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Comfortis Flea Pill Review

Comfortis Flea Pill Review

If all other flea remedies have failed for you, you might consider taking a second look at the new, chewable tablet on the market. Not only is Comfortis FDA approved, it also comes in a beef flavor that your dog is sure to love. It’s not only convenient, but long lasting as well.

About Comfortis

One of the best features about the new medicine is the duration the pill is effective. For an entire month it fights fleas, and as an added bonus it starts killing them in as little as thirty minutes.

The beauty of it is that it begins killing the fleas long before they can start laying eggs, which is a key part of controlling an infestation. And, it’s safe to use along with medicine intended to prevent heartworm.

Side Effects

One of the most common adverse reactions that your dog may experience is vomiting, although there are other complications that can arise such as muscle spasms or seizures.

What Are Users Saying?

The majority of users that have given Comfortis a try have found that it exceeded their expectations. When all other flea medications failed them and they were at wit’s end, they found this new tablet to be a pleasant surprise.

Many were thrilled to find that not only did it get rid of the fleas, but it began killing them almost immediately. Within hours, they were finding the dead fleas just falling off of their dog’s skin and fur. One user in particular was relieved to find that her dog resumed playing and eating again, after being miserable for nights on end. Out of all the reviews that have been written on Comfortis, almost every single one of them had something positive to say- and more than three-quarters of them sang its praises.


Instead of trying several flea remedies that may fail you and your dog, we recommend giving Comfortis flea prevention and killer a shot. We guarantee you will love the results and your dog will love the taste!

Note: Comfortis requires a prescription from your veterinarian; however, PetMeds will contact your veterinarian and obtain the necessary prescription authorization for you.

25 Responses to “Comfortis Flea Pill Review”
  1. Diane says:

    I have two huskies and two small mix breeds. Last summer our home was infested with fleas, I gave confortis to my dogs and within 24 hours they were flea free.. the pain was getting them out if carpets. We learned to pretreat carpets with table salt for 3the hours. Salt eats through fleas shell. Vacuum then bomb..HOWEVER you should consult a vet BEFORE giving to your pet…there is an age requirement ..

  2. Penny Oss says:

    Well, this product does not last 30 days. I’ve given it in June and in July. It lasted about a week.

  3. A. Gilstrap says:

    I have been administering Comfortis to my female Boxer (Abby) for 2 months now. In as little as 45 minutes, after the first dose, those pesky fleas were on top of her coat “quivering in the grip of death”. It’s even better after the 2nd dose in my opinion. As for price, I pay between 16-18 a pill. I wished it were cheaper but I’m happy with the results that I have received with Comfortis. Abby is happy as well! My “trusted friend” is well worth the price. Try it, you’ll like the results. Make sure your dog has a meal before administering.

  4. Lynnette says:

    I have been using comfortis for my dog for almost a year now. It is great because unlike the drops the fleas never get on her and she does not jump around and scratch. I always feed her a can of dog food first and I make sure that she has not been outside during potty breaks eating grass. I have found that the two times I gave the pill whole she has vomited alot, so I cut the pill into 4 pieces. I do have to force her to take it because the pill does smell horrible and she will not even take it with cheese. I even tried mackeral once she was not having any of it. Hope this helps someone to decide if they want to use the product. It is great.

  5. Cindy says:

    My dog hates that pill, won’t take it readly…so I tried hotdogs, hiding in food, sandwich meat, but to no avail..the final product was suggested by a friend to wrap it in a liver product that you spead on bread or whatever…it worked! Now he doesn’t even know its there..My niece’s golden retriver starts slavating before she even gets the pill to his month..but, its the best thing on the market for fleas that I have tried, and believe me, I tried all the drops..didn’t work! So, I’ll keep wrapping it in liver because its worth every cent! one last note: my dog is a mutt, not a fussy eater, loves everything, except that pill!

    • Jp says:

      We are having the same problem. We even crushed it and pour down his throat last month. i put it in a hotdog and he spit out just the pill. Thanks for the new idea, should have thought of Braunschweiger, it smells strong enough to hide it.

