First Shield Trio for Dogs Review

First Shield Trio

First Shield Trio is a monthly flea, tick, and mosquito control product for dogs.

It is a private label treatment made by Summit VetPharm and carried exclusively in Banfield Pet Hospitals but is sold as Vectra 3D in the public sector.

First Shield Trio is a treatment that is applied to a dog topically between the shoulder blades once each month.

About First Shield Trio for Dogs

Using dinotefuran, permethrin and pyriproxyfen as its active ingredients, First Shield Trio claims to kill ticks, flea pupae, larvae and adult fleas, effectively interrupting all stages of the flea life cycle. Approximately 96% of fleas will be killed within the first 6 hours after application and the treatment will remain effective after bathing and swimming.

First Shield Trio also repels and kills ticks that can cause Lyme disease, erlichiosis and anaplasmosis.

What Are Users Saying?

Customer reviews of this product are mixed. Many users love First Shield Trio and claim that it’s the best flea product that they’ve ever used while others claim that it doesn’t work at all. The biggest concern though is the fact that it’s toxic to cats and has some disturbing side effects reported by a small but significant portion of small dog owners.

Side Effects

Reported side effects include itching, muscle spasms, lethargy, loss of appetite, drooling, seizures, vomiting, diarrhea, labored breathing, lack of bodily coordination, elevated temperature and even in a few rare cases, death.

Reviewers who have noted these side effects also reported needing to take their pet to see a veterinarian after the side effects continued or worsened. A few pet owners reported that their veterinarians classified these symptoms as an allergic reactions, while others were identified as poisonings.

Reviewers did note that the product’s applicator is easy to open and handle. Each package includes calendar stickers for owners to be used as a reminder for tracking when their pet’s next dosage is due to be applied. A minority of reviews were found to be in favor of this product, and these pet owners felt that the product worked well, was sold at a reasonable price, and did not cause any detrimental side effects.


Several reviewers report that their pets experienced a permethrin poisoning as a result of applying First Shield Trio. A number of pet owners have also complained that while their pet did not experience any side effects, the product was not effective and did not prevent flea infestations. It is also important to note that the ingredient permethrin is toxic to cats, and First Shield Trio should not be applied to or come in contact with cats. The First Shield product line offers a separate treatment specifically designed for flea treatment in cats.

Overall, while First Shield Trio did receive some good reviews, it appears that it’s hazardous to cats and possibly small dogs and its health risks may outweigh any positive feedback, at least for that population.

99 Responses to “First Shield Trio for Dogs Review”
  1. Banfield The Pet Hospital says:

    Banfield chose to recommend the FirstShield™ line of products as our preferred preventive because of qualities such as a faster ability to kill fleas without needing them to bite the Pet. It also protects against a broader spectrum of parasites. There are several different types of flea preventives available on the market, and each one works in a slightly different manner. We feel that the decision on which flea or tick prevention is used should be a collaboration between you and your veterinarian, in order to help select the most appropriate product. As with many products applied to a Pet’s skin, there is the potential for your dog to experience irritation during or after the application, although this and other reactions are not very common. If you feel that your Pet is experiencing irritation or a reaction to the product, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible. Please gives us a call if you have any questions or if we can help.

    • gh says:

      DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT! They have a new applicator that leaks everywhere. It’s a new special applicator that you press together and it opens the needle. Ya, it works but it also leaks all over. It got everywhere on my hands, the dogs coat and the floor and of course our 2 labs started licking it off like any dog would do. One has become sick due to it. I will be contacting the Atty General about this terrible product. Buy a flea and tick collar, they work just as well and are not nearly as toxic. Oh, by the way. Their own instructions state that this product is so toxic, that if any is left in the bottle you can’t even throw it in the garbage. You have to drop it off at a hazardous drop off site. Wow! Never again!

      • Bob says:

        Either your packaging was defective or you did it wrong. We just used two tubes on my dogs and didn’t have any leakage.

      • Jaz says:

        I don’t know what to think of this product, honestly. I used it on my two dogs for the first time about 2 mos ago. I didn’t notice any bad reactions initially. In fact it seemed to help my little 11 yr old JR/Beagle mix. She had some pretty bad skin stuff going on and scratched constantly. It seemed like it took a cpl days but we saw improvement. The second time I used first sheild trio our pit/shepard/boxer mix 19 month old puppy three up, didn’t want to 31st and was lethargic. I kept an eye on her and she got better but now old what’s going on. She’s biting her butt like crazy. Old of it’s related or not but Im going to stop using this product after reading all the bad reviews. Don’t want to take any chances with my babies.

