K9 Advantix Reviews

There are some trusted names in flea prevention for dogs. One of those names is K9 Advantix. This product is a guaranteed solution to prevent, kill, and control fleas and ticks from living on your dog on your dog and it comes highly recommended by veterinarians and from those in the pet care community.

It is developed by Bayer Healthcare, a highly trusted company and the same manufacturer of Advantage Flea Control. However, K9 Advantix is topical solution that is just for dogs.

Unlike Advantage, K9 Advantix also prevents and protects against ticks. It works under the same principles as the traditional Advantage product but comes with the warning that cats should not be exposed to this product as their systems cannot metabolize with certain compounds and ingredients used in K9 Advantix.

K9 Advantix flea drops stop fleas immediately in their tracks. It kills fleas, ticks, larvae and eggs on contact. The solution will not wash off and it is perfectly fine to bathe your pet after the drops have had the opportunity to dry on the fur.

K9 Advantix is safe for all dogs and puppies over seven weeks old and if applied monthly and used year-round, this product has the ability to keep fleas and ticks from living in your house during the cold season and during winter.

However, certain warnings must be communicated with this product. While the majority of reviews are positive for this product, there are some instances of this it having a negative effect on some dogs. This product has been known to cause hyperactivity, as well as an allergic skin reaction in rare cases on some animals. If, after application, you notice that your dog is itching, irritated or having issues breathing or sleeping, contact your veterinarian immediately. Furthermore, if your dog is already on any type of medication or anti-biotic, contact your veterinarian before using this product. You should not use this product on animals that only live outdoors, animals that are pregnant, animals that are sick or injured, animals that are nursing, or puppies under seven weeks old.

All in all, K9 Advantix is a great product, but please keep in mind the warnings. Any chemical-based product and can be harmful if not used correctly.

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19 Responses to “K9 Advantix Reviews”
  1. Steve says:

    I recently switched to K9 Advantix from Frontline in order to prevent mosquito bites. Since the switch, my dog has become infested with fleas. I’ve pulled 6 of them off of him just tonight and one off of myself. I will NEVER buy this product again as it has FAILED! I guess we’re going to have to switch back to Frontline.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I have 4 dogs so as you could imagine, fleas are a huge concern. I purchased K9 Advantix online and paid extra for overnight shipping, not wanting my dogs to have to itch any longer than I could help. I was extremely disappointed with K9 Advantix. I saw no improvements in the flea control. At first I had hoped that it just takes a short while to kick in, but after 2 months on K9 Advantix and no improvement; I noticed my dog had itched his back so severely that he was losing hair and had several lesions on his skin. I immediately took him to my vet, where my dog recieved 2 shots of flea meds and sent him home with some chewable tabs to rid the fleas. I will never use K9 Advantix again.

  3. Melissa Morgan says:

    I too switched from frontline to AdvantixK9 a while back at the advise of my vet Banfield who also advised First Shield. My dog has had severe reactions to fleas, it doesn’t seem like I can rid her of them. After reading these remarks, I’m tossing these products and going back to frontline which never failed me before. I feel horrible for my dog. So I will be tossing approximatel $150. of flea product away. I have no receipt nor box. I am just sick over the sever uncomfortableness my dog has suffered. Thanks for your comments.

  4. Patrick says:

    It will kill your cats and dogs if given in too high of an amount, which is easy to do with the amount in a single tube. The same chemical used in it to kill ticks was used in an earlier flea control product and was deemed unsafe by vets. Somehow the Bayer company repackaged essentially the same products but got vets to accept it. This product should NOT be sold over the counter and ONLY vets should apply it in control and monitored circumstances. I fear this is an example of corporate profit being but ahead of public health.

  5. Danielle says:

    I’m so glad I’m not alone. I switched from advantage to k9 advantix when they started making advantage II because it wasn’t working as well. And frankly I’m not impressed. With advantage you could see the fleas die and fall off of my dog… with this.. it doesn’t even seem like they died.. and they have continued to infest my home. I have never had problems like this before. I’ve tried it for 2 months.. I will Never buy this product again!!

  6. PE says:

    I have used Advantix on my Irish Setter for five months without a flea or tick in sight. In September he suddenly was covered in fleas and I cannot get them under control. I called my vet and she recommended that I contact the company because they have never had a problem with the medication before.

  7. Susan Sather says:

    I used K9 advantix II that I bought at the Petco Store on 205th and Aurora, Edmonds, WA. I put it on my large yellow lab for the most part, and a drop or two on our cat. Our cat had grand mal seizures that evening. Who knows what happened before that time, because I was gone for the day. I have purchased other products previously, i.e., Advantage, Frontline, and used most of it on the larger dog, and a drop or two on the cat. I had no idea this particular “Advantage”, going by the name of Advantix, was different. I expect a pet store to carry products that are not toxic. My cat cannot quit quivering. Oh great, I caused neurological damage in my cat…or was it me???

  8. Kathy says:

    I will never buy K9 advantic again I too got rid of all my flea medication, I have 3 dogs my 10lb pompoo is still itching and scratching after 6mos of using this product. it has been a terrible ongoing experiance for this little guy. No on seems to know how to help him.