      What I don’t understand, is why the mfg doesn’t do something different? I give my Labranard other pills with no problem. Why can’t it be a capsule!

  6. Evie Slawinski says:

    Gave Comfortis to both of our dogs on 9/9/11. Highly recommended by the veterinarian. Today on 9/28/ll, both still have fleas, and are still scratching and biting. One of the dogs is worse than before. Have spayed our home with flea killer, steam cleaned carpets, vacuum daily with a flea collar placed in the vac canister. We also put a topical flea killer on the dogs and bathed them with flea shampoo beside using the Comfortis. It did not work for them and the fleas are also biting us. What else can we use to get rid of these things?

  7. Deb says:

    I gave Comfortis to my cat Max. He is 3 years old and weighs 13.5 lbs. It made him a little lethargic the first day but now he is great. No fleas, no itching except for us humans because now the fleas are jumping on us. I laundry 20 mule boraxed the place and bombed. I will bomb again in a week.

  8. D Uwekoolani says:

    I am very pleased with 3 german shepherds relief from comfortis I am still having possible tape worm cutaneous or dark freckles that whem put a flea spray onthis dark area notice small dark round furry specks and then with flea comb over same spot small white chunks or specks of different sizes this is on my small white dog. Possibly cant see on large dogs or havent noticed Always seem to have ear mite problems too Tropical area Does anyone know what I;m seeing thanks

  9. Viola says:

    I have used Comfortis for YEARS I have large and small dog. When Comfortis is not working it is because Your yard and house needs to be treated. They have to bite the dog first and then they will die.
    My house and yard was badly infested this year we went to the feed store and got Demon WP we sprayed the yard and in the house I used Rid a Bug flea and tick I sprayed every thing and in 3 days I was flea free. I breed and can not have my puppies with flea.Don’t blame Comfortis it can only kill the fleas on you dog not in your house or in your yard.
    it is a combinations of spraying the yard, house and giving the dog Comfortis . You do this and you will have no complaints about Comfortis

  10. Judy says:

    Just started using Comfortis, after moving further south, and a warm winter resulted in too many fleas for our topical medication to handle. This is my last resort. I am concerned that my dog (who is 51#, female pointer mix) is very lethargic. She is 6, and normally energetic. She is just laying by my feet, and has heaved a few times now, without vomiting. She had the pill last night with her dinner. And she was still chewing this morning when she woke up, although she isn’t now. We’ll see. I don’t want to risk her health- she is allergic to flea bites, but it is difficult to figure out which is worse- bathing her twice a month, and applying the Frontline every 2-3 weeks as advised by our vet, or having her feel like dirt?

  11. Luv My Bullie-Girl in Hawaii says:

    Used it in March as the last resort to having my indoor girl live on property with recurring other animals – cats, chickens, other dogs, and an outside brother. I was afraid to introduce her to a “Pesticide” internally, an after reviewing as much as I could about this product, I gave it to her with a lot of food and water, as well as on a weekend off so that I could be with her to monitor her reaction.
    She was fine and it is now July, and I haven’t given her another dose, nor have I seen another flea. I did spray the yard once, but I don’t think that spray did anything, really. I attribute the success of the flea removal to Comfortis, however, I am still cautious of giving her chemicals.
    [I felt a little comforted to know that my niece and nephews skin medication had spinosad in it so maybe it was not sooo bad…] It’s a balancing art when it comes to the health and wellness of “my girl”.

  12. Donna says:

    Have had alot of trouble with flea. Frontline, advantage and now comfortis has not worked. It was great for about a week. Have bombed the house done the yard and keep the flea combing. Hoping for a cold spell soon.

  13. Mitch says:

    We are on the second month of treatment, it only lasted us about 20-25 days tops, but it works fast and effectively. it doesnt repel the fleas offf them it just kills them once they get on them. not sure how but occassionally i will find a fleas or two on our pup but they are lethargic and close to death. were about to does for the third month, seems to be more effective with consecutive treatments. but then again the flea population is more then likely on the decline in our house. the pup was infested for a few months and the pill was a last ditch. but we dont see them jumping on us/biting us anymore and rarely ever on the pup. deffinately reccomend. for those that have used and not having luck try for a second month and dont skip any doses also make sure vet has updated weight for your pup as this plays a role in the efficacy of the pill.

