Vectra 3D Flea Control Review

Vectra 3D Flea Control

When choosing a flea control product Vectra 3D flea control seems to be popular, but it depends on who you are. Although proven to work, there are also claims that this Summit VetPharm manufactured product could be dangerous to smaller dogs and cats.

Vectra 3D flea control has three main ingredients Pyriproxyfen, Dinotefuran, and Permethrin. Many dog owners have reported that they are happy with the product, but many others like us are concerned with Permethrin being very dangerous if you have cats or smaller dogs.

When ingested by cat who grooms your dog, Vectra 3D flea control medicine can make the cat extremely sick. Also readers have reported to us that smaller dogs, particularly shih tzus, may have adverse reactions to Vectra 3D. We suggest that if you have a combination of cats and dogs like many of us, then you may want to avoid this product because you don’t want them grooming each other and ingesting the medicine.

Vectra 3D flea control is actually cheaper that other brands by about $10 to $15. The application is much easier, but we would suggest wearing gloves when applying any meds to your pet.

Included with the Vectra 3D are helpful stickers to put on your calendar to help remind you when it is time to reapply. Summit VetPharm makes a whole family of Vectra flea control products for both cats and dogs

While veterinarians may suggest Vectra 3D, what we’ve found did not fully live up to our standards for every pet.

Vectra 3D flea control can only be bought through your veterinarian. Once again, if you have a small dog or cat we do not recommend using this product just to be on the safe side. Fully discuss any questions you have with your vet and make sure whether this is the right flea control medicine for your dog. Vectra 3D flea control does kill the fleas and also protects against mosquitoes and ticks, but depending upon your situation, there may be safer options out there.

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  1. Kayti says:

    Vectra 3D is the worst product I’ve ever used. It was 100% ineffective and cost a ton of money. My dogs are halfway through the second application. A month and a half and they STILL have fleas. This is so irritating….

  2. franschnupp says:

    my dogs had a reachen to the vectra and had to bath them really good and risie how do i get my money back!

  3. sarah says:

    I just used this on my small puppy after my vet said it was ok. Well it wasn’t ok, my dog started running around like crazy, then he would stop and lay down, then do it all over again. I washed him off with a little dawn dish soap and let warm water run over him for a few minutes. Thankfully he is ok, but it scared me enough to know I won’t use it again.

  4. James Holsinger says:

    That stuff didnt do anything & was very expensive, I was robbed by the vet that sold it to me and the product itself!!!!!

  5. James Holsinger says:

    I was charged $52.00 might as well have used water would have got the same results!!!!

  6. Lori says:

    Kayti it can take up to 3 mths to completely kill the cycle of the flea. The fleas are not only on your pet they are in your home. You are killing the fleas on the dog but new ones are jumping on him as well. You have to give this medicine time to work! I have had great success with Vectra so I urge you to stick with it.

    Fran you should contact your vet and report the reaction so they can inform the company.

  7. Concerned says:

    Definitely was from the Vectra. My vet recommended I use it. Said it was just as good as frontline. So I gave it a try. A few hours later my 20llb shih tzu started having leg spasms as well. She also was breathing very weird. You can tell she was in agony and I felt horrible. I gave her a bath and she is still breathing a bit weird, but the spasms have stopped thankfully. I was searching the internet and there are numerous people with the same complaint Ironically Shih tzu’s. Unfortunately one mans dog died from it. Vectra offered him $ to keep silent but he didn’t agree, wanted others to know.
    They claimed they took away the toxic ingredient but that was in 2009 and this happened to my dog this week. So I doubt they made any change. Spread the word, this product needs to be discontinued before we loose more dogs.

    • pup mom says:

      My shin Tzu had the same issue. I did get my money back (on the unused portion). Should have read all of this first. Would have saved me $ on vet bills.

  8. Ginger LePenske says:

    My dog which is also a Shih tzu is having a horrible reaction to this vectra flea med. I have bathed him and after 6 days he is still yelping and extremly aggitated. Is there anything more I can do for him. I would difinetly take this product off the market!

  9. Jen says:

    I have used Vectra in the past and it worked great, but I was worried about using it on my dog around my cats. We switched to frontline and it SO sucked. My dog went to my in-laws for a weekend and came home covered in fleas. He just had the frontline applied the week before. Unfortunately my cats passed on. Because of this I went back to the Vectra. My dog is around 60# or so and as far as I can tell he hasn’t had any terrible reactions from it.

  10. Teresa says:

    We used it on our 4 doxies and we can’t see that it is helping any. They are all still running aroung scratching and can’t be still. I don’t know what to do for my babies, now that I have this on them I have to wait to put anything else on them.

  11. Anonymous says:

    My sister has two bichon’s in New Jersey – adverse reaction in both dogs when this was applied. Still having a tough time, today is Friday, was applied on Monday……..she is washing them in Dawn soap to try to remove, but what a problem…..