    • Marilee says:

      I do not like this product as it seems too many dogs got sick after using it. Banfield should not be selling this.

  2. Gary says:

    The product is not effective. Three days after application the dog had more fleas.

  3. pissed at banfield says:


    I purchased first shield for my dogs at banfield after they no longer carried the others. It has been the worst experience for me and almost killed 1 of the 3 dogs as permethrin is toxic. When i first applied they were crying and rolling around on the ground like mad.. like it was burning them.. which now when i look back and it was. They never have had any reaction to others flea/tick like this one. Not to mention the worst part of it is that they all caught Cheyletiellosis while being on this horrible stuff. They have been suffering for months because of lying people just trying to make a buck. WARNING DO NOT USE!!

  4. joann says:

    Just got my daughter her 1st puppy and was told by bandfield that first sheild is the best and most effective. it has been 3 days from the first application and i noticed that he is still itching and has now started twitching? im very concerned and will be contactin g them tomorrow after reading all the reviews (98% of them being bad)

  5. Roger says:

    This product is the main reason I discontinued my Banfield Optimum Wellness plan. Everybody in the veterinary industry knows that Frontline & Advantage has the best track record of being effective and little to no side effect. Everything else (especially those containing pyrethrin and permethrin) are poison.

    Any practicing vet who recommends these product is not to be trusted.

  6. Shawn says:

    We used FirstShield Trio on our dog and it killed the fleas. However, we did notice the itching after the application of the product. It has lasted for about a week but has slacked off over the last few days.

  7. Mary says:

    I purchased this product for all four of my dogs and one cat. I had the same experience as the comment above from Gary. My animals had more fleas than ever. I will not purchase this product again, nor would I recommend it to anyone.

  8. matt says:

    i am sorry for your dogs skin, to everyone… my story is how i was talked into buying first shield trio. i was using advantix and did not have a problem with it. banfield started pimping FIRSTSHIELD and they told me it was the same. NO, IT IS NOT!!!
    my dog is 100 lbs and i put it on at night. the next day the spots where i put the med was still wet! i saw spots all over my HOME THEATER, TV STAND, etc. THIS CRAP ATE THE PLASTIC, METAL, AND WOOD finish!!!!!!!!!! no wonder it is BURNING SKIN!!!! i am down THOUSANDS of dollars. i guess my dog shook and got it all over my electronics. i called the makers and complained, wrote to the BBB, and i am still waiting for SCHUYLER, LLC to get back to me….. yeah satisfaction guaranteed, what a joke

  9. Daisy says:

    I purchased this item because Frontline had begun to lose its effectiveness. I didn’t expect it to work very well, but I was surprised. I applied it to all three dogs last week and wasn’t expecting it to work on my Havanese, but it did. She is my most sensitive dog and after one week, she still has had no adverse reaction. I am so happy. I hope this product continues to work. Now my Havanese can sleep more peacefully through the night and so can I. Thanks so much!

  10. marie says:

    bad experience with banfield no not use first trio for your dogs may be very harmful and banfield would not do nothing for me. dog continusially itched and they still had fleas after 2 weeks

  11. sabrina says:

    I used firstshield trio for the first time on my 7 pound chihuahua after I asked many questions at Banfield and they reassured me it’s agood/safe product.After I applied it she started having muscle tremors in her head.I gave her a bath 6 hours later thinking it would help and it didn’t.Took her to the vet and they gave us muscle relaxors and to bathe her in dawn dish soap.It helped her sleep as ahe continued having remors.Took her back to the vet 4 days later and now we are still taking the pills and trying benadryl.She still has it but not as bad.I called firstshield and they tell me it’s not realted to their product to take her back to the vet to get x-rays and blood work. I know it’s related she has never done this and I’ve always used advantage and never had any problems.I am so mad at myself for trying firstshields and how can they continue to sell a product that is harmful to dogs.PLEASE SAVE YOUR DOG FROM HARM AD DON’T USE FIRSTSHIELD. Has anyone filed a complaint with first shields and what was the outcome?

