My 2 Pomeranians acquired lice from who knows where and I used the Liberty 50 on them and I had amazing results… My male had bald spots and sores under his thick Winter coat. I didn’t realize until I gave him a bath what was going on.. I bought the drops, bathed tue dogs in regular oatmeal shampoo and then applied the drops.. After 30 days and warmer weather I went to shave them and start all over. All the bald spots were healed and had all new fur regrowth. They didn’t have 1 flea on them either.. This stuff works for sure.. Just apply tue right weight dosage and you should be fine.. Toy dogs are usually super sensitive to anything and my 2 Poms did just fine..

  2. Tarah Roland says:

    I tried Liberty 50 flea & tick treatment bought from my groomed an it sucks. Made my dog sick for about 2 days an it dose not work. The dog is still getting fleas an I have pulled a tick off of her an she has only had the product on for 9 days an I an going to have to find a way to control her fleas till its safe to put a new product on her. Going to vet this time

  3. Jody Sabotta says:

    Liberty 50 Plus IGR Spot-on for dogs. I have been using this product for 6 months, every first of the month my dogs go off not eating. The cairn terrier is being ate alive with fleas!! fleas are also on the other 2 dogs, 1 siberian huskie and lab mix. As for ticks I am always finding ticks on all 3 of them not as many but still ticks. Going to my vet to see what can be done for the dogs. The cairn terrier also has raw sores from scratching her back so much, like a rash. And she is pulling out her hair on her back from all the irritation.

  4. M.L. says:

    We use Liberty 50 at our kennels with great results. Most of our dogs have been neglected and we have no history on them. We have had a many come in covered in ticks and fleas. After 48 hrs of having the Liberty 50 on, most if not all the ticks were dead and literally falling off. The fleas are not a problem either. Because of the multiple dogs it’s so important to prevent any kind of infestations and the Liberty is great.

  5. D. Wood says:

    My children went in the woods and took our poodle. They got into an infestation of ticks. She already had this product on but it was due for a second treatment, so I went applied her monthly dose a day or two early. It did not work. We though she was OK. I pulled 60 ticks off of her a day later. (I counted them) they were the size of a pin head, but they were not dead. Product does not work and the risk does not out weigh the benefits. I will not waste my money on this product again.

  6. Bonnie Schuning says:

    I have a 2 year old Yorkie/Lauchen mix and I purchased Liberty 50 as a preventitive not just against Fleas, but against ticks & mosquitos too. After one dose my poor dog was in agony itching the sight where I applied the product. That night he kept my husband and I awake all night with his itching and restlessness. He sleeps with us and he couldn’t lie still all night. I would never recommend this product to anyone since it has such horrible side effects.

  7. christy says:

    i have tried it out two different times on all 4 of my dogs with no luck did not work….now i’m trying to figure out how long i have to wait until i can apply frontline…..

  8. Jamie says:

    I put liberty 50 on my small dog. She ended up getting a hot spot from this medication and she had to have surgery. It could have killed her. The surgery cost $105 and she is in severe pain. I would NEVER recommend this product to anyone and I am going to let everyone I know about how dangerous this product is!

  9. Victoria says:

    this stuff does NOT work! I have a small pomeranian mix and she has fleas, I went to a local store and saw what liberty 50 claims to do. Now 5 days later theres not a difference and she’s still being attacked like crazy by fleas. $18 for a product that doesnt work and i’m now stuck waiting 25 more days to apply something else. To add to it I went to their website and there’s no way to contact them to make a complaint or get a refund…figures what a waste of time and my poor dog is miserable. How is it fair that a product can claim to work and I purchase it, follow directions, apply it and get no relief for my dog. I hope the company learns compassion and learns that putting a product out there to prevent animal diseases infection and discomfort from the pests and it not being capable of doing that at all I feel should be punishable under animal cruelty. People who choose not to treat their pets and let them stay flea and pest infested can get charged for animal abuse and those of us who want to stop or prevent an infestation rely on companies to be truthful and buy their product to help our animals just to find that we have to wait now even longer to have a fix for our furry friends, Im highly disappointed and really upset my dog is going to be this uncomfortable for more than 3 weeks because of this company claiming to have a great product.

  10. meghan says:

    tried frontline on all my neighbors cats, my cats neighbors schnauzer and my english mastiff. 3 days later my mastiff has more fleas each cat has about 100 fleas and the schnauzer was the same. Flea dipped and bathed them all which resulted in a trip to the ER from a cat bite. Got liberty for the dogs and had amazing results..no more fleas for 6 weeks. Also rescued a jack russell/fiest covered in fleas and ticks. I removed the ones I saw on night one..then put liberty on here after her bath the next day I found 3 dead ticks in here ear and one almost dead in the other ear. Still haven’t tried advantage here (just moved from oregon to tennessee) which starts tomorrow because the mastiff made friends with 2 kittens and I don’t want to risk their health but all in all liberty 50 worked great for me!

