Are Flea Collars Safe or Dangerous?

flea collar safe or dangerous

It seems as if the news is always reporting some sort of information about the harmful ingredients used in flea prevention products.

Flea collars are one of the products that people aren’t sure about simply because they are literally bands of plastic covered in pesticides. That just doesn’t sound safe but they’ve been on the market for decades.

Millions of pet owners choose to use flea collars produced by such companies as BioSpot, Zodiac, Sentry and Hartz.

These are all flea collars that can be bought at your local pet supply store and unfortunately, a simple search online reveals pet owners complaining that these products were either ineffective or responsible for a myriad of health problems. Many pet owners report chemical burns and other skin irritations. In the most severe cases, pet owners have claimed that one of these products was responsible for their death of their pet.

Because there are so many safer, more effective flea prevention products, we’re not big advocates of flea collars. However, through our own research and study, we have found that there are safe alternatives.

Some of the most popular flea preventative brands on the market today are Advantage and Frontline. These two companies receive some of the highest marks for their quality flea products that protect the health of pets. While the products produced by both of these companies are more expensive, you do not have to worry about your dog or cat being affected adversely.

Another way to go if you are looking for a safe flea collar is to go with an all natural product like Natural Animal Rechargeable Flea Collars. These products are made with natural products like lemongrass, rosemary, cedar wood and other ingredients that act as a natural repellant in nature. Furthermore, natural flea collars are usually rechargeable, meaning that you are placing the repellant oil on the collar once a month or as needed. This helps reduce waste and also helps the environment.

The moral of the story here is that flea collars can be very safe when you use trusted or natural brands. You should never use any flea preventative without first consulting your vet for their recommendation. Also, never buy solely on price, the least expensive product could be the most harmful to your pet.

4 Responses to “Are Flea Collars Safe or Dangerous?”
  1. guy hutchinson says:

    i got 6 hartz collares and all six cats started acking wierd all i got to say is hartz collars are not worth a dame they should be taken off the market they suck

    • Angela says:

      I’m glad they didn’t kill your cats.

  2. Don Akehurst says:

    We put flea collars on our two stock dogs with in just a few days my collie was died and our other stock dog nervous system got bad been doctoring him for a month so far 500 hundred dollars later he is still alive but his ears never stop moving and he got sores all over his face and legs there should be a warning on the lable what a lose this has been they were to very expensive herd dogs we used on our range to herd our cattle there are ticks up there was the reason for the collars,we were told it was what was in the collar by a vet

    • Angela says:

      I’m so sorry about your dogs. What a tragic loss. These warnings should be on products nationwide – not just depending on the state you live in.

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