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Flea Sprays for the Yard

Flea Sprays for the Yard

flea spray for the yard

Anyone who has ever dealt with a flea infestation knows that it is not just an “indoor” problem. The outdoor area surrounding your house is where your pet is picking up the nasty little invaders, and unless you fix the problem both inside and outside of your home, you will likely suffer through the same problem, again and again.

Quality flea control starts with making sure your yard is flea proof. There are a variety of companies that produce outside flea repellant, but you want to make sure that you choose one that is not only friendly to your pet as he goes outside, but also friendly to children, your family, and the wildlife that inhabits the area.

The best outside flea sprays for the yard are those that keep the natural environment in mind.

A natural flea spray for the yard is a nematode, which is actually a tiny worm that is applied with a lawn sprayer. It sounds weird, but a nematode mixture will actually begin to work within 24 hours when the living piece of this spray actually eats the fleas and the flea larvae in your yard. There is a quality product by the company Gardens Alive! called Flea Control Nematodes that promotes a 90% immediate decrease in fleas and their larvae in your yard. This solution cannot be any more natural. There are no chemicals, no pesticides, you are simply introducing a predator of the flea into the environment.

Using a nematode spray is a long term fix and one that will not kill friendly bugs, flowers, or hurt animals as they enter the outdoor space surrounding your house. Protect your family and pets and keep the natural environment in mind when looking for a solution to outdoor flea prevention.

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