Advantage Flea Control Review

Advantage Flea Control

There are very few products that are both as safe and effective as Advantage, who is the reigning champion in flea preventatives.

When it comes to the world of flea control, there are many different routes that a pet owner can go and unfortunately there is common tendency for taking the wrong road.

It is easy to be mislead. There are many cheaper treatments than Advantage out there that tout their ability to rid your pet of fleas. It can be overwhelming as every product will say they can do exactly what the big names in flea control do, but the fact is, they can’t.

What’s worse, if you fall prey to the over the counter product claims and their inexpensive price tags, you could be putting the health of your dog or cat at risk.

Advantage Veterinarian

Advantage is Recommended by Veterinarians

The product is produced by trusted pharmaceutical company, Bayer Healthcare. Bayer has been researching and developing pest products for pets since 1919 and believes that a “healthy and responsible relationship between owners and the pets who trust and depend on them” is very important.

Bayer’s Advantage Once-A-Month Topical Flea Treatment is a “spot-on” product that is meant for application once a month in order for it to work to the best of its ability. This product can be used year round regardless of season and can help prevent a flea infestation and kill existing fleas on a dog or cat.

Within three to five minutes of the first application, fleas will stop biting your animal and will start to work to kill the insect. The quick death of these bugs will help your pet avoid the risk of developing a secondary condition related to flea infestation such as dermatitis and tapeworms. Moreover, within twelve hours time, 98-100% of all fleas will be dead.

The Advantage topical product will also work to kill flea larvae within 20 minutes. Finally, Advantage is waterproof, so you can rest assured that if your dog or cat gets wet, they will not stand a chance for exposure to fleas. However, it must be noted that Advantage only works to kill fleas, not ticks or other bugs.

Advantage is not a one-size fits all product and comes in different dosage sizes based on the weight of your pet, therefore, you know that your pet will be getting just the amount they need to stay flea free and healthy.

Advantage Reviews from Consumers

When it comes to consumer reviews, 4.69 out of 5 state that Advantage is their flea control method of choice when it comes to their pets. Our reviewers found that the product works and their pets respond to the ingredients in the topical solution positively and without complaint or health problems.

Based on the proven effectiveness of Advantage and on the abundance of positive consumer reviews, we give Advantage a “thumbs up” for its ability to both kill and prevent fleas. We also give Bayer a “thumbs up” for being a manufacturer that truly cares about protecting the good health of dogs and cats.

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2 Responses to “Advantage Flea Control Review”
  1. Bonnie Harris says:

    This stuff has just made my dog extremely sick. The first month, he seemed a little off for a day or two, with a little vomiting.

    This month he has now had days of vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy, even after Advantage was thoroughly washed off withing 48 hours.

    A call to Bayer gave pretty much nothing. They said they would report it to EPA (right) and that was that. No advice on what to do or even reimbursement! I will never use this product again! (ps- this is a young (2yr), healthy, fit Border Collie)

  2. Linda Patterson says:

    I have bought this for a while now but I a finding its not helping my cat with her fleas at all anymore—waste of money

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