Bio Spot Flea Shampoo Review

bio spot flea shampoos

When you walk into a Petsmart or a Petco store there are so many pet products available it can truly make your head spin. It is easy to get lost in advertisements and not know which product is best for your dog or puppy, or your cat or kitten.

There is a popular product that is sold both in pet stores and online. Bio Spot Flea Shampoo for Dog and Puppy and Bio Spot Flea Shampoo for Cat and Kitten is a popular brand for long term flea control. However, there are many pros and cons to this product line and the pet owner needs to pay attention if this is a product they are considering.

Bio Spot, as a company, advertises that their product will kill fleas, ticks and lice on contact and bathing your pet in this shampoo will prevent eggs up to 28 days. It does contain several ingredients that are known to be good for the skin of pets such as aloe, lanolin and oatmeal. These products will provide for a shiny coat. However, there are some cons that many users of this product have stated about it that are very much worth mentioning.

Users of this product have stated that this product, because it contains several forms of low grade pesticides can actually harm dogs and cats. Many pet owners have stated that this product, while it may kill fleas, also provokes allergic reactions in animals and scarily enough has also been the cause of death in some pets.

If you are looking for a good flea shampoo for your pet, but feel that BioSpot is too risky, try Doc Ackerman’s Botanical Citronella Shampoo. This is a better alternative for flea prevention and while it may cost a little more, your pet will thank you when all is said and done.

Unfortunately, it is our opinion that Bio Spot Shampoo for Dogs or Cats doesn’t stand up against other natural or higher-grade competitors and because of negative reviews amongst concerned pet owners, BioSpot earns a “thumbs down.”

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