Flea Powder for Carpets

flea powder for carpet

If you are looking to clean your home to get rid of a flea infestation it is important to consider your health and the health of your pets while you work at decontaminating your home. It is understandable that fleas are nasty and you want them dead as soon as possible. However, you have to be very careful about the flea powder that you use on your carpets.

There are a variety of well known brands that you can buy online or in pet stores that will kill fleas, however, reviews of products by Hartz, Sentry and BioSpot are not positive and have led to many consumers exposing themselves to harmful chemicals and breathing powder that has no business being in human lungs.

It is with that reason in mind that we would recommend all natural or non-toxic flea control against any type of flea powder for carpets produced by some well known, but controversial, pet brands.

One of the best indoor products is Fleago Natural Flea Control for Dogs and Cats. This product is made up of non-toxic borate crystal salt that will dissolve the protective waxy covering on fleas and other insects, killing them on the spot. This will kill both adult fleas and their eggs and larvae and a 2.2 lb jar will cover 1,000 square feet. It doesn’t work as fast as some heavy chemical based products as it does take approximately four to six weeks to kill not only fleas but their larvae and eggs, but it will keep your family and your pets safe.

When it comes to protecting your health and your home against fleas, don’t go for the chemical based solution, natural flea control is better for everyone in the long run and provides a great alternative to harsh pesticides.

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