Bio-Groom Pyrethrin Flea Dip Review

Bio-Groom Pyrethrin Flea Dip

Flea dips are one of the most popular flea control products today. They are chemical solutions that have to be diluted with water. They provide strong resistance to fleas and ticks and offer good protection against flea eggs and larva.

The Bio-Groom Pyrethrin Flea Dip

is a product that claims fast acting flea protection. The product’s active ingredient, a pyrethrin concentrate, provides strong resistance against flea attack and ensures effective flea and tick control. With a non-offensive odor, the product claims to be safe and effective against kittens who are four weeks or older. However, we’re not convinced that this product is quite as safe as it claims.

The dip might be effective against fleas and ticks, but the main concern is the inclusion of pyrethrins. These are natural compounds that are mainly used in insecticides. However, while they are organic and biodegradable, pyrethrins can still be toxic to pets and an overdose can result in a variety of symptoms including muscle tremors and lethargy. The product uses 0.30 percent of pyrethrins and the rest are inert ingredients. If you have concerns over the potentially toxicity of pyrethrins, we recommend looking to safer options.

Also, while the product claims to be safe for kittens and puppies, we don’t recommend this product for any cats or small dogs. If you need to dip an average size dog with a flea infestation, make sure you read the instructions carefully before using the Bio-Groom Flea Dip. Follow necessary instructions to ensure elimination of fleas and maximum safety for your dog.

We see Bio-Groom Pyrethrin Flea Dip useful for those dog owners with a bad flea infestation who need quick action and relief for their dog, but cat owners and those who want a completely safe flea control option for regular use on dogs should look at other options.

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