  12. Oksana says:

    Pissed is not the word! After giving my yorkie poo firstshield trio I was up for 2 days watching her scratch herself senseless! Had to go to the vet because I was so worried. Shame on Banfield For endorsing such a product! How many animals do you have to poison before you take this product off the market. Anyone reading this please note:DO NOT USE!

  13. Stacy says:

    I am devistated !!!! Banfield is responsible for my dog’s death! They pushed the firstshield trio and told me what a great product it is and that the side effects were minimal if any.I watched my dog suffer after using this product.One week after using this product…I had to put my dog to sleep from this POISON!!! STAY AWAY FROM BANFIELD AND FIRSTSHIELD TRIO !!!!!!

  14. amy says:

    I used this on both my dogs and they have had serious skin conditions ever since. Their skin is coming off in sheets. This was used in October and has not cleared up since. DO NOT USE. I can see it maybe happening to one dog, but 2?
    Have spent several hundreds of dollars trying to fix this, and there seems to be no end in site. I cant believe someone is actually selling something that will poison my pups!

  15. Nonah says:

    I put FirstShield on my Yorkie since I went to Banfield and they told me Frontline doesnt work. So I switched to FirstShield cause the doctor said it works so much better then Frontline and has no side affects. LIES!!! I went to work and my mom called me about 4 hours after I applied it saying that he keeps rubbing his back on the stairs like crazy and when he walks his back legs just all the sudden give out on him. I am very upset that they would continue to sell this product to people. Hopefully if enough people complain about they will stop selling it.

  16. mk says:

    our 35 lb dog had a bad reaction, severe itching & agitation & he was very uncomfortable. took 4 days to subside. am returning the remaining 5 mo to our vet for refund & would not recommend this product to anyone! wished we’d never switched from Frontline, it was hard to see him so miserable. spent $80 at emergency vet – we had gone out of town the day after using this product. :(

  17. Use Frontline!!!!!!! says:

    I’ve had many animals in my lifetime, and I’ve always used Frontline. I took my new puppy to banfield, and they insured me that the firstshield trio was the exact same make up as Front line. I bathed my puppy when I got home, and applied the medicine the following day. Within a week, my puppy had a tick. I have only had him out in my grassy backyard, and was a little disturbed on how poorly the product works. I called the hotline for Schuyler, and the vet tech didn’t seem to have anything logical to say to me. I will never use this product again, and I’m a little disappointed that Banfield pushes this product and swears its the same make up as Frontline/Advantage. It’s no where close. You get what you pay for!

  18. Dionne says:

    I have a black Lab and fortunately I haven’t had any of the experiences I have read about. I was previously using Hartz but stopped using it because my dog would scratch all the time and would run away and hide when it was time to apply it; he also hated the smell. Although he hates the feeling of liquid moving over his body, he hasn’t had any issues with parasites and I take him to my town’s state park quite frequently to walk and run around for hours at a time.

  19. stephanie says:

    I was given first shield by banfield, but after reading reviews, decided not to use it. but relating to sabrina’s post — i think they believe xrays and bloodwork is the cure for everything. our puppy had her shots two days before throwing up 10 times so we rushed her to the vet and i kept asking if it was a reaction to the shots and not once did the vet say it could have been a reaction. we knew she didn’t eat anything bad and she is never out of our sight. turns out, some dogs can have reactions or side effects up to three days after shots. as i was checking out after our emergency, i asked two different vet techs if they use first shield on their dogs, they said that they did but now they use a different brand. I wonder why their vet techs that try to sell the product aren’t even using first shield? after all of this, i’ve decided i’m switching vets immediately.

  20. donna says:

    I have been using firstshield trio since 2010, my poor little shihtzu who i rescued has really bad allergies and is especially allergic to fleas. I have not had any issues with this product and all three of my dogs use it. They are happy and healthy and my shihtzu hasn’t had a flea in site. As far as poisoning goes there is nothing that we use that doesn’t have possible side effects READ THE LABELS!!!I am a very devoted owner and wouldn’t settle for anything less when it comes to my babies.

  21. ivan says:

    I’ve been using this product since i got my border collie puppy at the age of 3 months, he’s had no problems, he’s had 2 ticks but they were dead when i took them out, i think it’s an ok product in my opinion.

