Flea Sprays for Humans

flea spray for humans

While the idea of a flea infestation might have you feeling itchy, it is important for you to understand that fleas cannot live on a human being long term. While it might be true that you might get bitten if your pet has a flea infestation, a flea is actually host specific and would always prefer to live on your dog or cat. They only want to feed and breed on a host animal like a house pet and therefore, you are much less appealing to them.

If your pet has a flea infestation, it is still a serious problem because while they may not want to live on you, they certainly have no problem setting up shop for the long term on your pets. If a flea infestation is left untreated, not only will your house be a bad place to eat, sleep and live, but your pet can also suffer from anemia, dermatitis and other health problems.

If you notice your pet has fleas, it is first necessary for you to look into a way to kill the existing fleas in your home and on your pet. It will be important for you to buy a flea spray that is not made with harmful chemicals and we encourage you to avoid products by Hartz or Zodiac, which have both suffered through some very bad reviews.

If you want to go with a traditional flea spray for your pet and your home, look at the Frontline Spray Treatment. Frontline is one of the most trusted by the veterinarian community and pet owners agree their products do their job, while also protecting your pet’s health.

An even better option, however would be to go with all-natural products for flea control. When natural flea sprays are used in conjunction with other chemical free products like flea tablets, they can be just as (if not more) effective at flea prevention.

There are two great natural products out there that you should check into if you want to get rid of a flea infestation or if you want to repel fleas long term. NaturVet Herbal Flea Spray and Veterinarian’s Best Oatmeal Flea Spray Relief for Dogs and Cats are both highly recommended by the pet owner community. These sprays prevent the harmful exposure of chemicals and other artificial ingredients to our families and our pets. Also, both of these products smell great and won’t irritate the nose or skin.

The two products above are safe enough that you could use them on yourself as flea sprays for humans. However, if you want to keep fleas from biting you long term, you are better off using them on your pets.

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