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Flea Dips for Cats

Flea Dips for Cats

flea dip for cat

When it comes to making sure your cat stays flea-free this year, you may be wondering what type of flea dip is out there that is not only safe for your cat, but will also kill fleas and protect them long term.

Let’s face it, “dipping” any type of animal can be a pain, and the same idea holds true for a cat. There are many brands of flea dips on the market and available at your local pet store, but recent attention in the media has made responsible pet owners shy away from traditional flea dips out of fear they will endanger the health of their cat before they help them get rid of fleas.

Truth be told, when it comes to ointments, Advantage and Frontline work best and give quality results while protecting the health of the cat, however, neither of these companies makes a “flea dip.” It is recommended that a cat owner invest in the spot-on or the tablet Frontline or Advantage products and supplement their cat’s flea treatment with a natural “dip.”

Thankfully, there is an easy one that works like a charm and is inexpensive to make. First, boil water with two cut lemons in it. Let it keep a rigorous boil for approximately two minutes. Turn off the stove and allow it to steep or sit overnight, now is NOT the time to put this on your cat.

The next day, when it is nice and cool and NOT boiling, pour it over your cat or put it into a sink and “dip” your cat in it. Do not rinse it off and allow your cat to dry, you can towel dry lightly, but the piece that makes this dip effective is to allow it to really “sit” on your cat’s fur.

When you combine a traditional flea tablet or treatment with an herbal “dip” you will see that your cat is able to stay healthy and repel fleas, and you are able to rest assured you are taking the best measures towards your cat’s long term health.

2 Responses to “Flea Dips for Cats”
  1. Marjorie Henderson says:

    This is very good and simple information. My cat has NEVER been bothered until this year with fleas. He gets his frontline plus every 30 days, but this time it hasn’t even touched him. Question, can be become immune to these? I had to take him in for a shampoo and a flea dip, 4 days aftewr his new frontline plus?

    • Anonymous says:

      I had just read an article stating lemons are toxic for cats.

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