  22. jean says:

    Wow…I wish I read the reviews before I put this stuff…First Shield…on my dog. I applied it approximately 48 hours ago and my poor dog is still scratching frantically. My dog is 9 years old. He’s only had fleas 3 times in 9 yrs thankfully. We went to Banfield for a check up 2 weeks ago and I’m sure that’s where he got them. When my dog was young I used to apply Frontline or Advantix during the summer months only. He is very sensitive to any flea applications and acts skidish and slinks nervously around the house after application. So I stopped applying it for many years. He didn’t have fleas so I felt it was doing more harm then good. Well, after applying FirstShield I knew he was going to be sick for a day but this morning he was still scratching and is doing it right now as I type. So now what? You can’t apply anything else for a month. I will never buy this product again. I’m very disappointed!

  23. Lorri says:

    THANK YOU to all of you for taking the time to write your comments. My husband passed away about 6 months ago and looking through some medicine stuff I found the First Shield Trio for our 65lb Lab. – thank goodness I read the reviews with my 8 year old daughter…because we now realize this is NOT the product to be putting on our animal. Now I know why my husband never used it as he researched everything…only question remaining is why he didn’t throw it away! AGAIN, THANKS to all of you for taking the time to share these stories and save another poor dog from misery and possible death!!! Stacy I am sorry to hear about your dog!!! This is making me re-think where I need to be taking my dogs.

  24. Tanya says:

    We got First Shield at Banfield and my dog STILL HAS FLEAS!!!! WHenever he returns from being outside, he has fleas! Unbelieveable! I don’t get it. No flea should want to be on him so apparently this stuff just does not work period.

  25. Stephanie says:

    I thankfully have not had any bad experiences with use First Shield except one…it ate away the dye on my leather couch! Aside from that, I have used First Shield for the first time on my 2 cats and 2 dogs and thankfully have not experienced any negative problems. It actually worked quite well. I had tried many other products before with no success. One of my cats had so many fleas that I thought I would have to resort to those expensive vet recommended flea pills that cost an arm and a leg. And I felt horrible because no matter what I tried, nothing worked. And he is so sensitive to just about everything. But I decided to try the First Shield because it had worked so well for my mothers’ dogs with no complications. And it dried up relatively quickly. After only about a day and a half or so you can’t even tell that I applied anything, aside from my pets not scratching themselves like crazy. I’m very happy with the product aside from my expensive couch being damaged. I would recommend that they add the possible topical side effects as well as to keep your pet off of any furniture until the product dries. I do hope that First Shield does right the wrongs done to other pets and their parents from poor advertisement, and our hearts do go out to all those that did suffer from this or any other product.

    • Cheryl says:

      I’m glad it worked for you, but I wanted to warn you that one of its first ingredients is poisonous to cats and should not be used on them.

  26. Brianna says:

    I went to Banfield to get my regular frontline flea medicine. They told me that they no longer carried it and had something even better. So I spent the money and brought it home and applied it to my 7 lb cat and 22 lb cat. As soon as the applicator snapped open and the cats could smell it, they freaked out. I thought nothing out and applied anyways. The next day, they weren’t eating anything and were constantly itching at their necks. After trying to find out what was wrong, I came across all the reviews on this horrible product. I called my vet right away and told her what was happening. She told me to bathe them in a very mild cat shampoo and keep an eye on them. While I was washing them, I noticed little bald patches where the chemical was applied. I’m just glad I got it off before it became an actual chemical burn. Now I have to see if they will start eating again. Never ever, no matter what, purchase Firstshield! If you’re desperate for flea relief go with Advantage and always consult your Vet! Don’t make the same mistake many of us did.

  27. alex says:

    I used firstshield trio for the first time on my husky after I asked many questions at Banfield and they reassured me it’s agood/safe product.After I applied it she started having muscle tremors in her head. It has been the worst experience for me and almost killed my dog as permethrin is toxic. When i first applied they were crying and rolling around on the ground like mad.. like it was burning them…Don’t use firstshield trio …this is Poison!!!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Horrible! Both of my dogs of different breeds had negative reactions to this medication. They were both jumpy, having muscle spasms, and whining.

  29. Jo says:

    DO NOT USE!!!! I used First Shield Trio on my 4 year old goldendoodle and within and hour she was bleeding from the spots where the treatment had been placed. It’s like it “ate” right through her skin. I quickly gave her a bath and took her to our Vet and our vet hadn’t even heard of some of the active ingredients in first shield and was shocked when I showed her the pictures of my dogs back. I am thankful I caught it early and was able to wash it off. Hearing stories of others who have lost a dog from first shield breaks my heart. Please don’t even risk it, there are other options out there. I regret not researching this product before I used it.