  12. rossie says:


  13. Sandra says:

    Put on my Shih Tzu on Sat. and left home for about 8 hrs. Came home & I thought he was having a seizure, looked on him & his skin where I put it was fire red. Bathed him right away. Was still jumping at times and I get home tonight and the spot is bleeding. He’s going to Vet tomorrow. Has not bothered my other Shih Tzu, Lhasa, or Yorkie.

    • jocy says:

      you should still wash your other two dogs to assure the dog that was sick does not get affected by the other two dogs even if it has “dried” it can still cause your dog to be sick especially if they share the same space

  14. chirs says:

    just as ineffective as frontline in my opinion, the proof is in the pudding, used for 2 months after my vet office recommended frontline was no longer effective, but neither is vectra

  15. TTate says:

    This is without question the worst flea medication I have ever used on my yorkie. She has never had a problem with fleas but I changed from her usual brand to Vectra on the suggestion of my vet. It was very expensive, so I bought the 6 month pack to save money. It never worked and she has lost most of her hair – even after using it on three seperate occasions spaced 3 weeks apart (on the suggestion of my vet). I will never use it again and would caution anyone thinking of trying it. You might as well pour water on your dog.

  16. Jake in Florida says:

    We’ve been using Vectra 3D since Jake was a puppy. He’s 6 months now and we’ve only found dying or dead ticks on him. Seems to work great, and he’s had no reactions to it. He’s a german shepherd, currently weighing in at 60 Lbs.

  17. Cat lover/flea hater says:

    I was using Frontline Plus on my cat and it wasn’t working at all! The vet gave me Vectra for cats and I didn’t see any signs of fleas for 3 weeks. I just gave my cat a second dose of Vectra a few days early because I found some flea dirt and a tiny flea on her when brushing her with a flea comb, which I do every few days or so. Hopefully it will keep working!

  18. marlene from NJ says:

    A friend allmost lost her dog because of this product. She has a Shih Tzu and so do I, so it was good information for me and to know. Hope anyone else who is reading this listens.

  19. Susan says:

    Dog became lethargic and I could tell he was sick. Plus, it was SO expensive.

  20. Atlanta Kaila says:

    I gave my puppy Vectra and he is destined to be a big dog (10wks 20lbs, thick skin). The vet told me that it kills parasites before they bite and a lot of people complain about seeing more fleas after the application. She informed me that it doesnt attract fleas, but it brings the already existing fleas to the surface because they cant stand the product, so you simply see what you couldnt see before (which makes sense). Although it didnt work in 30mins like my vet said it would, I did see the fleas come up from his fur in about an hour and i put him outside as i didnt want dead fleas all over the house. This product has worked well for my puppy.

    It seems like the only people who have problems with the product are people who have smaller dogs or dogs that wont be big. If you think about it, it is a big dose so maybe putting such a large dose on a smaller dog with thinner skin has some type of overdose reaction. Maybe your dog is allergic, those seem to be the only reasonable explination to me….

  21. Sammy says:

    After recommendation of Vectra on my dog (who has skin allergies). A week after using it on my cocker spaniel I brought her to a friends house for a few hours, came back covered in fleas! I never had trouble with K9 Advantix. Third time this has happened to the poor dog.


    My dog, who is treated for fleas 3 times a a year, and therefore “used” to flea products, had a HORRIBLE reaction to this flea treatment. My dog has never had any bad reactions to Frontline or Advantage, but Vectra 3D is another story. Within 8 hours of application, my dog started itching like CRAZY at the application area. But far WORSE than that, about another 2 hours later, my dog started having what looked like a bad panic attack, panting horribly non-stop, acting extremely hyper active, scratching herself psychotically, her heart rate was through the roof, etc. It was getting VERY SCARY. I bathed her with dish soap *twice* to thoroughly get the Vectra 3d oiloff of her fur & skin. Shortly after I washed it off, she seemed relieved & took a little nap. She was back to normal within about 3 hours of removing this *toxic* stuff from her fur. I will absolutely NOT use this product again and I do NOT recommend Vectra 3D to anyone! When I talked to the vet about this, she informed me that a lot of light colored (white or cream furred) dogs are having bad/dangerous reactions to Vectra 3d, as well as smaller dogs under 25 lbs. My vet had so many bad reactions with dogs in this category within a two month period that she is considering pulling the product from her facility – or simply not giving it to light colored or small breeds. Be very careful with this stuff & be especially careful if you have a small breed and/or a breed with white/cream or mostly white/cream furred dog.

  23. Jill on Oklahoma says:

    Have 4 dogs all different breeds, the smallest is 15lbs, he started running around like something was chasing him about an hour after the application. The other 3 seem to be fine. This is our first purchase after our vet said it was the safest & most effective & all she sells. If it doesn’t work I will be out a ton of $$$$. 256 bucks for 3months for 4 dogs, wow, but we live in the country so I trusted my vet enough to shell out the money. Last year Advantage worked great & was less expensive $300 for each dog to have 6months of protection.I wonder how much of a kick-back the vets are pocketing for exclusively selling Vectra?

