Flea Control Home Remedies

flea control home remedies

When it comes to fleas, there is only one way that any pet owner wants to deal with them, and that is when they are dead. Fleas are a horrible and irritating parasite and an infestation on a pet can lead to an infestation in your home, your furniture, even on you.

However, even with this being said, many pet owners are leery over the idea of subjecting their dog or cat to a dangerous chemical that, while it may prevent fleas, could harm the health of their pet or even endanger their life. Therefore, many pet owners are interested in home remedies that are all natural and safe for their best friend.

There are a number of home remedies that have been used for years before expensive or chemical based products were on the market. However, since home remedies for flea control are made with natural products, it is important to take certain steps to make sure they are effective.

First, you need to start by disinfecting your home if you are dealing with an infestation. If you do not do this, your home remedy for flea control will be less effective. Wash your pet’s bedding thoroughly and add eucalyptus oil as you apply the final rinse. Eucalyptus is very effective and will also prevent dust mites. Also, vacuum your entire house and sprinkle table salt on the furniture and on the floor. It will kill fleas immediately.

When it comes to cleaning your dog or cat and ridding them of fleas, give them a bath and use tea tree essential oil combined with lavender essential oil. You can add this directly to the water or apply on your pet and it will kill the worst of infestations. Furthermore, when shopping for these ingredients make sure you get the purest form possible, it will do the best job.

Another great remedy to prevent fleas after you have gotten rid of them is to cut a lemon into quarters and add it to boiling water. Allow it to steep, like tea, overnight and then place it in a spray bottle. Spray liberally over your pet and this will act as a natural repellent, plus, it is safe enough to use as regularly as you like, so if your pet likes to be outdoors, this is a great every day application.

3 Responses to “Flea Control Home Remedies”
  1. Cathy Thornburn says:

    Is can be harmful to the cat to use essential oils on them. They have been found to be toxic. Please use only benign flea remedies.

  2. albo says:

    I haven’t found an honest vet yet for my animals. One vet wanted to give my dog his shots in the other room. Another vet was responsible for killing my dog because of his lack of knowledge of diabetes. My dog went into insulin shock and died. You can’t trust them as there are a bunch of shysters out there that are only in it for the money. They are making a fortune on people and robbing them blind. When you get your dog or cat their shots, make sure that the vet does it in front of you and keep the vial that they use for proof of their shots. Make sure the vials are full also. These vets make or should I say make and save a lot of money if they charge people for shots and don’t give them to the animals. This is wide spread. If your vet wants to give your animal their shot and don’t want you to see it, Run away from them fast, also if your vet recommends a food that they are selling, another scam too. If you think I am making this up, do whatever you want. The old saying is a true saying. “seeing is believing” especially in today’s world and especially with animal vetinarians.

    • albo says:

      I may also add that this vet was my vet that I used for over 10 years. When I took them to court for killing my dog, they lied to the court. Will you trust them now?

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