  30. Santee says:

    I used firstshield on my 2 year old morkie. Its only been 24hrs and the only thing he has been doing is scratching. The scent of the product is annoying. He sleeps beside me and the smell gave me a bad headache. The smell is so strong that it seems like I can taste it in my mouth. I have never had this problem with frontline. If I’m this annoyed from the smell I can only imagine what he going threw from having it directly on him. I will not use this product again.

  31. Fran says:

    I am so pissed at myself for not checking on this medication first and reading your blogs. My 9wk old has suffered since I put it on him. Threw up, didnt eat I took him back to banfield who suggested it to me. He now rubs up against everything and whimpers. I plan on taking him to another vet. One who cares!

  32. Manny says:

    I have a 5 month old boxer pup. He has been on FirstShield since I put him on Banfield’s Wellness Plan. The first time I applied it on him, he woke me at 3:00am with non-stop vomiting for 45 minutes. Then he started shaking non-stop for another 20 minutes. The second time I apllied it nothing happened. The third time I applied it he went nuts trying to rub it everywhere to take it off. He started salivating, he was restless and couldn’t lay down or stand up. He was like this for a good hour and a half and then it went away. I noticed that this time around he is scratching a lot more also. He doesn’t have fleas but he may have irritated skin. I will no longer expose my puppy to this product. I also have him on the FirstShield Heartworm preventive but I think I will take him off of this as well.

  33. Angie says:

    I am so upset. My dog got three shots a month ago and I applied the First Shield Trio after that night at around 1 am my dog broke out into Hives. I took gin to the emergency room and the vet said it must have been an allergic reaction to the shots. I am beginning to believe it was the First Shield after reading these reviews. I just applied the First Trio on my pup and began to think what if this was the cause of the reaction. So I cleaned it off with puppy wash cloths and bathed him 30 minutes later hopefully this will stripped the product away! I am scared to use this I don’t want to hurt my puppy.

  34. Jamie says:

    Okay, my Jack Russell NEVER had fleas- we just moved to va beach- and he got from a cat that live in the house- Banfield recommended Firstshield Trio- but after reading all the comments- and two out 38 are NEGATIVe- i am hesitant to use it on my dog; especially when he has very sensitive skin. Thanks for all your comments.

  35. Robin says:

    My 3 year old yorkshire terrier had a first trio treatment 3 days ago. I will never use this product again! My dog is having terrible muscle spasms and weeping. She hasn’t slept the last 2 nights at all. I feel so bad. Her skin is very red and irritated. We gave her a bath with dawn dish soap. That seemed to help temporarily. I took her to an emergency vet in the middle of the night. The emergency vet gave her a shot of benedryl and told us to give her a half a pill of benedryl every 8 hours starting the next day. I wondering how long it will take for her condition to improve. I feel so bad for my poor baby. I’m seriously considering cancelling my Banfield plan. I’m livid! I love my dog. It kills me to see her in such pain.

  36. Barb says:

    I just purchased this product for 3 dogs and 3 cats. Little did the girl at the vet tell me that cats can DIE from this medication. My cats grom themselves, eachother, and the dogs.(Thanks for telling me, Thats why I cant used K-9 A) Now we are 3 days later and my animals are still itching, they stopped for a day and then they started to itch again. Ive used other products on the market and all the top brands killed fleas within 24 hours. I looked at my 150lb dog last night and he now has these fat looking pockets in his leg and cant walk. Its not broken he can move it and sometimes stand on it. I am two days away from leaving for vacation and I dont know if it is because of this medication or not. It was the only thing I recently introduced. I gave him Benadryl last night and this morning he seems to feel better but his leg is still swolen. I paid $102 for 1 month supply. i could have went to 1800 pet meds and bought a 3 months supply for all my babies for $200. What a rip off. Now I have to take my baby to the vet and it def will not be Banfield and after reading this blog I will never use this product again. Im so pissed!