  24. Brad in Georgia says:

    In response to most of these comments a little initial research would have told you that this product is not good with smaller dogs. If you can’t bother to take the time to read about something like this before hand your dog unfortunately suffers the consequences. I have a 60 ld lab who runs through the woods in Georgia almost everyday. I have not found one flee or tick on him, and he has had zero reaction to this product.

  25. Ann says:

    Used this today on a Pekingese and a Chihuahua-mix, both about 10-15 pounds. Three hours later the Pekingese vomited and the other dog was obviously not himself. Gave both dogs a good bath and they seem to be better. Never will use this again.

  26. Laura says:

    I bring feral cats on a regular basis to my local shelter for the TNR program. They provide flea treatment on every cat spayed/ neutered. After seeing vomit with round worms several days after a visit I suspected that whatever they were using doesn’t address worms or, probably, not ear mites like so many other flea prevention applications. I just inquired about the product they use and was told that it was VETRA and that it did not address round worms or ear mites. They use Vetra because they buy it in bulk and it is the CHEAPEST flea product. They claim the budget won’t allow for a different, i.e. more costly, product that would obviously be more beneficial to these poor cats. How beneficial is it for these cats to get vaccines, rabies & then fixed but leave them with a system full of parasites???

  27. Ruthie says:

    I’ve been using Vectra for 6months, & have had no fleas or ticks on my morkie, he is 14lbs & seems to be okay with it. he always runs around after I put it on him, but just b/c he doesn’t like the wet feeling, no skin irritation. I used to use k9Advantix & he always had ticks.

  28. Butch Cassidy says:

    I bought Vectra because my vet quit selling frontline. Bought it for my 2 cats and my 2 dogs. Fleas seem to love the stuff. Both dogs and both cats are covered with them, and this is my second cycle. Never had a problem with frontline. I’m going back to Frontline.

  29. brian says:

    My dog is fighting for her life after using Vectra. She had a seizure and has still not recovered fully after 4 days. She was scratching light crazy and shaking her head excessively and then a seizure. She will not eat and does not have energy anymore. She was a happy playful dog and now she is fighting for her life 1100 dollars later. Do not use this product or you risk you pets life. My vet told me they have had many episodes of dogs getting sick using Vectra and are finally pulling it. I contacted the company but of course no response. I will be taking legal action against the company and anyone will to join the suit is welcome. I have the money and am going to make this company pay for selling a product that harms or kills pets.

  30. Maggie in Florida says:

    Bought Vectra 3D last month after it was recommended by our vet. They no longer carried Frontline. This has been the worst stuff I have ever used on my german shepherds!!!! I have never seen live fleas & eggs on my dogs like I’m seeing now!! They scratch like crazy too!I have even put 2doses within a month & used Capstar also. My dogs are inside dogs too so go figure!! Thank God we have wood floors in the house. Although the fleas have still been getting to my legs. DISGUSTED!!! Idk what to try now. I believe they have become immune to Frontline but I still didn’t have the problem that I’m having now. I’m thinking about trying Advantix 11. I might as well thrown my $100+ in the trash. Thanks for the flea infestation Vectra!!!!! :/

  31. Travis says:

    Vectra 3D is the best product for fleas and ticks that I have ever used. My Aussie if out in the pasture with the cows every day and is also in our house. Since switching from Frontline to Vectra we haven’t had any fleas and ticks. Vectra 3D is a five star PLUS!

  32. candace says:

    I have not yet tried Vectra 3D — the reason is that I do thorough research/get background information on ANY MEDICATION before giving to my dogs. All of the information I’ve read/reviewed online, and that is openly available on the web, is implicitly clear NOT TO GIVE SMALL DOGS OR CATS Vectra 3D. I cannot understand those of you who administered this to the small breeds listed on this list serve. I encourage all of you to read up on this product and all products. BTW…remember, your Vet is a generalist, not a specialist — they cannot and do not know everything on a product or treatment. ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK…

    • From a veterinarian... says:

      You can bet these veterinarians have heard from every single client whose pet had an adverse reaction to vectra, and treated some of these. I’m sorry your veterinarian is not a specialist, or simply doesn’t choose to share contraindications for vectra. Or, perhaps, doesn’t have a decent staff. Who knows. There is, though, certainly a failure at the vet clinic.

  33. Jen in Cincinnati says:

    I am so happy, that I googled this product and came to this site. OMG, I have a 10week old shih tzu/chihuahua that only weighs 2.3lbs. I can not imagine if I would have went ahead and applied this product to her. I would venture to think it may have been detrimental. THANKS so much for all your comments. My new baby also thanks you. I hope all the pets above who had bad experiences are doing much better now.

