Anibio Tic-Clip Review

Anibio Tic-Clip

Controlling flea infestations on pets can be a real challenge for pet owners. Hence, we are open to all kinds of ways to control this menace.

Lots products are available in the market, but most of them are either ineffective or toxic in nature. What we need is a non-toxic product to repel fleas, and the Anibio Tic-Clip is one such product that claims to be that solution.

About Anibio Tic-Clip

The Anibio Tic-Clip is an abstract flea repellent collar tag that supposedly produces a “force-field” around your pet cat through its electromagnetic charge. First developed in Germany, this intriguing technology has been quite popular among pet owners throughout Europe. Also, so far in the US the product is getting favorable user votes because of its pet-friendly, non-toxic approach.

How does it work?

An electromagnetic charge containing a polarized energy signature is imprinted on the collar tag. This charge adapts to your pet’s unique bio-energy frequency and produces a vibrating force field around your pet. This vibration is reported to repel ticks and fleas from your pet’s fur within minutes.

This mechanism relies on the bio-energy of your pet. However, the existence of bio-energy is itself a matter a debate. While holistic healers claim that bio-energy of a person or animal can be harnessed using special devices like this, skeptics are still doubtful about the whole bio-energy definition.

Despite the skeptics, the creators of the Tic-Clip claim the product is the result of dedicated research. What’s interesting is that more users seem satisfied with the product’s performance than those who state it to be ineffective. It is a bit pricey when compared with other flea repellents, but if you want a holistic solution for your pet, it may be worth it.


We recommend this product to those who want to dabble with alternative methods in treating fleas, but those who doubt the existence of the bio-energy field should probably look into more conventional products.

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5 Responses to “Anibio Tic-Clip Review”
  1. Lynne says:

    We’ve been using Tic Clips for years and love them. They’re a wonderful alternative to the poison contained in Frontline and other similar products. Both of our dogs remain flea and tic free for at least 10 months with each clip (the manufacturer says they last for 2 years but I’ve not had that experience). While the price per month may seem high, it’s not much more than the chemical products and it’s far safer. With the terrible rise in canine cancer rates, I wouldn’t use anything else.

  2. San says:

    It’s awesome and it surprises with the results! It is way cheaper than all the toxic chemical stuff as well, mine were always good for at least 2 years for our cats & dog. :)

  3. bob says:

    Why do they quit working after 2 years? Battery go dead or does the miniature nuclear reactor need another fuel rod?
    I have met people that swear by them…”only need to apply Frontline during the worst couple of months, used to apply it year round”. Frontline is not needed year round and the Tick clip placebo fills in for the rest.

    • Loretta Napoli says:

      Bob… You use Frontline & pay quite a bit for it! You’re asking a ridiculous question! This cost me $30 & shipping. For 2 Years! & BTW REMEMBER FRONTLINE Was removed from the market a few years ago? I’d NEVER USE ITwitter A GAIN IF I WERE YOU! TRY> PARASTAR PLUS, That is what all the Veterinarian’s were using out here in LINY & there was a bad outbreak of fleas & ticks! GREAT PRODUCT IT REPELLE’S MOSQUITOES AS WELL!
      I guess my reply in essence to you is: Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth! 🐴

  4. Loretta Napoli says:

    We own 3 daschund’s & a corgi. Our corgi got blisters once by using an “All Natural Liquid”! MY SO WAS LIVID, THAT HIS DOG WAS HURT BY A SO CALLED NATURAL PRODUCT! Doing research he found this in Europe ONLY about 8 years ago. We’ve been using it ever since then & NO FLEAS OR TICKS EVER

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