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Chewable Flea Treatments for Dogs

Chewable Flea Treatments for Dogs

chewable flea treatment

Fleas are a common, frustrating problem for many dog owners, and a number of different products are on the market to rid our furry friends and ourselves from these pests. However, one of the more convenient and effective options are chewable flea treatments.

While the quickest way to relieve your dog of a bad flea infestation is a good old fashioned flea bath, the results are merely temporary. Flea drops, collars, powders and sprays all help kill and prevent fleas, but won’t completely solve the problem. Many of them can also remain on your dogs coat and irritate their skin.

Chewable flea treatments have a number of advantages over the other types of flea preventatives and should be at the center of your flea control arsenal. They are generally very effective, tolerated well by most dogs and quite safe for pets and owners alike.

Best Chewable Flea Treatments for Dogs:

  • Program Flavor Tabs

    Program Flavor Tabs are one of the safest and effective chewable flea treatments to protect your dog from nfestation. With an ingredient called Lufenuron, they break the flea life cycle by preventing the eggs from ever developing. These tabs are non-prescription product and you only give them once-a-month, which makes it quite easy for dog owners. They are also beef flavored, dogs love them too!

  • Comfortis

    Comfortis is the first FDA approved flea treatment available in a chewable tablet. The tablet is a tasty beef flavor that most dogs will adore. It begins killing flea in just thirty minutes, and it is effective in preventing them for a month. Fast acting and effective, it kills fleas before hey can even lay eggs to stop an infestation fast. Comfortis requires a prescription, but through the link above PetMeds will obtain the necessary prescription authorization for you.

  • Sentinel Spectrum

    Made by Norvartis Animal Health, Sentinel Spectrum rids your dog, not only of fleas, but also two other parasites. This beef flavored tablet is given to your dog once a month, and it will protect your pet from heartworm and intestinal parasites, such as hookworm, whipworm, and tapeworm. All of these parasites can cause your dog severe health problems if not properly taken care of. Sentinel Spectrum also comes with a guarantee that their product will work if all of the directions for use were properly followed. Like Comfortis, Sentinel also require a prescription.

  • Only Natural Pet Brewer’s Yeast and Garlic Tablets

    Since chemical treatments can be toxic and cause health damage to pets and owners, Only Natural Pet has come out with a natural alternative. One tablet for every twenty pounds of body weight is taken once a day. It can be eaten or crushed up and sprinkled on food. The two main ingredients in these tablets not only repel fleas, but they also have added health benefits for your pet. Garlic has been used for ages as a natural remedy for many ailments, and can be beneficial in supporting the digestive, respiratory, immune, and cardiovascular systems, and fighting intestinal parasites. Brewer’s yeast contains amino acids and B-complex vitamins which aid in skin and tissue repair, healthy responses to stress, and proper nerve functioning.

Always remember that effective flea control requires a well rounded approach. In addition to selecting one of the chewable flea treatments above, you need to regularly vacuum and treat your home and yard as well.

2 Responses to “Chewable Flea Treatments for Dogs”
  1. Karen Pyer says:

    I have looked for these flee tablets for years. I had them for a dog many years ago.
    They were from my vet. No vet wants to give them to me now. Please send information.

    • Keri Verdelotti says:

      When I was younger, my older brother worked security for a college, the head of the department was involved with many local police departments and the DEA, my brother had a Rottweiler that the college offered to go through the DEA training, to help locate drugs on campus. This dog went through and passed with flying colors to find drugs and locate missing people, while in the program, the trainers recommended using Brewers Yeast pills to prevent fleas and ticks ( since he would be searching for missing persons in wooded areas and also doing alot of agility training outside) he started using the pills and so I also started my Rottweiler on them ( 1 pill per day mixed in with food), I know have a Boxer and a Pitbull who I also treat the same way, never once have any of these dogs had a flea on them! They ultimately produce a smell/taste that the insects do not find attractive. Other benefits are that their coats are shinier, less shedding and skin irritations. I highly recommend using Brewers Yeast for dogs (also heard it works w/cats). I purchase my pills at either “The Vitamin Shoppe” or “GNC”.
      I currently am using the Vitamin Shoppe brand, cost is about $10.00 for a bottle of 500 pills. Also, the nutritional values are: dairy free, soy free, nut free; 10 calories per pill; 1.2g Carbs; .07 fiber; 2g protein; 470mcg of Vit B1 and 160mcg of B2
      ( both are very good health benefits for dogs) 1170mcg of Niacin and Brewers Yeast is 3900mg. (No Garlic is included). I highly recommend these pills to everyone I know with pets and those who have used them say the same, they really work to repel insects, and the bonus of the health benefits. To anyone who reads this, I suggest you give them a try and see the benefits for yourself.

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