  37. Lisa says:

    I have used first shield trio (vectra 3D) on all 3 of my rescued Pits, a rescued papillion, a weimeareiner, and 2 boston terriers for about 2 years now with no problems. They have always rubbed any topical on floors, furniture, and outside grass after application. This is a natural thing because they don’t like the liquid on them. I have had no fleas or ticls and I use all year because of weird weather patterns. I travel all over the country with my dogs. I did switch to trifexis for fleas and heartworms in a pill form but haf bad ticks, so wasn’t good for me. I will use interceptor for hworms and I will continue to use Vectra 3D for my flea and tick control. If my babie do experience any adverse side effect I will take them off it immeditely but so far so good. I am sorry to those who had serious problems and especially those that lost their little furbabies because of adverse reactions.

  38. john t says:

    it has taken streaks of dye out of my leather furniture where dog lays.

  39. Nancy says:

    I put this on my shih tzu last night and 20 minutes later she was throwing up, rubbing her neck on me and started drooling excessively. I washed it off but she had tremors and what may have been minor seizures during the night. I called banfield this morning an they told me this product was not systemic and could not have caused this reaction. It seems they tell this lie to everyone. Today she is having minor tremors and won’t leave my side.
    BTW – FirstShied is a Banfield product.

  40. Candy says:

    I was told to put it on from the butt up towards back,not between the shoulder blades. I have never had any problems. Switched from frontline, because when my dog’s play they always grab each other by the neck. My concern was there breath smelled like the product(frontline)so they had to be ingesting it. They have all been on Firstshield Trio from the moment Banfield started to sell it. I’m very thankful that I haven’t had any of the issuse’s so many of you had.

  41. Sheila says:

    DO NOT risk it. Used the First Sheild Trio on our 10 week old Min Pin. She started yelping as it was applied. Then she broke into a full on yelping fit for over an hour before alternating between exhaustion and yelping like all her bones were broken. She was also running a temp. Finally typed in product name on google just to find the first page full of complaints. Washed it off and she began to show signs if feeling better. Over 16 hours later and she’s still lethargic, whiny and not eating well. Hope all side effects will finally wear off soon. Will not use again and plan to spread the word!

  42. Amber says:

    I have never had a problem (knock on wood) with firstshield. It works very well and it does come a few days shy of the month but that is fine i would over lap by a few days no matter what i was using. My vet at benfield i have two are very nice and have not told me anything that wasnt true for i know. then agian im not the vet they are, I would never change my vet nor would i change the firstshield. the only way it would if it lost it touch like other fleas meds have

  43. Debbie says:

    I am very very upset!!! My 4mo American Bulldog is fighting this one out. After applying the treatment, he has experience vomiting, loss of appetite, lethargy, breathing issues, etc… he’s in the clear on most of those issues… BUT he has large patches of skin irritations down his back, the leasions drain nasty puss (which smells terrible). We have contacted Banfield and the manufacturer without any satisfactory explainations. I really wish I would have done my research first. I thought I was doing the right thing by taking the advisment of the staff at Banfield verses purchasing an off the shelf flea treatment. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!!!!

  44. John says:

    I used First Shield on my dog and it worked great. I switched to comfortis which my Banfield recommends if you don’t have a tick problem. Because I was told with any topical if you don’t wash your dog in a detergent free shampoo it will wash it off. I found Comfortis to work better too. But, stay away from Frontline it doesn’t work! I read reactions to comfortis too. I guess with any meds pets are like people and can cause reactions

  45. Marlene says:

    My 5 year old Bichon is 20#’s, at 5 PM today I gave her First Shield Trio for dogs 1# to 20#’s so I thought it would be safe for her. I just noticed she had fleas yesterday. She is acting very strange, shr is pacing and seems unable to relax. She seems to be having an anxiety attack. This is POISON!

  46. Diana says:

    My son used First Shield on his cat and dog with no adverse reactions…still using it and it works. I bought it for my 2 dogs and 3 cats, no adverse reactions and killed the fleas. Since Frontline and Advantix did not work on my sensitive to fleas cat and dog, this product has worked great. I will continue to use it on all of my dogs and cats until………….

  47. Courtney says:

    Wow. I have used this product twice, on my three dogs (maltese, yorkie, and shih tzu). They haven’t had any kinds of problems with it, but the amount of you who have is absolutely staggering. My dogs may not have had short-term problems, but as toxic as this medicine is, I’m sure they would have developed long-term problems had I continued to use this medicine. Thank you all so much for being willing to share your story- especially to those of you who lost your little ones. My heart breaks for you. Thank you for speaking out- who knows how many dogs will be saved because people read your stories and don’t use FirstShield as a result. God bless you.