  34. laura says:

    Horrible product please DO NOT USE IT, my 5 pound chihuahua had a bad reaction to it, vomiting, itch skin, i read all posting and decided to give her a bath to remove the poison, she could have died. my vet is giving me a full refund. This product should be removed from the market it is NOT Safe!! read more about it.

  35. Laura in NH says:

    I have 2 shiba inus and a chihuahua. I live in a heavily wooded area and have a tick problem. I used to use frontline back in the day but I would find the ticks dropped off my dogs once back in the house. Then we tried advantix since it doesn’t just kill ticks, it repels them but I would find a few ticks on them periodically. Then my vet switched to Vectra. I LOVE and swear by this product. No doubt, some dogs will be sensitive to anything applied topically, vectra included. My dogs have never had an issue with this product. I am a vet tech, my hospital only offers Vectra 3D as our K9 flea/tick medication. Also, I have 3 cats in my home an have been using vectra on my dogs for 2 years now and they have never had an issue. I apply the product to my dogs before we go for a walk. By the time we are back from the walk my dogs vectra is dry and not dangerous to the cats. Our clients also have good things to say about the product. It’s ony available through your veterinarian, so beware if you’ve purchased vectra anywhere other than a vet office. Most of the problems we see in our patients are from “advantix” and “vectra” purchased at some cutrate online pet pharmacy. Most of the time that crap is full of dangerous chemicals and is my actually the product you think you are buying.

  36. Judy B says:

    I have used Vectra 3D now for three months on my 75# Lab and my 13# MinPin. I find it is AWESOME! The ticks are the worst they have been in years past. No bad reactions what so ever on either of my babies. The ONLY complaint is the price. $22 a dose!!! Can’t wait to buy it online next year for much much less.

  37. Bob says:

    Vectra 3D is the only topical product that I have used. Seems to work fine and my 32 pound dog has not shown any adverse symptoms. Only criticism is that it leaves a greasy looking residue on the coat until his next bath. I don’t appreciate the appearance and am concerned about the personal health effects of handling him. Perhaps the other similar products perform the same. Would appreciate hearing comparisons from anyone with multiple product experiences.

  38. karen says:

    We have used Vectra 3D on both of our dogs, one is a golden retriever who weighs 95lbs and a beagle/lab mix that weighs 92lbs. We have had no problem with it and have not found any fleas or ticks on them. We also live in an area with a lot ticks.

  39. Patricia in Granbury Tx says:

    I have been using Vectra 3D for 2 months on my boston terrier and pit bull and it has worked great. Keeps the fleas and ticks off and has not made them sick in any way.

  40. brittini in rockford says:

    i use frontline every month for the last year and the last two months the fleas have been out of control so i was having to put double the doses on my two dogs and cat i just tried vectra 3d today and i watch my dogs for an hour and i could just see fleas falling off of them i like it hopefully it keeps working unlike frontling and advantage that only work for year then the fleas get immune and it stops working

  41. Lisa says:

    I have 2 Italian Greyhounds both weighing 15lbs. I tried Vectra last season per my Vet’s recommendation and I noticed both dogs twitching their ears for over a week after application. This season I tried it again and same thing happened. I switched back to Front Line. I would not use Vectra ever again.

  42. Ann grundman says:

    The fleas were breeding terribly on my cat. So I asked my vet what was working this year, & he said that other pet owners were having good results with Vectra. Withing 12 hours after applying, my cat was no longer scratching!! It’s been 2 weeks now, & he is still flea free. Unlike frontline, within 2 days he was loaded with fleas again. Thanks Vectra!! Keep making that amazing product& don’t change a thing!!

  43. Anonymous says:

    This is the worst product my American bulldog won’t stop itching and is scratching herself raw. She has huge red bumps all over her!! Now I have to take her back to the vet!! Stay away from this product.

  44. connie lawton says:

    I wish I had seen this information before we had to use it! I have a 4lb shih poo and a 9 lb shih poo. Used them lastnight on both and my 4lb baby is having a terrible reaction. She just sat and cried, shook, and wouldnt walk. Called vet this morning and had us five baby benadryl. That definitly helped. She is sleeping off the reaction. We were using Frontline and they both got fleas! I hope after the reaction that it kills the fleas. So not pleased.

