Flea Collars for Kittens

flea collar for kitten

If you have a new kitten, no doubt, it feels like you have a baby in your house. In many ways, kittens are just as delicate and sensitive as a newborn and therefore, you have to be very aware of what you expose them to and that doesn’t only include food or treats, but their flea collars as well.

There is so much negative information in the media today over flea repellants that actually end up hurting a kitten more than it helps them. With that in mind, any new kitten owner has reason to be both leery and skeptical about any product that is recommended to them.

The first rule of thumb when picking out a flea collar for your kitten is to make sure it is a trusted brand. While it may be very easy to walk into your local pet supply store and pick the cheapest, OTC flea collar available, the writers of this website need to discourage you, whole-heartedly, against doing just that!

Even though the OTC flea collars at your local pet supply store might seem inexpensive; you may make up with saving a couple dollars now, in expensive vet bills later. There are many negative reviews on the internet about buying the flea collars and medications sold without a prescription from a veterinarian. The cheap, OTC collars contain forms of low grade pesticides that can cause allergic reactions in sensitive kittens. Therefore, we advise staying away from chemical based flea collars for your kitten.

A better option; however, is always to go in the natural direction. If you want to make sure you are getting a quality, natural product for your kitten that will stay effective check out Only Natural Pet Store and their Natural Animal Rechargeable Flea Collars. You will be able to reapply the citronella-lemongrass-cedar oil solution on the collar, allowing you to “reuse” the flea collar long-term, protecting your kitten and the environment!

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