  48. Jass says:

    We just got a toy poddle about a month ago now, he’s 15weeks old now. Any way, my mom took him to the vet to get his shots and to get some flee medicine. I applied this med two days ago and he is still itching like crazy!!! What can I do besides rub him everytime he walks up to me calm him down??????? He just looks SOOOO misable and it’s NOT cool nor fair to him!If he passed away over this crap, i’m sueing!

  49. Ashley says:

    I’m sooo glad I read this before putting this on my puppy. Banfield gave me this First Shield Trio to use on my 3lb 12wk old pomchi! Seriously…it would’ve probably killed her because of how little and young she is… just disgusts me…..Banfield is AWFULL! This is only one of MANY problems they have given me…..

  50. Coco says:

    Tried FirstShield Trio for my dog and all went well! So sorry to hear all the bad reactions you had on this product but it did work for my pet. I used to give him K9 Advantix as they both have the same ingredients…”Permethrin”. I believe all dog flea medications have this chemical.

  51. ANNIE says:

    I treated my shih tsu puppies with First Shield following very careful review of the instructions at Banfield. The first one seemed to do ok except for some itching periodically, which is still going on 24 hours later. The second dosed puppy was not even given the full dose as part of it shot out on the paper towel when I was attempting to open the container. This was not a problem…However, we were in for a rough night.

    Our little “Buster,” itched, cried, & whimpered ALL NIGHT LONG! As one of the other reviewers stated, it was like he had been BURNED! At 4AM I was up giving him a dry shampoo bath while trying to comfort him to the best of my ability. He hasn’t left my side all day & still cries & bites at the area (he can’t reach)…

    My husband is ill & the puppies have brought so much joy into our home during a difficult time for us…This is a very sad commentary & I am truly sorry I didn’t research this prior to application. The company(ies) manufacturing & distributing this product should be duly punished for the heart-wrenching experiences & adverse reactions these poor pets & their owners have experienced. This is unconscienable & absolutely unacceptable!!!
    I sighned them up for the vaccination plan…Now having BIG TIME REGRETS!!!

  52. Lou says:

    Well just put this stuff on my shih tzu. was actually looking up to see how long before i bath her. Banfield told me 2 weeks…thought that was strange. I came across this article and let me tell you that explained why my puppy was soo sleepy all day the first day i put it on her. and her area where i put it on her hair is still oily looking after one day. well i will be bringin this back. and sticking to advantage or frontline..thanks for all the heads up…

    • keli808 says:

      just put this on my shitz tsu! I am freaking out! Its been an hour and I am wondering if I should try to wash this off to minimize possible side effect.

  53. Jo says:

    They applied it to my chiweennie yesterday at the vet and I put it on our other dog when I got home, still itching but not as bad

  54. Wendy says:

    I used Frontline for my dog –for years. That worked. Then she started getting bit by mosquitos. The Banfield Vet told me to use Advantage –b/c it helps with the mosquitos. I did. No problem. I’ve had my dog for almost 6 years and have never, ever seen any fleas or ticks on her. I used Firstshield Trio when Banfield told me it was the Advantage equivalent. Paid a ton of money for it. Applied it May 17th. Yesterday (May 31st) my daughter and I found fleas on my dog. I called Banfield. They said to reapply another does if it has been 3 weeks. Today is June 1st so I’m a little shy of three weeks. I reapplied another dose. That was 8 hours ago. She is itching like crazy. I’ve found about a dozen fleas on her. Her skin is raw from scratching and biting where the fleas are striking. It is just awful. I realize this past winter was warmer than usual. However, I’ve NEVER had a problem with Frontline OR Advantage. Tomorrow I will go to Banfield and demand my money back and then buy my dog Advantage. I’m so disgusted. Topping it off –my daughter and I both got chewed up. She got hives and had to go on steriods. I’m pretty sure these were from flea bites. I am getting bit even when I”m not outside. UGH!

  55. Raquel says:

    I have a maltepoo and weighs 22 lbs. I took her to the vet because I though her vulva was swollen and the vet said she was fine. Since she was fine I decided to have the Firstshild adminiter to her and I when I got her home she fell asleep and I noticed some of the oil from the firstshied was on the bedspread. I didn’t think much of it but later in the evening my dog was scratching and rubbing against anything she could find like crazy she had a big red spot where the firstshield was applied. She also was vomitting white foam. I called the emergency hotline and they said to bathe her with Dawn. Has kept me up at night for the past two days. It has been three days and she’s still not the same cannot sleep well and now she’s developed an ear infection on the same side of the red spot. will be taking her to the vet to have them take a look. I will never use this product again. I just hope that my dog will be okay.

