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Freedom 45 Spot On For Dogs Flea Treatment Review

Freedom 45 Spot On For Dogs Flea Treatment Review


Fighting fleas is tough, especially once your dog is exposed to them.

Sometimes it seems like nothing will get rid of them and there are so many products out there that’s it’s hard to pick the one that will do the best job, particularly if money is a consideration.

Flea treatments are tricky though; remember that the cheaper product is only cheaper if does the job right the first time.

Today we’re going to take a look at one of the less expensive spot on treatments for dogs, Freedom 45 Spot-On.

We’ll look at the ingredients and take a look at what users are saying about it so that you have a better idea of whether it’s the product for you.

Company Claims

According to Star Horse, the manufacturer or Freedom 45, the product kills, repels and prevents the re-infestation of the following:

  • Fleas
  • Mosquitoes
  • Ticks
  • Lice
  • Mites

The treatments comes in a 3-month supply packaged in individual doses for small and medium dogs and in a 1-month dose for larger dogs.

Active Ingredients

  • Permethrin 45%

How it Works

Permethrin works as a neurotoxin that causes muscle spasms, paralysis, then death to fleas. Unfortunately, it also does this to cats because cats can’t break the toxin down fast enough to keep it from affecting them. It’s also been reported to affect small, old or frail dogs, too.

What Are Users Saying?

People who use it are mixed with about half of them saying that it works and the other half saying that it doesn’t. None are reporting any adverse problems that I could find; just that it doesn’t work.

The price is extremely competitive at $5 or less per dose.

Usage Information

Apply between the shoulder blades and allow to dry. Reapply every 4 weeks. For large and extra large dogs, a dose at the base of the tail is also required.

Product Warnings and Side Effects

This product has a ton of warnings. For people, you’re supposed to avoid contact with skin and wash your hands as soon as you use it. We’ve already discussed what it does to cats so if you have cats in your house, you need to keep them separate from the dog for at least 24 hours after you apply it to the dog. Also, keep away from kids.


We don’t recommend this product for two reasons: the permethrin is toxic to cats, fish, exotics, and even possibly to small or frail dogs. Also, it’s not necessarily the best flea drop on the market; some of the newer actives are much better and less toxic. Choose carefully. Click here to see our suggestions for effective, safe flea drops.

If you’ve used Freedom 45 Spot-On on your dog for fleas, please let us know how it worked for you in the comments section below.

23 Responses to “Freedom 45 Spot On For Dogs Flea Treatment Review”
  1. LML says:

    I applied freedom45 and instead of killing fleas it seemed to feed them and make them multiply… Should be against the law to sell things like it…

  2. Tim Kolb says:

    I have used the spot on for my dog and a stray that adopted us. The stray was covered in fleas. I am not kidding when I say the fleas were gone by the next day. I plan on continuing using the product because it is priced for my fixed income and works wonderfully.

  3. BJ says:

    I have used this product for years on all of my dogs. Never had any problem and it has worked great!

    • Terry says:


  4. Dany says:

    Freedom 45 worked for 2 days on my dogs period. Not worth the time, money or effort to use on any animal.

  5. Janie Ammerman says:

    I used this product and my 11 mo. old shih-Tzu He has not been able to walk, eat, drink or use his kidneys or bowels. I would not recommend this product to be used at all.

  6. Shelley says:

    I bought this (cheap) product because all the “good” brands were sold out at Tractor Supply. Within 24 hours, my dog had a horrible rash and was obviously miserable. I applied exactly as directed and bought the correct one for her weight. I will NEVER put this on my dog again!

  7. Vanessa says:

    I bought this at Tractor Supply got rid of the fleas seemed to work well, but ever since I put it on as directed my 2 male chihuahuas keep shaking their head like something is bothering their ears. It seems to have given them some side effect, I gave them a bath and will bathe them every other day hoping to get it off. Won’t buy again!

    • LEON ROBB says:


  8. Terry says:

    It sucks don’t buy

  9. susan nail says:

    I have used all of the others that are up to date in 2017 market. The pills make dogs itch perfusely, can’t afford the over priced front line. Did once dog got sick list alot of hair. Uh no thanks.
    Freedom 45 is the only one that doesn’t drive my dogs nuts with scratching sick nor breaks my horses out.with the Equine 45 kills ticks in 24 hours Period I will stick with it

  10. Darryl Deaton says:

    No fleas where we live, but many ticks. Works well on my 2 outdoor labs. No negative results

  11. Merrie says:

    Freedom 45 left a chemical burn on my dogs skin. And the fleas we’re not effected.

  12. carol says:

    again I ma a kennel I use Liberty and Freedom. My customers complain about frontline Plus ALL THE TIME. then they ask me what I use. If i am standing in the isle were it is sold I tell them to save their money and use the 2 above

  13. Laurie Walker14 says:

    I realized our dog was itching like crazy. I guess the Pet Armour wasn’t working. Bought Freedom 45 and applied on a Tues. pm. Four days later and our dog still has fleas. Not too happy hear or is the dog. Might just return.

  14. Laurie Walker14 says:

    Dog still has fleas 4 days later. NOT HAPPY

  15. Charles Walker says:

    March of 2016 until Today November 25, 2017 later and my dog finds anything to scratch the two spots that the instructions said to apply this Freedom 45. He sometimes just moan or run flip on his back and rub the ground to scratch only those two places. Hair is good, no signs. I know the spots and he knows where he suffers. Help!!!

  16. Kimberly wright says:

    I bought this product and put on my dogs. My smaller dig seems the fleas are having a party. I called tractor supply. A guy got smart saying. You know it takes time for this to work. I think I’m going to take this back. And get his name and turn him in to the company.

  17. LEON ROBB says:


  18. Cherie Norton says:

    I put this stuff on my healthy 3YO 100 lb. Great Dane 2 hours ago (1 tube on her neck). She is obviously not feeling “right”. She is not scratching at her neck or anything, but she is pacing back and forth. And around, and around. And upstairs and down and back again. SOOOO not normal for her AT ALL. Not sure what to do. Afraid to try to wash the oily stuff off and just spread it everywhere. Never had this reaction to the expensive brands. I hope she’s ok.

  19. Lance says:

    I have a purebred American Bully pocket. Of course, this breed comes with a ton of skin allergies.
    I have always used a top selling flea and tick collar with my pets, but it caused her hair to fall out.
    2 months in with this product, flea and tick free, and her bald patches are filling in!

  20. Beth says:

    I placed this on my dog and she can not hold still. I gave her a calming pill and has not helped. I don’t know what to do. I bought 6 months worth but will not use. Going in garbage!!

  21. Caitlyn says:

    Used on my boyfriends dog and got on the cats. Made my cat sick and may not make it. Doesn’t even work on the dog.

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