Dog Flea Bite Pictures

Dog flea bite

If your dog has fleas and you don’t take care of it immediately, the infestation will eventually turn very itchy for you AND your dog. Fleas are blood-suckers and known to feed on both pets and humans.

Female fleas lay eggs within 48 hours of coming into contact with your dog. Fleas lay as many as 200 eggs at a time, creating an infestation in your home in just a matter of days. The worst part is that treating your home just once won’t do the trick; you need to re-treat at 2-week intervals for a month or so because eggs will continue to hatch.

Picture of Dog Flea Bites on Human Legs

Picture of Dog Flea Bites on Human Legs

If you get bitten by fleas, you will soon learn why your dog is always scratching. Flea bites are extremely itchy and scratching only makes them itch more!

It’s also important to avoid scratching because this can cause the bite to become ugly, oozy and infected. Instead, try using an ice pack or anti-itch creme such as cortisone from the drugstore. Though the itch may be almost impossible to ignore, remember that the more you scratch, the itchier it gets and the longer the bite will take to heal.

Picture of Dog Flea Bites on a Human Arm

Picture of Dog Flea Bites on a Human Arm

We hope the dog flea bite pictures provided here will help you identify your flea concerns and motivate you to start remedying the problem right away. After browsing our site for a few minutes you should have all the ammo you need to start your own flea control program.

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