  11. meghan says:

    please excuse the spelling and grammar errors in my post. its very late :)

  12. Stacy says:

    I have used Frontline since it first came on the market. I have shown and bred dogs, and I am a dog groomer for 20 yrs. I would never, ever, buy an “off” brand flea treatment for my dogs, but, this year in Ohio has been horrible for fleas and ticks. An employee at Tractor Supply reccomended it after i told him I still have fleas using Frontline on my 4 dogs. I bought the Liberty 50 and sprayed my house once a week. Each dog had about 5 or so fleas on them. After 3 weeks, only 2 of them had 1 to 2 each. None of my dogs had reactions to the product at all. And my shepherd/pryrenees mix is very sensitive to everything. Advantage made her red at the site and very restless, I had to wash it off immediately. Frontline made her act a little “off” for a couple days. Everyone was due 2 weeks ago and i just went over everyone with a flea comb, and only 1 dog had 2 fleas on her.
    So,I would have to say, from a skeptic, I am very happy with the product!

  13. Tom says:

    I started using the Liberty 50 Plus IGR Spot-On for Dogs 2 months ago. I have a chow mix, that up until 1 month ago was very healthy. My dog developed a blood disorder where the red blood cells attack the white blood cells. My dog became listless and stopped eating. I immediately took her to the veternarian, where she was placed on steriods, and must undergo a blood test each week. Thankfully, she is doing better. I asked the veternarian what could have caused the disorder. He said it may have come from the flea control. Since I had not changed the type of food I give my dog, and my dog is still at the same home I have owned for 13 years, there was not a change in her environment. The only change was in her flea medication. I have immediately stopped using Liberty 50 Plus IGR Spot-On for Dogs. I have also contacted my groomer who sold me the flea control. My dog was at death’s door. Had the veternarian not placed my dog on steriods, she would be dead. Aside from the expense I have had to bear w/ vet bills; even though my dog is doing better, there is a chance she may not fully recover.

    Please respond if you have had a similiar experience w/ this product.

    Thank you.

    • Anonymous says:

      We put it on wed and today is Sunday still
      Have live fleas and dogs are scratching more now
      Then before

  14. weebiscuit says:

    I began using Liberty 9 months ago on my labs. I love this stuff! We live in the woods so we are always out there where the ticks and fleas are thick. We will come out of the woods after an hour walk and find half a dozen ticks on me and my husband, but none on the dogs. Very pleased with this product. Not only with its efficacy, but the lower price is an added bonus. If it were free, but didn’t work, I wouldn’t want it because it sure wouldn’t be a bargain. I want something that WORKS, and this is it!

  15. Traci says:

    Did not have a good experience AT ALL! We got the drops from our groomer who recommended them. We put them on our Maltese and she went CRAZY!!! She started itching and shaking all over and barking uncontrollably. I think she was hallucinating because she would run around the house barking like crazy and acting like she was seeing something and just barking wildly (she NEVER does this). She acted like she was afraid to get in her bed. She would run up to it and bark and scratch at it and then run away from it like she was afraid of something. She stayed awake for 48 solid hours (I should know, the whole family was kept up by her barking and running around!) and nothing would calm her down. Even after a bath to wash it off, she still acted crazy for two days. Maybe others had a good experience with it but we did not. Not sure if it helped keep fleas off of her or not because we couldn’t leave it on her. I feel like it was a waste of my money not to mention the agony my poor dog was in and us also.

    • ksgoalie says:

      Our Maltese seems to have the same type of symptoms. What did you do relieve them? Our dog hasn’t slept for two days and keeps twitching.

  16. Anna says:

    I discovered Liberty 50 last year at the very end of flea & tick season; I tried it on my 2 Gordon Setters and it kept the fleas at bay. This spring, I started it on all 5 of my dogs- the 2 Gordons and 2 Papillons & a Rat Terrier, and sO far so good; no fleas to be found! It is a good product at a good price. I had used Frontline in the past, but last year, it just stopped working, and my vet said he had had many complaints about it as well. Here’s hoping that Liberty continues to work!

  17. Bridget says:

    This stuff does NOT work well at all. We have two dogs, both over 55lbs, we’ve tried it now for two months and our dogs are still covered in fleas. We live in the south so we fight them regularly with the onset of summer and the roaming dogs and cats. Thus far, the Comfortis works best to get rid of and keep fleas away. However, the Comfortis makes our Pitt Bull VERY sick and our Boxer is sick (not as drastically), and both are lethargic. We are going to try the Advantage and see how that goes.

