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Flea Fogger Reviews: Flea Foggers for the Home

Flea Fogger Reviews: Flea Foggers for the Home

flea foggers for the home

When large areas or entire homes become severely infested with fleas, flea foggers for the home can be an effective last line of defense.

However, if your flea problem is not severe, try some of these methods to get rid of fleas in the house first.

Although flea foggers are easy to use and will reach areas that regular sprays and powders can’t get to, they do contain chemical based pesticides which can be harmful to both pets and humans. This means that it is extremely important to follow the directions exactly as stated by the product manufacturer.

In general, flea foggers are placed in the middle of the affected area. The nozzle is then pushed down until it starts to spray. It locks into place and will keep spraying until empty. The area should be evacuated while spraying, and usually for a few hours afterward. After that time, all doors and windows should be opened, and the space left to air out for at least another couple hours. All pets, food, etc should also be removed.

If you have aquariums we advise against using flea foggers, but if you do make sure they are covered well. The fogger will reach into all crevices, and interior doors should be left open.

Best Flea Foggers for the Home

  • Zodiac FleaTrol Fogger:
  • This fogger kills not only fleas, but their eggs and larvae as well and continues to kill them for about 7 months. It also kills many other nasty bugs including ticks and cockroaches. Available for purchase by the single can or in a three pack, it is inexpensive and convenient. A single can costs approximately $4.50 and treats up to 750 square feet.

  • Sergeant's Gold Household Fogger:
  • Sergeant's Gold Household Fogger This fogger kills dozens of insects, including everything from earwigs to all kinds of moths and beetles. Of course it also kills fleas and their eggs and larvae. Like the others, it will prevent reinfestation for 7 months. One can of Sergeant’s fogger will treat up to 2,000 square feet. It is among the most inexpensive flea foggers available, with the three pack costing less than $10.

  • Adams Plus Room Fogger:
  • Adam's Plus Room Fogger This is similar to the Zodiac fogger in that it kills fleas and numerous other insect pests. It also continues to kill eggs and larvae for 7 months. The Adam’s fogger is great for larger spaces; a single can works on up to 6,000 square feet. It contains an ingredient called Sykillstop and an insect growth regulator. This product is also inexpensive, costing around $4.50 for a single can as well.

While all of these flea foggers are similar, they differ mainly in the amount of space they will treat. The Zodiac fogger is good choice for smaller areas, while the Sergeant’s fogger is better for larger areas. The Adam’s fogger is probably the best for extra large homes or even commercial areas.

Regardless of which fogger you choose, you need to implement a well-rounded flea control program that includes treating your pet, your home and your yard regularly in order to avoid reinfestation. Happy de-fleaing!

2 Responses to “Flea Fogger Reviews: Flea Foggers for the Home”
  1. Lisa says:

    yea, I have one question. When I buy any or one of flea foggers..it dont matter what it is. Will it be safe to leave it in the furnace room beside I have a gas dryer there too. Everything in one room. Is this safe??? Since the furnace is running,… all fleas are infects there so how do I know what is safe and easier to get rid of fleas while the furnace is running??? Fleas are driving me crazy and wont leave me alone. Help me. it’s on my last nerve. I don’t know what else to do??

    • Rick says:

      The foggers are highly flammable and should not be near a furnace.It tells you on the box that the fogger comes in on how to use them.I had to fog my house and I just killed all of the power to my house.If you have gas shut it off and blow out the pilot lights.Make sure the gas is off so you dont fill your home with gas fumes which could be very dangerous.Just follow the directions on the box of the fogger.

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