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Touting itself as “America’s Largest Pet Pharmacy,” the scale of 1800PetMeds operation is evidenced by their wide selection flea and tick control products. That said, being the biggest doesn’t always mean being the best, so here’s what you need to know about flea control at 1800PetMeds.

The first thing shoppers will notice when visiting 1800PetMeds’ flea control section is the wide variety of preventative and relief products available for your pet and home. 1800PetMeds carries all the leading brands, like Advantage, Frontline, and Revolution, as well as some alternative brands you likely wouldn’t find at the store. There are convenient features that allow you to compare monthly flea and tick treatments and have many options when it comes to ridding your home of these pests.

In addition, 1800PetMeds is well established and provides conveniences like free shipping on most orders and 7-day-a-week availability. If the product you need requires a prescription, they will contact your veterinarian and get the required documentation on your behalf. 1800PetMeds also guarantees their customers 100% satisfaction, meaning that if that product doesn’t work or your pet doesn’t like it, you can receive your money back.

As far as pricing goes, shoppers will notice that every product available at 1800PetMeds appears to be “on sale,” but a quick internet search reveals that in a lot of cases 1800PetMeds’ prices are actually a bit higher than other reputable retailers. That said, 1800PetMeds does match the prices of its competitors through its customer service department.

Customer reviews of 1800PetMeds show two sides to the company. The majority of customers are very pleased with how easy it is to place orders, renew orders and the speed of their processing and shipping. On the other hand, a few customers complain that 1800PetMeds’ customer care representatives were not helpful and that it was a hassle to get a refund check with their price match offer.

With 1800PetMeds, you have a wide selection, excellent shopping tools and save yourself the hassle of making a visit to the vet’s office. It is a great place to look for flea control products, especially for those requiring a prescription, just be sure to compare prices before placing your order.

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