Best Flea Shampoos for Kittens

flea shampoo for kitten

The best flea shampoo for kittens is one that is mild and tearless, comparable to a baby shampoo. We don’t recommended using flea shampoos on very young kittens, so be sure to read the safety instructions regarding age carefully.

Warning, many flea shampoos are toxic to kittens due to the ingredients permethrin and/or pyrethrin.

Permethrin is a synthetically made chemical that aides in the killing of fleas by affecting the nervous system. It is effective in killing the fleas but is toxic to kittens and cats because their system cannot break down the synthetic chemical. If you use an excessive amount of products containing permethrin on kittens, it can cause permethrin toxicosis. This would appear in your kitten through symptoms including shaking, vomiting, drooling and seizures. You should avoid products containing this ingredient at all costs.

Pyrethrin, on the other hand, is harvested from pyrethrum plant flowers and is branded as a natural insecticide. While it is somewhat safer and a more popular ingredient in cat shampoos, it can still cause the same health risks to kittens.

The best flea shampoos for kittens kill fleas on contact without the use of permethrin/pyrethrin based pesticides:

  1. De Flea Shampoo

    by Natural Chemistry is so safe it can be used on very young kittens, puppies and even nursing mothers. It works on all stages of the flea life cycle including eggs, larvae, pupae and adult. This shampoo will eliminate all insects from your kitten.

  2. Sentry Natural Defense Flea Shampoo for Kittens is veterinarian tested and kills fleas with natural ingredients including peppermint oil, clove oil cedar oil, cinnamon oil and rosemary oil.

Concentrate on the tail and neck area where the fleas congregate. The lather will smother most of the fleas, while the others will drown. After bathing, a flea comb should be ran through the kittens coat to remove any dead fleas, eggs or fleas that may have made it through the bathing process alive.

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