How Do Flea Drops Work?

how flea drops work

Flea drops, also known as “spot ons”, have been in use since the 1980s. Today, they are one of the most preferred flea control treatments among pet owners. But, what are these so-called “spot-ons” and how do they work? Are they effective against fleas and ticks? Well, nowadays it all depends on the application method and the powerful ingredients that make flea drops a potent weapon against fleas.

Flea drops are topical products, i.e. medicines that are applied directly to the skin. Most of these topical flea control products come in small packets of oily liquid. As a pet-owner, you simply have to part the fur and apply a couple drops of the liquid directly onto your pet’s skin surface. You will want to make sure that the liquid is applied in the right area, which most of the time is either between your pet’s shoulder blades or at the base of the tail. The liquid will slowly spread on the skin surface once it has been applied in these areas.

A flea infestation on your pet can be troublesome because they multiply quickly. A female flea can lay up to 50 eggs in a day on an infested pet. During warm conditions, flea eggs hatch quickly within a couple of days. The hatched fleas reach adulthood in three weeks, which leads to rapid spread, particularly in pets and households.

Flea drops are used to kill these adult fleas. They contain an insecticide which is potent enough to kill fleas upon contact. Once the liquid is applied to your pets skin, the medicine sinks in and spreads via your pet’s sebaceous system. When fleas attempt to feed on your pet, it attacks their nervous systems causing paralysis. This kills them instantly. Some flea drops even stop flea egg growth and development as well. Most flea drops are oily liquids and hence they are water proof; that way they don’t wear off quickly and the effect lasts for a longer duration.

8 Responses to “How Do Flea Drops Work?”
  1. Tommy gun says:

    Great i just bathed my puppy and applied flea drops they will die quickly it sounds great!!!!

  2. kery says:

    Dogs are covered in hair and all the drops do is get the hair oily. I have a yorkie and baths and drops don’t work.. I have yet to see any of it SOAK into the skin ….try to see if anything SOAKS into your skin…..JOKE they are….expensive JOKE at that

    • Mike says:

      You cant “see” it soak into the skin, jackass.

      • John says:

        Ha ha! Right on Mike, good call buddy :)

  3. John says:

    Expensive…. You must of got ripped off at a vet I only paid 10$ candadian at Walmart for three months of treatment

  4. Kev says:

    If you’re apart enough to post a reply, I’d hope you’re smart enough to apply flea drops properly, all you gotta is read the directions and it’ll tell you to part the fur to put it directly on the skin! If their fur is getting oil, you’re not getting all the liquid directly to the skin, one smsllk temporary wet spot is normal but it sounds like Youre applying it wrong, and yes a vet will rip you off about 10x the cost of a big box store … Flew infestation is so painful and uncomfortable for your pet, you should really see to getting it under control

  5. Puppyloves says:

    Dawn dish soap kills fleas, but your still going to need a preventative…

    • John says:

      I looked it up and you’re right! Thanks for sharing that info :)

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