Flea Foggers, Bombs and Children

flea fogger bomb children

Flea foggers area great way to categorically annihilate fleas when all else fails but there are some precautions that you need to take in order to keep children and pets safe.

Throughout the following paragraphs, we’re going to review those precautions so that, if you choose to use flea foggers, you can do so without worrying about placing your loved ones in danger.

While insects that feed on pets and can get carried into your home are a nuisance, you still have to realize that when you use a flea bomb or flea fogger, you are putting a harmful pesticide and chemical gas into the air that you breathe. It is not good for a child, an adult, a pet, or you and you need to follow the directions carefully.

Here are some steps that you need to take in order to do everything possible in order to insure that everybody stays safe.

  • Cover all foodstuffs
  • Cover all fishtanks
  • Evacuate your house of all people and pets
  • Don’t breathe the fog while you’re setting the bombs off
  • Get out as quickly as possible
  • Keep everybody out of the house for at least as long as the directions indicate
  • Stay out of the house while it airs out for at least as long as indicated
  • Clean up the area where the fogger was carefully as directed
  • Wash all counters and any dishes that were exposed to the fog

Most flea bombs or foggers will actually leave a poisonous residue. While it may be safe to breathe the air, if a child were to touch a surface that has the residue on it and then place his hands in his mouth, you could be facing a poison control situation. It’s not a bad idea to wash all exposed bedding, either. Flea bombs are A TON of work and you’ll need to repeat your efforts 2 or 3 times in order to kill all hatching fleas.

If the idea of using a flea bomb really doesn’t appeal to you, you have some other options. There are methods available that do not require the use of chemicals or pesticides. For instance, while it may not be an “immediate kill,” borax and diatomaceous earth, when sprinkled on carpets or furniture, will kill fleas. There are also other natural remedies that you can create with eucalyptus oil, rosemary herbs or citrus fruit that will help remedy a household problem with fleas.

The moral of the story is: flea bombs and flea foggers need to be used with extreme caution. Though they’re effective, they’re also poisonous if handled incorrectly. If you choose to use them, follow all of the directions, clean up well and don’t take shortcuts. If used properly, bombs and foggers are useful, last-ditch effort tools to take care of a flea infestation.

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