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Frontline Plus Review: Flea Drops for Dogs & Cats

Frontline Plus Review: Flea Drops for Dogs & Cats

Frontline Plus

Highly trusted and effective for flea prevention, Frontline Plus can be used both to combat an existing flea infestation and to prevent any new fleas from making a home on your dog or cat.

The flea drops are a “spot-on” treatment, meaning that the you apply a liquid applicator on your pet’s fur. In order for there to be maximum effectiveness, Frontline application should occur once a month.

Frontline Plus with fipronil and methoprene has many features, but the most beneficial include:

  • Flea control that combats existing and prevents future flea problems.
  • Kills not just fleas but ticks as well, which can carry dangerous Lyme disease.
  • Contains special ingredient that also kills flea eggs and larva too.
  • Long-lasting results and proven to work in as little as twelve hours.
  • It’s waterproof, which allows you to still bathe and groom normally.
  • Comes in different sizes and application amounts specially formulated for the size and weight of your dog or cat.
  • Approved for use on puppies and kittens as young as eight weeks.
  • It’s so safe can even be used on dogs and cats that are currently being bred, are pregnant, or are nursing.
Applying Frontline Plus

Applying Frontline Plus

In order to use Frontline Plus, the pet owner should apply the liquid at the base of the head, just below the neck of the animal. The product is non-greasy and also smells good. Studies show that very few dogs or cats suffer from any adverse skin reaction after the application of this product, which leads us to safety information on this product.

Frontline Plus receives high marks for safety. Some pets may experience some temporary irritation at the site of application, but there have been no major reports of health issues.

Pet owners are some of the toughest critics on products. With that being said, we pet owner very quick to point out if a product doesn’t work the way it is supposed to or even worse, harms the health of our dogs or cats. However, the reviews of Frontline Plus are very positive with big marks going to the product’s ability to work quickly and deliver great, long-term results. This is a major difference between Frontline Plus and the brands that can be purchased over the counter in pet stores and which reviewers report having caused major health problems and even death in some of their pets.

While Frontline Plus does cost a little more than some of the other flea preventatives, especially the cheap over the counter products, it is well worth the comfort in knowing that you are not hurting your pets. We definitely give Frontline Plus a “thumbs up” and we believe the life and health of our cats and dogs are well worth it in the long-run.

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9 Responses to “Frontline Plus Review: Flea Drops for Dogs & Cats”
  1. gkoutnik says:

    Frontline Plus was recommended for our cat by our vet. We paid for a three month’s worth of applications. There was no discernible difference in the flea problem after one, two or three months. We spent some significant amounts of time on the phone with the FrontLine people, who went over the directions (we were doing it right). When we asked for a refund (advertised as 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back) they came up with a number of reasons why they couldn’t do that – reasons which referenced conditions which were not anywhere in the packaging or information that came along with the product.

    So – three months later, we are out a good deal of money, and still have a cat with fleas. All we can do is get the word out.

  2. goofynelle says:

    In responce to gkoutnik, if fleas are anywhere in the home they will always be back on the cat. That being said, I bought Frontline for ticks mainly. My dogs has never had fleas but we live in an area high in tick populations and I truely hate these creatures and feel so bad for my dog when I miss one on her. I would pay any amount if there is a product that works. I used Frontline for the first time two days ago and time will tell if it works as good as I have been told. I will be back to report.I have tried the others and none work on ticks at all so here’s hoping.

  3. Jeana says:

    We got a pug in April who got fleas from outside and in turn gave them to our cat. I have used Frontline Plus on both of them and have not had any success! I brush them 2x a day with a flea comb and usually find 1-3 fleas on each. I was told by Frontline that it may take a couple of months to go through the cycle of fleas that may be laying dormant in our home. Whatever! I thought this was supposed to be fast acting??

  4. fpk says:

    We switched to Frontline Plus after our 5 year old, 13.5 pound cat had an adverse reaction to Advantage. Advantage produced lethargy which lasted about 4 or 5 days. It did seem to effectively eliminate fleas.

    Our cat’s reaction to Frontline Plus was extreme. She began to run around the house for several minutes. During this activity, she jumped from place to place and, at one time, could not complete a 2-ft jump and landed head first in to a cabinet. She then became lethargic and began scratching and biting as she had never done before. She became withdrawn and stopped playing with her toys or interacting with her family. This went on for the entire month after we applied Frontline Plus and the product seemed to have absolutely no impact on the production of fleas.

    Our Vet seemed to know nothing of these possible side effects….with either Advantage or Frontline Plus. Obviously, to us, Advantage is preferable to Frontline Plus….but I believe I am now going to have to pursue another product. I am very concerned about causing neurological damage to our much-loved pet.

  5. joe bloggs says:

    I think frontline has stopped working.I used to use it and it worked very well.Now it doesnt seem to make any difference…flea problem got worse.Am trying different treatments at the moment+hoping to find one that works as well as frontline used to do eventually.(have a cat and a dog)

  6. Gina Hall says:

    I don’t like this product AT ALL, it is NOT waterproof, I gave my dogs a bath a week after FRONTLINE PLUS and within a few days they were covered in fleas. I will never use it again.

  7. heather says:

    I have used frontline on my cats and dog since I first got them over ten years ago. However I think the cats (indoor) have developed a resistance to it. I used it a fortnight ago, and both of my cats have fleas for the first time. In desperation I bought some capstar tabs today.

  8. L. Pope says:

    I have used Frontlime for several years but it has totally stop working. I have tried other treatments and my schnauzer reacted to them. I have given frontline a try again for the past two months and there are still fleas.

  9. Jeffrey J says:

    I bought this product at Wal-Mart and I paid $40.00 for it.
    It never worked at all from day one.. I am deeply disappointed and would prefer my money back. I will never buy Frontline products again. I came to find out that the product was manufactured in France. That explains a lot. The French are only good at cooking and drinking wine……not making anything else of use or value in my opinion.
    I would give this product a zero rating.

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