Best Flea Drops for Cats

Depending on the type of cat you have, you may have a feline who likes nothing more than to prowl around outside during the day or night doing whatever it is that cats do. While you know that your cat will always come back, you want to make sure than she never brings back any unwelcome visitors when she walks back in your house, namely fleas.

If your cat alternates between being an indoor cat and an outdoor cat, it is necessary for you to use a flea preventative on a monthly basis. Most veterinarians will recommend that this is the best way to protect long term and year round against fleas making themselves at home on your cat.

Two of the best flea drops for cats are by Advantage and Frontline.

Advantage is a flea drop that is applied to the neck of your cat. This topical solution will protect the entire body from infestation and will kill existing fleas, along with their larvae and their eggs on contact. This treatment is safe for cats and kittens and appropriate dosage is based on the weight of your cat.

Another trusted name is Frontline. Frontline Plus works the same way as Advantage and this topical solution also protects the entire body.

Furthermore, both of these products are non-greasy and will not clump your cat’s fur or irritate their skin.

These products are sold with a prescription by your veterinarian and can also be bought through many discount online pet websites online. Your veterinarian can help you make sure you find the most cost effective and safe solution for ongoing flea protection on your cat.

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