  14. Andrea says:

    I have been using Comfortis for the past 4 yrs. It is the best, I only have to treat my dog every 4 to 6 months it last and works better than any treatment I’ve ever used.

  15. AG says:

    I’ve seen great results with Comfortis for dogs however now that is approved for cats, with cats it doesn’t seems to be quite as popular. It seems to make many cats ill – though it resolves in about 12-24 hours, thats no fun….but for dogs it hardly seems to be a problem.

    Evie – I saw your note. I know its been a few months since you posted. But if you are still having a flea problem you need to know it can take 3-6 months to clear a heavy flea infestation.
    Don’t bother with the flea collar – they are worthless. Just empty the container after vacuuming. Putting on topical and doing flea baths work against each other. THe flea shampoo will strip the topical off their skin. The topical needs skin oils to be present so you need to wait at least 1 day after a bath to apply. Also, the ONLY effective ones I have ever used and Frontline and Advantage. And even that seems tricky. ADvantage works for one of my kitties but not the other and vice versa on the Frontline. Hartz, seargants, etc are more trouble than what they are worth. You can use salt on your carpets – heavily coat your carpet and let sit for a day, if you can 2 days. It will dehydrate any eggs/larvae in there. Vaccuum up and dispose. You may have to repeat it though if its really bad.
    I get bit too if there are fleas in the house – so I know how bad it can be! Keep up monthly flea control (even in the winter unless your below freezing for at least several weeks). It will resolve.

  16. Kayla says:

    Today is the first time I have ever tried Comfortis for my dog and it is a miracle worker! I rescued a bichon frise who had a laundry list of problems including TONS of fleas. The vet said she had an allergy to the fleas and she was constantly biting and scratching to the point of self-mutilation which ultimately caused open wounds and a nasty infection. I gave her this and within 30 minutes, tons of fleas died and were sitting at the surface of her fur. She has been sleeping like an angel all day because it has been the first time in awhile she has been able to enjoy a deep sleep! With a mixture of this and her antibiotic, her skin can finally heal- and has already been healing!! We will see how efficient it is in a few weeks, but already it has worked better than hartz along with a slew of other things we have tried to rid her fleas and allow her skin to heal.

    Of course, there are side effects. Five hours after I gave her the pill, she threw up twice. This wasn’t intense vomiting, but more of a small choke up/burp. I called the vet and they said if taken on an empty stomach it can upset it, so next time I’ll make sure to feed her some first! It is still better than the constant itching and suffering! Oh yeah, and its weird that some people have said their dogs won’t eat the pill;my Latchie smelled it and ate it immediately and then even acted like she wanted another one! I guess it depends on the dog, but this is DEFINITELY worth a try!

  17. T. South says:

    works for my dog ! I wish I had the money to always use it. It really works and like other said (also package) , I feed him first and we’ve had no problems.
    And contrary to what some have experienced, I just hand it to him and he readily eats it.
    He loves it ! I will admit, I’ve never found anything he will not eat.

  18. Brandy says:

    I started using Comfortis for my two small dogs almost a year ago. It works PERFECTLY!! Maybe since they’re small (both under 10 lbs) one pill last for a good 6 weeks or longer. By the end of the 1st day, there were NO more fleas on either of my dogs! NONE!! The one thing i have noticed in both of my dogs is occasionally they get a little bit of a cough. Just a dry, annoying little cough…but they do it a lot now. They have both been to the vet & appear to be very healthy so I guess it’s a harmless side effect…much better than fleas!!