  18. Hope Casey says:

    I have a small yorkie, my husband brought him to the groomers and I asked him to get a flea and tick treatment. The groomer suggested liberty 50, my husband bought it, it was 16 dollars. I thought he would have gotten frontline or advantage, but he did not. This is our first time applying treatment to our dog. We found a tick on him and it had apparently been there for a few days. I also have 4 small children, I’m wondering after reading these comments how safe liberty is for my dog, and how will it effect my kids. I am worried after hearing such aweful things about it, if it can and will harm my dog and my children. We applied treatment about 18hrs ago and he has had no reaction yet. How long after receiving treatment do we have to wait before the kids can play with him? And does he need a bath before anyone touches him? The groomer sold my husband a tube without the box and without directions…….

  19. Ash says:

    I’m a firm believer that every dog reacts differently. I’ve tried
    Many products, including expensive ones only sold by the vet, and my dog continued to be flea bitten. I was about to try another high dollar one when someone suggested liberty. I use to use tri-force and had ZERO fleas, but it’s no longer available. So I was shown the liberty and told it replaced the try-force. Wish me luck, I’ll post later once it’s had time to kick in!!

  20. Luke says:

    I bought liberty 50 several days ago for my German Sheppard, saint Bernard mix. she had a BAD flea and tick infestation. After a couple of days all of her fleas are gone and most of the large female ticks are gone but some if the little males and some of the little mommas (mainly the ones between her toes) are still alive but it seems to be working, and she hasn’t had any loss of appetite or any other side effects so far. But only time will tell.

  21. nancy says:

    I bought this liberty 50 because of all it claims to be able to do. Don’t believe it!! I might as well have put water between the ears and by the tail of my two dogs. They are still itching. Will take them to the vet.

  22. Anonymous says:

    my peekapoo not quite a year old yet i put this product on her and a few hours later she was throwing up and would not stop i checked around my entire house and their was nothing she got into and nothing unusual that she ate. i am very unhappy with this product she stopped throwing up finally but im still on high alert and am still wondering if my dog will be okay or if i will have to take her to the vet

  23. brooke says:

    i feel this product should be taken of the market for how high risk the side effects are my dog was throwing up and could not stop it even went to the point of foam coming out i could tell she was miserable and their was nothing i could do but try to make her comfortable and wait for it to pass. after the pain and trouble my dog went through i felt like a horrible owner for letting this happen i do not recommend this product especially for smaller dog breeds

  24. Amy Brown says:

    This product is a waste. Washed, then treated with Liberty 50 NO results. My Fox Terrier and my Jack Russell were loaded with fleas. It was like it attracted fleas to them. The poor Jack Russell has scratched so bad that she has sores and now requiring a trip to the vet. My advice – save your money!

  25. Pete says:

    I have a a twelve year old Golden Retriever (Blondie)who has always been alergic to anything with Permithrin in it. It took Me a while to figure it out. I stay away from anything that contains Permithrin.
    I bet a lot of people have dogs that are alergic to permithrin and don’t know it.

  26. julie says:

    I used Liberty 50 because the store didn’t have the brand I use (Frontline)I was in a hurry so I bought it, all I can say is I’m out 20 bucks and my dog had fleas worst than when I used it, never never never will I buy it again. It is well worth spending the extra money on Frontline or others that compare to it. You get what you pay for, lesson learned.

  27. Amy says:

    I only went online today to try find out how soon after applying Liberty 50 I could bathe my dog. I wish I had read the product reviews before I made my purchase. I applied Liberty 50 5 days ago. I am finding fleas on my dog which I think is still common. However, she has not eaten a bowl of food in three days!! Had I known this could be a problem I doubt I would have bought this product—she’s only 8 lbs. Live and learn!

  28. gina says:

    I used this on my 3 dogs after trying other products and 9 days later, they still have fleas…I’ve treated the house and the areas where they sleep as well, so my opinion is this product does not work and I would not purchase it in the future, and I don’t recommend it.

  29. shannon ranzenberger says:

    i bought liberty 50 because i seen fleas on my 3 dogs(minature chiahuas)so i applied this stuff as directed and my oldest one started having tremors,seizures,and hardly responsive i called the vet because i was concerned for her.she ended up taking her over night and had to give her several doses of valium to keep her calm i think this crap is junk and they should be responsible for my vet bills which will be an outrageous amount lucky she didn’t die.very dissapointed in liberty 50 it’s bull crap

  30. Anonymous says:

    Liberty 50 (xl size) did not work. We applied it as directed to our black lab dog for fleas this fall waited at least a week. We kept checking her and there are still fleas. so we gave her a flea bath and reapplied med. again. Its been over a week and fleas are present. We have washed her bedding and vacuumed around several times. We will not buy this product again.

