Seresto Flea Collar for Dogs Review

A Flea Collar That Fights Both Fleas and Ticks?


There are several different methods for getting fleas and ticks to leave your dog alone, but which one is the best?

We’re going to take a look at the ingredients, warnings, and share information from other users, so you will know exactly how well the product worked for other and what you can expect when you make your purchase.

Company Claims

Seresto Flea Collar for Dogs will do two different things. It will repel fleas and ticks and will kill any currently living on your dog. It does take up to 48 hours for the toxin to spread over your pet, so any ticks should be removed by hand.

The flea collar will last for up to 8 months and will repel both fleas and ticks for the entire time. It is water resistant and will continue to release medication even if it gets wet or dirty. It is odor-free and will not cause harm to your pet, even if they manage to chew on the collar.

Active Ingredients

Seresto Flea Collar for Dogs has two active ingredients:

How this ingredient works

Imidacloprid acts as a neurotoxin in insects, causing them to lose control of their central nervous system. This leads to paralysis and eventual death. It is also slightly toxic to mammals and should only be used on the outside of your dog. It is one of the most widely used insecticides in the world but it is considered moderately toxic when ingested orally.

Flumethrin is similar to Imidacloprid except that it was developed to work on tick instead of fleas. It is nontoxic to mammals and did not show any adverse effects in any of its laboratory studies. It is used in this situation because it also neutralizes the adverse effects from ingesting the previous medication.

Usage Information

The Seresto Flea Collar for Dogs is easy to use. All you do is remove the collar from the bag and place it around the dog’s neck. Adjust the tightness of the collar until two fingers can be inserted under the band.

Snip off any excess collar that may stick out beyond the end of the clip. This prevents other animals from grabbing onto the collar and removing it from your dog.

The collar comes with a breakaway clip that will release if it is every caught on another obstacle. This prevents your dog from chocking on the collar and allows them to escape without harm.

What Are Users Saying

The reviews for this product are pretty terrible. Many people reported finding ticks even after the initial 48 hour waiting period. There were even reports of animals getting flea infestations after only one or two months of wearing the collar.

All of the reviews were negative regarding the effectiveness with ticks. Some animals even developed chemical burns on their necks after wearing the collar for a few days.

Side Effects and Precautions

Some of the side effects of the Seresto Flea Collar for Dogs include itchy skin, redness, swelling and intense scratching around the collar. Some dogs even had problems with red eyes after the first few days, which disappeared when the collar was removed.


There is no way we could recommend the Seresto Flea Collar for Dogs because, according to the people who have used the collar, it doesn’t work. Normally, a few negative reviews are expected for any product, but having only negative reviews shows that a product is probably not the best investment.

If you need to keep fleas and ticks away from your dogs, there are safer and more effective products available.

If you’ve used this product, please tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

3 Responses to “Seresto Flea Collar for Dogs Review”
  1. Scott says:

    I have been using the Seresto collar on my 12 year old and 3 1/2 year old dogs (Labradors)since June 6th 2013. In that time each dog has developed diarrhea and my older dog has been near death in the emergency vet clinic all weekend at great expense mind you with severe vomiting and diarrhea.

    I’m not saying it is the Seresto collar but neither dog is known to eat foreign objects or dead animals as they are in a fenced enclosure. For precaution I am taking them off it. The similarity and timing of their symptoms is no coincidence I believe.

    • Melissa says:

      No Coincidence Scott,

      The same is happening to my two year old Golden Retriever. I put the collar on her two weeks ago and she started having the same symptoms. I took it off, bathe her and gave her bland diet and she returned to normal. I called bayer when this happened and they said that this couldn’t happen. There could have been other variables- berries growing in back yard that could have caused it. I waited until a few days ago and put it back on. the same symptoms started to happen again. Called Bayer back and got a refund.

  2. Cindy W says:

    I started using this flea collar about a month ago and my 5lb Chihuahua is now a very sick dog. 3 weeks ago he had 4 very strange seizures. Strange as he’d come out of them immediately, no sluggishness, nothing. This morning he lost his bladder, his legs don’t want to hold him up and he’s not eating. He’s taking water from me through a syringe, quite a lot thank goodness. One of those chemicals used is the same used in nicotine and can cause seizures in dogs. I had him a the Vet 3 weeks ago and his physical was normal, his blood work better than normal. It stumped the doctor. Needless to say he no longer has the collar on, I’ve washed his neck with Dawn, (he got pretty annoyed with me….that’s a good thing!), and he’s resting. I’m retired, fixed income etc, so no Vet again until Monday when I get paid. The last visit was about $500 and out of money. And scared.

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