  45. Chloe's Mom says:

    August 20, 2012 I noticed a few fleas on Chloe so I took her to the vet at which point they gave her an application of Vectra. Chloe has never had this medicine before. I should mention that this was a week after I applied Frontline which wasn’t working.
    August 23, 2012 Chloe woke up and wouldn’t go down the stairs on her own which was odd. She cried and pawed at the top of the steps. I carried her down and took her outside to go potty. She immediately found a spot in the sun to lie down. She was acting normal. When I noticed she was at the door and ready to come in, she immediately acted like she got stung. Was squirming around, very agitated, wanted to sit, the back of her body was bothering her. She was whimpering and crying. Was in distress. I called the vet and they told me to bring her in.
    She could not find a stinger or any evidence of a sting but she thought the whole sit/stand behavior was a result of her anal glands being full. That was not the case.
    I took her into the office with me after we left the vet. Her behavior was odd. Her symptoms seem to come and go. She was whimpering off and on throughout the day. She had an accident (solid BM) in a colleagues office. After that, the diariah began. She had 2 more accidents in the office and she went twice outside. I took her home at 5pm. Once we got home, her condition worsened. She was crying and whimpering. I took her to the Emergency Care Unit at 7pm. When we got there she was whimpering. The technician took her back immediately to take her vitals and the doctor saw her. We decided to keep her there where she could be monitored and further examined. The doctor called me at 2am to tell me that her liver enzyme count was extremely high and she was very concerned and suggested that Chloe see an internist tomorrow morning at 10am. I agreed. Dr. Miller called me in the morning and told me that she thought the Vectra was the biggest culprit and that it would eventually work itself out of her system but it would take a while. She didn’t know how long. She was still concerned with her liver count and wants me to have her retested in a week.
    Chloe’s vet did research as did I and my family. We are seeing tons of issues with Vectra 3D and small breed dogs (namely Shih tzu’s) This product is dangerous and toxic to small dogs. Tomorrow will be 1 week since she was given the Vectra. Chloe needs to be on 2 different types of pain medicine to give her relief from the side effects. She is on Gabapentin 100mg (.4ml every 12 hours) and Tradadol 50mg (.5ml every 12 hours. This medical emergency has been very expensive as well. I have paid over $1,000 in medical bills.

  46. Anonymous says:

    My german shepard whom I adopted from the humane society three years ago has a serious life threatening flea allergy. I found this out after adopting a mini pin who was being neglected by her previous owner ten months ago. not knowing anything about fleas, I thought I could just give her (my mini pinn) a bath and the fleas would go away. SO not the case. now my house is infested! I haven’t been using vectra for long but I can say that I got some for both my dogs and both my cats and literally two hours after applied, I checked one of my cats stomach, which I had checked right before it was applied and had easily ten fleas, not only were there no fleas, but as I combed through the rest of her coat I found two dead fleas. I am thrilled! I know that time will tell if this stuff really works, but I am pleased thus far and do believe that if used properly and given time to run its course this will finally be the answer I’ve been looking for. Thanks vectra for saving my german shephards life!

  47. gwen's daddy says:

    We have tried frontline, advantix, and the walmart rip off… none of them removed the fleas off of our dogs (rottweiler and pit bull). We used Vectra and the flea exodus began. After checking our dogs 24 hours later we found not one live flea on them. We will continue to use this as it is the only product that works imo.

  48. Kim in NYC says:

    This is the only formula that works on my basset hound. Its hard to find so at one time i switched to Frontline, Advantix and k9 Advantage and with each she had fleas that wouldnt die. I went back to Vectra b/c i found a vet near my house that carries it and my dog has been fine with no insects at all.

    SOME DOGS WILL HAVE AN ALLERGIC REACTION TO CERTAIN MEDS – this is not the fault of Vectra…something in it doesnt agree with your dog. There is a complete website dedicated to how bad frontline is and actually ate through the skin of some pets yet there are thousands of ppl who love Frontline… it all depends on ur pet and what they are sensitive to.

    When using meds for the 1st time with ur pet, be sire to watch and monitor them for any strange behavior and skin irritations.

    FOR THOSE SAYING FLEAS CAME BACK, i had this problem too and my groomer suggested that I flea bomb my house b/c the fleas or eggs are probably living in my house. first i used the house spray until i was able to find a sitter for my dog.. then i got the flea bomb and it worked. I got it in a hardware store.. NO MORE FLEAS. its not the medicine, the insects live in ur house..btwn floor boards and cracks too.


  49. Joyce says:

    My 18 lb cat had a reaction to this product within an hour. Was houling and acting crazy. I washed off the residue on back of neck which stopped the houling. It has been 5 days and now he not eating much and now not drinking. Currently at the vet getting iv drip. Some tremors noted. he may be having a toxic reaction. DO NOT USE this product.

  50. Cynthia says:

    I have used Vectra due, to my vets advise, this is the worst flea medication ever , my poor baby has been scratching for 2 months now and I found 4 fleas on her even with the Vectra on her, and applied it 3 weeks apart.

    Beware of the rip off as this is very expensive and does NOT work!!!!