  31. Jennifer says:

    We put this on our one year old dog on Thursday 04/04. On Saturday night 04/06 he had a seizure, could’t walk. We immediately brought him to the emergency vet. All blood work was normal. They had to give his a decontamination bath and Activated Charcoal. If this does this to dogs, what does it do to the people it lives with?? DO NOT PUT THIS PRODUCT ON YOUR DOG.

  32. Dino Almond says:

    Total waste of money and time. Don’t buy it; it DOES NOT WORK AT ALL !!!!

  33. Jeremy says:

    I used this product after being suggested by the pet shop a year ago ..I have a golden retriever and it has worked great., but now I’m reading all these negative reviews and it’s scaring me . But from my personal experience it works very well .. But after reading some of these reviews it seems that a lot of the bad side affects happened to small dogs and a lot if the positive happen with large dogs .. Good luck to us all !!!

  34. Tammy says:

    I have two Boxers. For many years I used Bio Spot and had zero issues – lucky compares to many others. As Boxers have notoriously sensitive skin, I am immediately aware of any side effects, redness, itching, etc.

    For the past 3 years I have used the Liberty 50 treatment and it has worked excellently. This past month, I bought Pet Armour and now my dogs have fleas. Needless to say, I’m changing back to the Liberty today.

    For those whose dogs have had issues/reactions – they seem to be all smaller breeds and more sensitive breeds. Perhaps with breeds like that, a gentler medicine is needed.

  35. Nic says:

    This product made our pooschon extremely sick, I would not recommend this horrible product to anyone. It’s cheap for a reason.

  36. Kathy says:

    When I had my golden retriever, I always used Bio Spot for flea and tick control. Now, I have a min pin and a chihuahua, and I had been using Trifexis, but it only works for fleas, not ticks. The dogs were getting 10-12 ticks each on them per day, so I purchased Liberty 50 for the first time. I applied it two weeks ago, and it worked well for the first week. By the second week, I started finding ticks and fleas again, however, not as many as before. I have purchased Bio Spot to see if it will work better. My opinion is that, if the correct amount of this product is used, as well as being applied correctly, it will work, but it doesn’t last long enough.

  37. Debra says:

    Someone recommended Liberty to me. Since I work with rescue and have many dogs, I had high hopes. My dogs (and I have 9, from a 12 lb Boston to a Great Pyr) quit eating and several of them were vomiting. At first I thought was the heat, even though I keep the air cold in the house since the weather is so hot. One is really itching. I think it might have helped with the fleas because some of them are not scratching, and I believe the one that is had had an allergic thing. At any rate, I bought more and will be taking it back for a refund. It isnt worth my dogs being sick.

  38. margaret ross says:

    product does not work, tried it twice

  39. Laura says:

    I put Liberty 50 on my two dogs just a week ago! I swear the flea and tick problem is worse now, than it was before! My poor babies are constantly scratching, even after flea baths. This product sucks and I won’t be buying it again.

  40. Shelley says:

    Wow I just bought the Liberty 50 but I’m reading all these comments and I’m unsure if I should use this product I have a pom pom he is almost 2yrs old I been using what the vet gave me but didn’t have much luck with that last time the first couple of times it worked well. Oh what to do I dont want my little sugar to get sick or end up at the vet office. I seen alot of good reviews also. I guess its just scary after reading the bad reviews

  41. Deborah says:

    Tried Liberty 50 twice on my husky pup(at 3 and 4 months), did not work either time. Tried it the second time,thinking that maybe I didn’t get it into his skin close enough. Had to use Capstar to give him relief(which can get expensive) while waiting so that I can treat him with something different.

  42. Melonie says:

    Her dog groomer put this Liberty on her after her grooming.Not only did it NOT kill the couple of fleas he said she has, but she can’t stop biting herself now. She was sick for 3 days, not vomiting but stayed in her bed.She has since ripped off her hair from biting. It’s non stop scratching and the fleas are now visible. I didn’t believe she had fleas to begin with, but the groomer said she did. Now I see a couple and we don’t know what to do to get her to stop tearing herself apart. This should be banned!

  43. carol says:

    I have a dog kennel been using it for years I have 9 dogs it works great no side effects what so ever. since i have 9 dogs from maltese to a terrier of sorts and several bully breeds 1 great dane… you would think someone would have a bad reaction but nope works great.!!!

  44. B.P. says:

    I am very well educated on pets, and flea products, This one, Liberty 50, is probably THE LEAST effective flea product I have EVER used! Money wasted.

  45. Clara says:

    My dog is practically blind. She accidentally got it in them when she scratched her ear. We are doing all we can and giving her medicated eye drops. The vet says most of the damage is permanent. The warning reads moderate irritation….

  46. Rebekah Morse says:

    Gave on a wed and still on Sunday no relief
    And more scratching then before
    It’s in two big dogs

  47. Sharon says:

    This product did not work for my dogs, I put it on them and the next day they had more fleas then before I put it on.not very happy about wasting money.

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