  9. Chris says:

    I just ordered Advantix and I have to say this is A WASTE OF MONEY… It almost seems as if my dog has attracted MORE FLEAS since the application.. I used to use FrontLine and it worked like a charm, it even seemed to get rid of the fleas in the house.. Advantix is the most horrible flea prevention product I have ever bought which I would not recomend. Now my poor pups have to suffer until next month, when it will be safe to put FrontLine on..

  10. Mark says:

    Using K9 Advantix on 3 dogs and it has not reduced the tick infestation at all for months. Bayer suggested a change, to apply product every 2 weeks. Still infested! Ticks attach, engorge and drop off to lay eggs unless we pick them off first. We spent hours picking them off, even the day after applying the product. Product didn’t work for us!!! The only thing that worked for us was to spray/treat the hell out of the environment(house and yard) and pick the ticks of manually. Flea and tick shampoo was only mildly effective.

  11. Linda says:

    The first time I gave my labradoodle Advantix 2 there were no problems, however the second time she became listless, sleeping all day, so I washed her down with Dawn dishwashing liquid. She was definately weird and uninterested in anything for the next 2 days. From what I’ve read online from other dog owners my dog had a mild reaction, thank the powers that be. I will never use this stuff again….not worth the side effects!

  12. Bill says:

    I will never use this product again. Since applying it to my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel he has had an adverse reaction. Never again!!!!!

  13. Karen says:

    This product is working amazingly well for my two dogs!!! Not a single flea on them. This is by far the best flea control I have ever used.

  14. LW says:

    Everyone in my area uses this advantix II. We are in a high tick area. Recently 4 out of 5 dogs all tested positive for anaplasmosis (tick disease). These dogs all used advantix II. I do not believe it is 98 percent effective in killing the ticks if this is the case. These dogs are not working dogs, just regular indoor dogs that would walk with owners once a day.

  15. roo says:

    we used k9 advantix 2 on 5 dogs. of which 2 have scratched, and chewed themselves so severlythey have no hair. will not EVER use this again.

  16. k9dzines says:

    i have been a longtime frontline user i have 5 dogs 2 under 10 pounds. this year has been bad for fleas and we have been dealing with heavy infestations with my clients dogs( i am a dog groomer) who were using frontline like me. people have had no choice but to abandon frontline and try other products and k9 advantix seems to be working as well as comfortuss pill.

    out 5 of my dogs only one had a reaction to it, Chico, she is white and the only one of my dogs that is allergic to flea bites she is a bichon/chihuahua mix. she had 3 fleas on her at the time of application none of my dogs have a fleas on them now but for an entire week chico has chewed her back raw and has been living on benedryle i have bathed her twice, as well. needless to say i wont be putting it on her ever again

  17. Sheila Hollingshead says:

    I agree with all of these emails. I wish I had read them before I used the product on my small dog. She had a bad reaction and has been itchy and TWITCHING on her back since I put it on her. She is still not eating well. I thought it would subside but it hasn’t. I would never use this product again. The vet recommended it so I am changing vets. No other product has affected my dog in any way. DO NOT USE IT.

  18. kay says:

    susan, i’m sorry to hear about your cat, but K9 Advantix & K9 Advantix II both clearly state they are NOT to be used on cats(which is why K9 is listed in the name of the product)…while Advantage & K9 Advantix are both made by Bayer, they are not the same medication. Some topical flea medications are safe to use on both cats and dogs, but because the dosages vary so widely, it is not recommended to use these products interchangeably.

    As far as the efficacy of K9 Advantix II, it was recommended to us by our vet & all of our dogs have used it with great success…unfortunately, not all dogs react the same to all medicines (one of my dogs has a reaction to Frontline that none of the others do)…of all the major brands, & I have tried them all, I do find K9 Advantix to work the best for my animals…we live in the south, & mosquitoes are a big concern for us…I would however not tell anyone to NEVER use a product because my pet had a bad reaction, nor would I change vets based on his recommendation if he were a doctor I trusted…I would contact my vet and let them know about the side effects/reactions however, so that they could be noted on my pet’s chart, so that my pet would not accidentally be treated with any other medications that might contain the same ingredients…

    remember, the most important thing you can do for your pet’s health is research…

  19. George Grey says:

    Do your research, this product is a poison which will kill cats but is okay to use on dogs. There are thousands of bad reactions to dogs if you look at YouTube and other internet posts. After the poison entered our little guys system he couldn’t stop scratching, was irritable and crazed barking all the time, he couldn’t settle down in one spot for more than a minute. I bathed him with dish soap twice to get the oils off his skin which helped a bit but the poison had entered his system (which it is supposed to do) after the third day he was pooping blood and had diarrhea for three days. The symptoms have since subsided. I wrote a review for “petparents.com” a site owned by Bayer and they would not print the truth… basically and ad for their products since they only like happy news. If this product had the same failure rate on humans it would have been taken off the market years ago and they’d still be in court for numerous law suits… but it’s okay for animals!!!

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