Safe Flea Sprays for Carpets

flea sprays for carpets

To effectively control flea infestation on carpets, the goal should be to eliminate the flea eggs and larvae in order to prevent the cycle of one flea generation after another. While there are many flea sprays for carpets on the market, most of them can be toxic and make your pets or even children sick.

There is good news however, because there are safe products that can be purchased to rid your carpet of fleas and their eggs and larvae. For example, Best Yet Flea Spray

is an all natural flea treatment spray that will kill fleas and their eggs and larvae embedded in carpets. It is a safe, non toxic alternative to flea drop products and will not cause harm to those that come into contact with it. Best Yet and can be used on all surfaces.

To rid of fleas in your carpet for up to four weeks Sentry Natural Flea Spray also comes highly recommended. It’s made with orange peel extract with d-limonene as its active ingredient. These ingredients are blended with extracts loke cinnamon oil, lemongrass oil and peppermint oil to create a natural pesticide. Together, the ingredients when sprayed in the home work to block neurotransmitters in fleas known as octopamine, which is very much like an insect adrenaline. When octopamine is blocked, fleas disappear quickly because their central nervous system is obliterated. Simply spray carpets, upholstery, and pet bedding and the fleas and eggs will die. There is no offensive chemical smell — just the fragrance of plant and tree oils.

Last but not least, De Flea Spray by Natural Chemistry is a flea preventative for your carpets and your pet. There are no harmful chemicals or pyrethrins in De Flea, which attacks and destroys fleas and other pests by melting the protective coating and penetrating into the animal’s body overdosing it on a diuretic. This is very lethal to fleas, but completely save for animals and humans.

Protect your animals and the carpets in your home by using flea sprays with natural ingredients that are safe yet still effective.

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