    I will be changing my flea meds and her Doctor!!!! and I should get my money back…..yea right just another rip off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Welles says:

    My 12lb. cockapoo has had SEVERE negative reaction to Vectra, fever, biting his back and tail, seisure like fits, inability to walk, shivering , wimpering . We have been to the Vet twice, we are going again today for more blood tests! we have washed Benny many times,applied cold packs, called Vectra- it will not stop. I am scared for Benny, Its been 6 days. DO NOT GIVE VECTRA, AND THEY WILL NOT HELP YOU , WITH YOUR DAMAGED DOG. OR PAY FOR ALL THE VET BILLS!

  52. Robyn says:

    My 6 month old, 48 pound Lab/Boxer mix had adverse reactions with Vectra 3D. He almost immediately began pacing around in circles, acted restless, and was panting heavily with his mouth closed. After a few hours of this and trying to figure out what was wrong with him, I thoroughly washed him and he seems to be okay now. I am calling my vet tomorrow to see what other products are available. I do not trust using this product again. I had previously used up the 21-55 lb. package and purchased the next level up because he is still growing. He acted a little funny after each of those applications but it was nothing like he acted after the first time using the 56-95 lb. dose that I applied today.

  53. amanda says:

    Purchased Vectra from our local vet for 3 cats & 1 large dog. Product seemed to work for a few days at which time the fleas came back like ninjas on crack! I vacuum daily and even powder the carpet so no way this should have happened. What a waste of money!!

  54. belinda saunders says:

    Used Vectra on my cat and he now has oral cancer which is not real common in felines. No proof it was Vectra, but after reading horrible stories, I wouldn’t be surprised. Would break my heart to know I applied something to my precious boy that is going to cause him to die. Will NEVER apply to any pet again…..too late for my baby. Why would anyone make such a product???

  55. Lori says:

    tried this on my 85 pound dog today for the first time.. will see how it works. I see thru reading the reviews that the only people having this problem are those with smaller dogs. As anything, it didn’t take a few hours for your dog to get all of these fleas so it certainly needs time to work on your dog.

  56. Dee says:

    We have been using it for two months. The dogs or cats did not have a reaction, but still have fleas. We have even treated the whole house. We were not infested to begin with. I am going to give it one more month, but I am not happy so far. Yes, very expensive.

  57. Trish says:

    Well my 10years old Golden lost most of her hair on her back from this stuff. We are devastated.

  58. Angie says:

    Vectra does work well you are not supposed to put it on a freshly washed dog. They want a dog who has been washed more than 3 days ago as Vectra is spread through their oil glands. You also have to treat your home while you are treating the dogs!! It sometimes takes more than one treatment. Vectra is the newest thing to use as fleas have become resistant to frontline!!

  59. Angie says:

    You may also want to ask your vet about treating the dog with a capstar pill prior to the Vectra! also you guys whose dogs have had reactions you may want to chek the dose your smaller dog was given with the weight of your animal

  60. Con says:

    Just bought Vectra from my vet and used on my mini Yorkie. Had a horrible reaction. Very sensitive to light and sounds. Wont stop running around the house and rubbing her back all over. Then she lays down and wont move. Just gave her a bath and she seems to be improving. Never using this stuff again.

  61. Sam The Corgi says:

    You guys have us scared.

  62. TravlnTexan says:

    Just used Vectra 3D on my two mini schnauzers…will not use this product again. Both dogs began shivering…and the older 23lb threw up in the night. We had switched from Frontline because it didn’t seem to be working. Quite upset when I read that it shouldn’t be used on small dogs…yet it was recommended by the Vet.

  63. Brenda says:

    We have a bad experience of this product on our bichon puppy. We want to alert other pet owners not to use Vectra 3D on their small size dogs and puppies. We applied for the first time Vectra 3D to our 16 weeks old bichon frise puppy as it was recommended to us by our Vet. Our puppy developed side effects and allergic reaction to this medicine. He had loose stools, he was restless, whining & crying a lot, not acting his normal self and he vomited. We gave him a bath and we reported it to our doctor who said that our puppy might have an allergic reaction to Vectra 3D. Now, we noticed that he has some changes in skin color that looks like dark bruises color on the buttocks area, on the head part near the portion of both sides of the ears and dark discoloration around his eyes. We have a very happy and healthy dog and now after his exposure to Vectra 3D we are very worried on the safety and health condition of our puppy.

  64. Andre M. says:

    Does anyone feel Vectra 3D caused vomiting in their dog? First dose given to my 80lb lab eight days ago and she has been acting weird, biting at herself and vomiting intermittently since four days ago. It’s not constant but is definitely worrisome.

  65. Nia says:

    3-17-13 *Included the date b/c I was looking for CURRENT info and didn’t immediately find it.*

    My yorkie poo had the absolute WORST time with this. WE were up and down all night. Finally something told me (and of course I went on-line to confirm) to give him 1/4th of a 10mg Loratadine (Claritin commonly known brand name) tablet that was previously prescribed to me.

