Frontline Flea Control for Cats

Frontline for cats

Promoted as the number one choice of veterinarians, Frontline flea control for cats can be a relatively easy way to keep your pets free of fleas, ticks, and lice. Simply squeeze the product liquid onto the back of the cat’s neck every four weeks.

Frontline Plus flea and tick control is manufactured by Merial Limited of Duluth, Georgia. The active ingredients in Frontline Plus for Cats are Fipronil (9.8%) and (S)-methoprene (11.8%). Fipronil poisons the central nervous system of fleas and ticks, while (S)-methoprene kills their eggs and larvae.

The product is distributed by the oil glands in the skin to the hair follicles, where it kills any fleas, ticks, and lice that come in contact with it. It has been approved by the EPA as safe for all cats, including pregnant ones and kittens eight weeks and older. The cat will be fully protected within 24 hours of application, and this waterproof protection lasts thirty days.

There are literally hundreds of consumer reviews to be found online. About 65% are completely satisfied with Frontline Plus for Cats, while the other 35% complained that it did not work at all.

Interestingly, there are only a handful of reviews in the middle from households with multiple cats where the product worked on most, but not all of them. Warmer climates, such as Florida, had more complaints than more moderate areas. Some owners who had difficulty with their cat acting as if the product was burning them when applied, but most agree that Frontline Plus worked best when applied directly to the skin as directed.

Merial claims there is no expiration date if the product is stored correctly by staying sealed in its original packaging at room temperature, yet some owners who purchased multi-packs claimed ineffectiveness over time. It should also be noted that several were told by their veterinarians that fleas can build up a resistance to Frontline Plus. Yet there are many owners who have used this product for the lifetime of their cat and never had a problem with it. Overall it seems that this product does indeed work as well as advertised for most, but not all felines.

The vast majority of cat owners who use Frontline Plus have reported that it works well in killing fleas and ticks in 24 hours or less and keeps the cat protected for 3-4 weeks as advertised. We give this product a thumbs up!

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