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Good Flea Shampoos for Your Pet

Good Flea Shampoos for Your Pet

good flea shampoo pet

The majority of flea shampoos for pets contain pesticides and there is a major movement in the pet owner community to only expose pets to natural flea shampoos that do what they are supposed to do, without subjecting them to harmful chemicals.

Luckily, there are some fantastic natural flea shampoos for your pet on the market today and a couple of them come highly recommended.

One of the most recommended for dogs is Veterinarian’s Best Oatmeal Flea Relief Dog Shampoo. This product provides quick relief to the pet who has been suffering from flea bites and will soothe red and irritated skin. The oatmeal in this product works as an effective alternative to traditional flea shampoos and when combined with the natural d’Limonene, a natural citrus ingredient, this shampoo will repel fleas and other insects long term. Reviewers of this product have given this product a consistent 5 out of 5 “paws” on a variety of websites.

Another quality, natural flea shampoo for pets is the ecoPure Naturals Flea Shampoo which works for both dogs and cats. This product utilizes all natural, safe and highly effective products and active ingredients include castor oil, clove oil, and thyme oil which are all natural flea deterrents that have been used long before major corporate brands were ever thought of. Furthermore, the FDA has recognized this as a safe product for dogs and cats. This product is pH balanced and is designed to promote healthy skin and fur in dogs and cats. The entire formula is biodegradable and plant derived, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your furry friend is completely safe from chemicals and unnatural ingredients.

When it comes to finding a good flea shampoo for your pet, you can never be too sure. It is best to look to natural products instead of bathing your pet in harmful chemicals.

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