    I figured the V-3D caused him to have atopic canine dermatitis and was PRAYERFUL it would help him-since it was 3a.m…. IT WORKED! Be mindful, however, should you decide to give this to your pup you MUST MUST MUST! be sure to give the propoer dosage AND the brand you give does NOT include the decongestant variety of loratadine because it contains pseudoephedrine, which is UNSAFE for dogs. Here’s more info:

    After two days of working on him he is MUCH better. I also rubbed his fur with a dry bar of Lavender/lime/Rosemary soap– he was calmer and smelled good too.

    I’m still going to give him a wash with dawn tomorrow (thank you) followed up by an Oatmeal bath/conditioner. Thankfully he didn’t have fleas to begin with, I THOUGHT I was being proactive– nevertheless I WANT MY$$ back so I’m contacting the manufacturer and NEVER EVER giving him this crud again.

    Hope this helps pup parents out there.


  66. Nora says:

    When I gave my shih tzu mix dog Vectra 3D, his eyes would glaze over for several hours. Then he later he began having seizures. I dropped a little of the Vectra on my wooden counter top, and it burned off the finish. I have stopped using the product. So far no more seizures.

  67. Donna says:

    I bought Vectra I went to another vet to just pick up something and saw the vet was advertising a company special offer for Vectra 3D which I had never heard of. I have 2 Cavaliers, one is 3 yrs- only 13lbs (a mini) and the older one is 6 – and a hefty 26 lbs. I have had no problems whatsoever with Vectra and am very happy with it. I have been using it for about a year. Before the Vectra I had the Bayer product, I think it’s advantage II. I had never had any problems with any pests on the dogs until when they both came in with 3-4 ticks for a few days in row. So as I said I bought the Vectra, by chance, treated the house. and I have never had tick problems again. I assume all of the flea (and tick) products I’ve used took care of fleas in that I’ve have never had any flea problems. My usual product however is Frontline Plus and I never had problems. It seems that while one pet may be affected negatively another may not. We all love our pets and it’s so hard to see them suffer at all.

  68. Ben's mom says:

    Anyone know how this affects children? I am concerned because, although it doesn’t seem to adversely affect our dogs (lab and lab mix), my son is always hugging them and is bound to get some on his skin. If it is toxic to cats/ small dogs, is it safe for kids?

  69. susan says:

    I have a 10lb chi-weenie. Used the dosing for up to 20lbs last month.. applied from shoulder blades to tail base…He rubbed a little on the couch..Nothing more..but was exstreamly greasy for days..I bathed him..Now for the second months app I only used half the application..and upon deeper reading noticed for small dogs I should only put it in a single spot on the shoulder vet didnt tell me this..Still very greasy but not all down his back…Will put a shirt on him before bed…very nervous after reading all the comments on here…but as ive many products out there..and so many dog breeds…some may be allergic to one product while others not..I guess we have to take our chances and keep an eye on our beloved pets in the process..I have not had one flea…just one tick last month..

  70. Megan says:

    Vectra caused my dog to have pain at the application site. HE behaves as though something is crawling on him or biting him and he can’t tolerate even a light touch on his back. Everyone whose dog has had adverse reactions to Vectra should contact the company directly at: Veterinarians are NOT reporting adverse reactions to the company, so the company is not getting any information about these reactions. Permethrin is known to cause “parasthesias” in people and cattle at the site of skin exposure (Hypersensitivity, tingling, pain, crawling sensation, etc.)

  71. Ezra says:

    Having read through the comments the first thing I’d like to note: shame on the commentators critical of pet owners whose dogs (especially shih tzus) that got sick. Vectra is available THROUGH VETERINARIANS ONLY. No client should have to do the research to protect their dogs from devastating consequences when the medicine is labeled (inconspicuously) about these side effects. (invariably some idiot will respond about not doing research, thanks in advance, but that isn’t the point). The veterinarian is ultimately responsible. Shame on your vets. Maybe they don’t recognize your dogs’ breed. Almost all clients report adverse events to their veterinarians and you can bet they are aware. Think about changing vets.

    My other comment: vectra is crap when challenged with fleas. We looked forward to having a product available, not OTC, novel pesticides, etc. extremely disappointed by this lack of performance. While it does seem more effective against ticks than frontline plus, ticks aren’t the only issue.

    Where our clients (including myself) are concerned, vectra makes little appreciable difference with fleas. We are seeing white dogs fur run red from ‘flea dirt’ when flea-combed with a little soapy water.

    We’ve had interesting calls with the manufacturer as well. Call the vet line sometime, they don’t ask for credentials, and ask them about the following if you don’t believe me.

    Per the company, ticks can stay attached as long as 48 hours to a pet that has had multiple, appropriately applied, doses of vectra. It takes a little under 24 hours to contract a tick-born disease.

    They aren’t surprised that a ‘protected’ pet would be covered in fleas.

    You won’t find this information in anything they print or advertise.

