Doc Ackerman’s Botanical Citronella Shampoo

Doc Ackerman's Botanical Citronella Shampoo

In a world of dog food recalls and flea medication complications, consumers are continually searching for safe and effective pet products. Pet lovers take the well being of their furry family member very seriously and demand that there is no oversight in the production of flea treatments for their pet.

Doc Ackerman’s is one such company rising to the challenge of providing alternative products with ingredients you can actually pronounce. Pet owners are flocking to this brand and responding with positive reviews.

Doc Ackerman’s Botanical flea shampoo appears to be one of the more popular in this product line. In the case of Doc Ackerman’s Botanical Citronella Shampoo the appeal surrounding “herbal” and “all natural” production are complimented by a mild and pleasant scent. While the mere suggestion of citronella brings to mind unpleasant smelling mosquito repellants, most actually find the smell of this particular product soothing and mitigated by the presence of tea tree oil and chamomile. Therefore, dog owners do not need to worry about their companion smelling like a bucket of potpourri or a tiki torch after a bath. The majority of reviewers were enthusiastic about the overall effectiveness of the product both for fleas, coat appearance, as well as the scent.

However, the “all natural” label could be questionable to some discerning consumers if they really read the label. With the presence of yellow 5 and 6 as well as ammonium chloride many may wonder about the claim of being “all natural.” Relative to more traditional treatments, these ingredients seem innocuous and have not discouraged many consumers from the use of this product. Those with a less positive response to this shampoo tend to focus on the lack of longevity in the effectiveness of this product. In light of this, a spray is available to supplement the shampoo using a similar list of ingredients.

In the simplest terms, the efficiency of this product depends on the needs of the consumer. Those disinclined to wash their dog twice a month should consider using it with another treatment. For many others, this product provides a preferred alternative in an uncertain world. Pet owners vary as much as the companions they covet and will go to great lengths to ensure their health and comfort. Overall, this product gets a thumbs up because it has been well received by those searching for an alternative product they can live with.

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