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How Do Flea Pills Work?

How Do Flea Pills Work?

flea pills question

Flea pills allow killing or repelling agents to be absorbed into the bloodstream of a pet. These chemicals either eliminate the adult fleas or halt the development of their eggs and larvae.

Fleas are exposed to these insecticides in various ways. Some chemicals, such as Spinosad and Nitenpyram, are transmitted once the flea bites. Lufenuron is a poison transmitted through both the oil secretions of the pet’s skin and through the blood after the flea bites. Garlic is a natural herb that causes odor secretion through the skin pores.

Flea pills made of Lufenuron arrest egg and larvae development. The adult fleas remain alive for three weeks, but lay sterile eggs which cannot hatch. Next, chitin production, essential to the exoskeleton, is interrupted leaving the remaining larvae unable to molt their outer shells. Lufenuron, the essential agent in Sentinel Tasty Chews and Program Flavore Tabs, remains in the pet’s body for one month.

The quick and sure kill of adult fleas is accomplished with pills containing Nitenpyram, a toxin found in Capstar Flea Tablets. Once the flea bites the animal, Nitenpyram works to affect its nervous system. The nerve transmission is attacked causing immediate death. Within 30 minutes the pet experiences great relief. Because Nitenpyram leaves the pet’s body in twenty-four hours, such tablets would have to be given every day for long lasting flea control.

Immediate death and lasting protection can be accomplished through tablets containing Spinosad. This residual insecticide kills adult fleas for one month and is provided in flea pills by Comfortis. Spinosad attacks the nervous system causing great excitability. Following a bite, fleas experience seizures, paralysis, and death. Although the eggs and larvae are untouched, their death is assured once the first bite is taken.

Garlic is the flea fighting agent in the popular product known as Only Natural Pet Brewer’s Yeast and Garlic Tablets. Garlic is a popular herb that effectively fights certain microbes and parasites. Note that fighting doesn’t always mean destroying. Garlic does battle by repelling fleas with the odor that is secreted through the pet’s skin. Fortunately, people do not suffer from the smell; only the fleas can detect it.

Flea pills are an effective choice. Their chemicals cover the entire range of the animal’s body, they do not wash off, and the toxins do not transfer from pets to humans. Here exists flea protection under contained and controlled conditions – quite convenient.

4 Responses to “How Do Flea Pills Work?”
  1. Sam says:

    I have tried everything for my little hairy child, nothing has worked except the flea pills. She has actually lost hair from having fleas. With in the first week after flea pill, she regrows her hair. THe best thing that has happened for her, and our family are those pills.

  2. Erin says:

    We have been using the Comfortis pills for the past few months and we love it! We had a terrible battle last year with fleas that lasted almost all summer. The drops gave our dogs and cat no relief. This year we had a very scary episode and almost lost one of our dogs due to her becoming allergic to the drops. We have had next to no fleas this year and it’s great not having to worry about the drops washing off. The pill is so much easier and effective!! I dont see us using anything else. :)

  3. Darlene says:

    Like the other comments stated, the pills are the only thing that actually works, and it worked completely within a day or two. We’ve just discovered some flea hatching sites in the house (looks like spots of dirt and, if you look closely, disgusting tiny wormy larvae) and we’re coating them with flea spray. Any that survive will die as soon as they bite one of our three doggies, so we’re not too worried. If only I could feed them to my husband and save his poor ankles. They always find him first!

  4. Donald says:

    My seven-year-old is still having problems even into Wintertime. Tablets seem the best treatment as I know he will get almost immediate relief. This year, 2015, has easily been the worst flea year that I’ve yet experienced. My three cats have been suffering since early March. So if you feed strays, please, please try to include some flea tablets in their feed. A good website, thanks.

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