    We switched back to frontline plus and immediately noticed a reduction in fleas.

    I sincerely hope whatever you buy works for you, and your pet doesn’t experience any consequences. We all try to do right by our furry people.

    God bless

  72. Paula says:

    My letter to Vectra…..
    I applied Vectra 3D to my Lhasa Apso and Chihuahua and both have had very bad reactions. My Lhasa Apso started running around digging into the couch and rolling around the carpet frantically. He kept scratching and pawing his face so I brought him into the tub and flushed his eyes out with cups of water. He continued to scratch himself like crazy and looked like he completely lost his mind. My Chihuahua also become extremely itchy and kept wining and crying for me to scratch her back. I bathed both of them in a oatmeal bath to try and sooth their skin but it did not work. I gave both of them benadryl and that didn’t work. The next day I bought an anti itch medicated shampoo and bathed them again and gave them more benadryl. My Lhasa started to bite the air like if he was halucinating and his butt is extremely itchy and uncomfortable to the point he can barely walk without sitting down to try to itch it. When I take him for his walks he tries to roll around on the street gravel to relieve his itch its like he’s trying to rip his skin off. I’ve never had this reaction from a flea medicine before and am so upset that my dogs are so uncomfortable. If they don’t feel better tonight I will have to bring them to the vet tomorrow because I am very worried for their health. They are both very healthy and very well taken care of and this product you sell has poisoned my dog!

    • Theresa says:

      Paula, that’s terrible! Was this the first time that you’d used Vectra on them? What did you use before? Are they OK now? Good luck and keep us posted!

    • jocy says:

      wash your dog immediately with dawn dish soap or detergent 3 times a day for a week or until you see your dog isn’t as itchy and you can use bby benadryl or aspirin only give 1/4 of a pill of asprin to your chihuahua . it will help them calm down. make sure to baby sit them and be by there side if they show any more symptoms. the same thing happened to my chihuahua but he is allot better after 2 washed and 1/4 of asprin

  73. jocy says:

    i applied vectra 3d on my 5 yr old yorkie and my 3 year old Chihuahua about 15 mins apart in the evening. by night time my chihuahua rocky woke me up with his constantly itching himself and re positioning himself when i turned the light to see him he was puffy from one side and was biting and itching his whole body. i immediately jumped online to see how to counter this reaction and i found that you need to wash your dog with dawn dish soap or detergent 3 times a day for a week and can give him baby benadryl (i used 1/4 of a asprin wraped in a ham piece since it was 2 am n could not find benadryl but aspirin works great). how ever my yorkie was completely fine but i will be washing him with dawn as well to prevent rocky from getting sick. from doing tons of research online i see that this product either causes itchiness, biting, unusually hyper (or your dog acting like there on drugs), or it can be as bad as seizures dehydration. but my yorkie showed no symptoms if you are thinking about using this product make sure you do it in the morning and baby sit them as soon as they start itching wash them!! if you have multiple dogs and only one has a reaction wash them all!! also dont use if you have a dog and cat it will cause your cat to have deadly symptoms .. hope this helped.
    p.s rocky seems to be alot better after the showers and asprin

  74. vicky says:

    i have a 13 yr old husky, i have always used frontline plus, now that the vets are not selling it because you can buy it anywhere, and of course the vet want to think they have the best. i was sold vectra , i noticed the amount of flea med in the tube is more then others for the same weight, as i applied it to her very thick fur. a few weeks have gone by and i felt a scab on her back, i could not see thru her thick fur to see it real good, could only feel it.. the next morning i looked at her as a hugh clump of fur detached from her back leaving pretty pink skin exposed. after going to the vet and having blood work done and several other test, the vet was very pleased that for her age she is very healthy. so we came to the conclusion the only change that was made was her flea control meds. that could have burned her fur. of course her skin was fine as the liquid never could get past her thick fur to get to the skin. with this i’m voting that it was the vetra that did not agree with her, i will not use it again. to bad we can not post pic’s it would freak you all out.

  75. Janey says:

    We have an apple head, teacup Chihuahua, 15 weeks old, 2.6 lbs. White with cream spots.. our vet recommended Vectra 3D and we bought one month dose for $20.00 … Applied from tail back up to her spine and on her neck… This was around 1:00 pm and by 12:30 am she was throwing up, and my full throttle puppy has no energy and she has never, ever thrown up… I fully trusted our vet, but now I’m thinking I might should bath her, even if it is 1:20 in the morning.. Very disappointed with my vet and the Vectra 3D..

  76. Tina says:

    Thank you to all who have posted their experiences w/this product. I was about to purchase Vectra for my three dogs,(2-pekingese & 1 white shit-zu) in an effort to try a different Flea control other than Frontline. Unfortunately there are not many options out there to choose from, but after seeing all the negative cases reported here i quickly changed my mind & will not risk my pooches safety.

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