  19. Avery says:

    In 14 years my dogs only had fleas two summers. The first summer Frontline did the trick; the second summer it did NOTHING, even after 2 doses. Their vet said Frontline didn’t seem to be working very well anymore & highly recommended Comfortis. The vet also encouraged me to use it year-round. I am not comfortable with repeated doses of chemicals, so I only used it 4x & when I stopped it was fall & we had no more fleas. It does work fast, which is good, because my Chihuahua is allergic to flea bites & had been covered with little red welts. This year I took my 2 small dogs (Chi & 25-lb rescue mixed breed who I’ve had since they were 7 & 12 weeks old) for a dental &, since they are both now 11 years old, blood work was done before the dental. I took them to a new vet my supervisor recommended. The 25-lb dog’s lab work indicated some problems with liver enzyme levels & is now taking Milk Thistle tablets daily. The new vet asked if I’d used anything for fleas last year & I said, yes, Comfortis. She said Comfortis is known to cause liver damage, so she felt that was the reason his liver enzyme levels are off. This dog is the one who was rescued &, even though he has been healthy over the years, he had several issues when I got him as a small puppy & probably didn’t come from the healthiest parents, so I’m think he immune system overall might not be as strong as my Chi. So, just a warning that using Comfortis may result in liver issues, especially in a dog who is not in extremely good health to start with. I love these dogs dearly &, if I hadn’t decided to get dentals done, which required the lab work, I might not have known about the liver problem until it was much worse, which would have devastated me. If using on older dogs, you might want to have regular lab work done to make sure everything is working okay.

  20. anita says:

    its been 6 hours since I’ve given my little dog comfortis and at first the fleas were on top of her white coat but that was it the fleas are still very much there and active.
    this was my last resort I don’t know what to do for her now other than keep on giving her flea baths :(
    I will wait 24hrs but all I’ve read is that it works within the first 30 minutes and completely dead within 4 hrs. hope I’m wrong hope they’re gone within the 24 hr period..

    • Theresa says:

      I know that it may seem that the fleas are actually getting worse on your dog, but if you’re seeing what appears to be more, then that’s actually a good thing. It’s a sign that the Comfortis is working. What happens is that the medicine is a neurotoxin that effects the flea’s central nervous system. First it causes extreme excitability, then paralysis, then death.

      Depending upon how quickly your pet digests and metabolizes the medication, seeing extremely active, jumpy fleas on the surface of his coat is a sign that the fleas are in the first stages of toxicity from the Comfortis. The key thing to remember is that the toxin STARTS to work within 30 minutes, so according to your description, it’s right on track.

      It could just be that your dog’s system took a bit longer to process the neurotoxin and, especially if he was heavily infested as your post suggests, it may take several hours. I’d give it the full 24 hours before I’d get concerned. Comfortis has an amazing track record with VERY few fail stories so you’re most likely going to be almost as happy as your dog is in another few hours!

      Remember though that you need to de-flea your home and yard, too, or else the Comfortis will have been a waste of money because it’s only effective for 24 hours. After that, your pet is vulnerable to reinfestation and you’ll have to start all over. Best of luck to you and let us know how it works out.

  21. CJ Nation says:

    My cat died within 6 hours of taking Comfortis. He was a healthy 6 year old cat. Had an autopsy done which confirmed no underlying conditions. I believe it was the Comfortis that did it. I feel victimized by this drug.

  22. Amy says:

    I gave this to my cat last night. He died today and was a healthy sweet boy. I feel like I killed my cat by giving him this drug. Praying others will be weary.

  23. Lilly says:

    I battled fleas all summer and yesterday finally coughed up the 17$ for a dose for my pug. The hardest part was getting the pill which I chopped in half down her throat. She kicked it out several times, eating the cheese, turkey etc and spitting the pill out.
    Once down, the pill worked its magic, just like all the reviews stated. Right at the 45 minute mark, I looked down and saw at least 25 fleas in various stages of death on the fur surface. So happy as she hadn’t slept with out fits for at least a month. Last night was so wonderful, as she snores away like only a pug can.
    Working on additional house treatment now, but so glad I took this step. We had given her a flea shampoo the night before so we thought she had none, but knew they would return. I was so amazed when the comfortis killed so many.

    Great to hear the snoring of the pug again in the middle of the night instead of scratching, pacing, licking and biting

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