Bio Guard Gentle Shampoo Review

Bio Guard Gentle Shampoo

If you are a pet owner who has a “do-it-yourself” mentality, then you probably like to take care of your dog or cat at home, bathing them, grooming them, and making sure they are healthy, as opposed to sending them to a groomer or a pricey “pet spa.”

However, if you sometimes find yourself scratching your head over the best type of shampoo to bathe your dog or cat with, then wonder and worry no more.

Bio Guard Gentle Shampoo is a fantastic product that is incredibly gentle on your pets skin and fur. This product is great for either dogs or cats and works to prevent fleas long term.

This product will not “wash out,” so if your pet happens to get wet, the active ingredients in this product will still be effective and offer protection.

The shampoo is pH balanced and works into an easy lather on your dog or cat. Furthermore, this product is all natural and water based, it won’t clump or make your pet’s fur greasy or sticky like some other chemical based shampoos.

This product also has the added benefit of being so gentle that you can use it on a puppy or a kitten. Furthermore, this product is non-irritating and won’t dry out your pet’s sensitive skin. It’s so safe, even a human can use it.

Bio Guard Gentle Shampoo is the answer to your pet care needs. Check out this product the next time you are in any pet care store, or shop for it online. The shampoo is sold in a 12 ounce container and is long lasting, you need only a small amount in order to keep your dog or cat looking and smelling fantastic, as well as keeping their fur flea-free!

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