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High-Tech Flea Trap Review

High-Tech Flea Trap Review

High-Tech Flea Trap

In the never ending battle against the overwhelming onslaught of flea infestations, consumers are in desperate need of an environmentally conscious, organically safe alternatives. The High-Tech Flea Trap is the latest weapon in that prodigious war, but is it the one that can meet the call to arms, while remaining economically green?

Coming directly out of the laboratories of Kansas State University, the High-Tech Flea Trap utilizes a unique, patent-pending technology. A specially designed, optical light source, bathes the infested room with an intermittently variable, pulse of green light which no flea can resist. Drawn inexorably to the light, the fleas land on a custom made, (replaceable) sticky pad and get caught. Powered for temporary usage on AA batteries, the device can also run continuously, plugged into a 6volt power supply. With its 1ft x 1ft, low profile, the High-Tech Flea Trap can be set up inconspicuously and will attract and kill all free moving fleas out to a range of 40 feet, clearing a room overnight. Once the fleas are gone, it folds up for easy storage. No polluting chemicals, no toxic powders, pet and family safe, easy to set up and it runs silently. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

“It really does trap fleas!” one buyer was moved to declare. Customer reviews agree, that the High-Tech Flea Trap is worth its weight in dead fleas. Although a larger device then some were prepared for – “This item arrived and it is bigger than I had imagined . . . It is not unobtrusive in my decor, but not unattractive either.” – it masterfully performs, coming clean on all its claims – “. . . went on our morning walk. When I returned, I checked the trap and it had caught 6 fleas!” While still others were more focused on the safety features – “I love the fact that there are no nasty chemicals to worry about, for my kids or my pets.” Without a doubt, consumers are pleased with the High-Tech Flea Trap's performance.

Completely non-toxic, free of chemicals or pesticides, with a state of the art, non-invasive technology that can run cordlessly in any room, all while silently capturing an army of fleas, makes the High-Tech Flea Trap one of the best investments a pet owner can make. Highly recommended!

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