  56. Beau... PLEASE READ!!! says:

    I know this is a little lengthy, please bare with me…
    I would like to address the complaints I read regarding this medication. Please notice that 99% of the complaints, not just on this site, about First shield Trio are coming from people who own dogs of a small bread. The main active ingredient is a very potent one. Hence why smaller breads have trouble. Yes there are some complaints from larger breads, but like people some dogs are going to be allergic to different things. Banfield should most definitely share this with their patients, however, this will not happen due to it being their own premier medication. This is a different issue entirely.
    The second most popular issue appears to be people saying they have been using the product for a month, and that they still have a flea problem. Someone has mentioned this, but fleas are not just on your dog. They are in your home, car, etc. If you are only treating your dog, then it is going to take a few months at LEAST for the medicine to eliminate the fleas in your home, car, etc. Treat the other areas, once in the beginning, as well for a faster result.
    The third main issue I read is that it takes a long time to dry. This is unfortunately very true. To completely dry it can take up to 24 hours. This is definitely a draw back. I apply in the morning, on a day where I can watch her, and by the next morning it is dry. Why do I do this when there are other options that dry faster?
    I have a 55 pound American Staffordshire Terrier, or American Pitbull Terrier, and I used to use front-line. She would have flea itches occasionally, and this should be expected as the fleas must bite in order to die. I switched to First Shield Trio for this reason. My dog, Skyla, has been using it for 1 and a half years, and after having to deal with a single day out of my month to watch her and keep her from rubbing on things, she has ZERO and I mean ZERO flea issues. We play outside everyday, and I take her to the dog park once a week as well. It works extremely well!!! It works extremely well for larger breeds that is. If you have a dog 45-50 pounds or heavier, PLEASE do not let these reviews deter you from trying this medication. Watch him or her the first time to make sure there are no adverse allergic reactions, and I am supremely confident that you will find that the product works phenomenally well.

  57. Sam says:

    This stuff does not work! It claims to kill fleas without them having to bite the dog, but my mixed puppy has had fleas for the past 2 months despite regular applications. Also my older lab mix, has a horrible rash on his belly and we are not sure whether it is from fleas or the medicine. I would NOT suggest this product and after hearing the horror story reviews I know we will discontinue it’s use. Also, the number for more info is unhelpful. I still can’t believe they would sell a product that has hurt so many animals.

  58. Emily says:

    My 8 week old Malamute was infested with Deer ticks! I first tried Revolution which didn’t seem to do much, so I got First shield from Banfield. I was a little worried it wouldn’t work because all the negative comments on here, but surprisingly I haven’t found 1 tick after 24-48 hours! I think it may have stung a little when i applied it and her skin turned a little pink after and she has been itching still, but it was definitely worth the risk for me because I was desperate to get rid of those nasty ticks!

  59. tracie says:

    DO NOT USE!! I tried it on my 6 mo. Chiweenie. He was a very healthy playful dog before. Banfield hospital recommended it. After about 4 hours after application he started acting weird. Very agressive, going crazy, biting. He bit me for the first time since I had him. He started vomiting and had diarrhea. He started acting frantically and running from me. My dog loves me. He usually follows me everywhere. Now he is afraid of me? I knew something was very wrong. He started rolling around and rubbing his back against things as if it were burning him. He also still has fleas. I called banfield and of course they say they have never heard of these reactions to first shield. They told me to bring back in so they could run test, which would cost me. They are all about money. They don’t care about your pet. I am monitoring if he doesn’t get better I am taking him through emergency. FIRST SHIELD IS NOT GOOD FOR YOUR DOG!!

  60. April says:

    I got First Shield from Banfield too (Euless, TX). Fleas came back after treatment, within days. Treated a 2nd time just 2 weeks after the first, fleas came back again. Took the dog to the groomer – the groomer said that she had the worst flea infestation she has ever seen on dog that was being treated. She also said, “Whatever you’re using, stop using it immediately. It’s feeding the fleas, not killing them” I am very disappointed that Banfiled sold me this stuff.

  61. Lauren says:

    I wish I had read the reviews before I applied First Shield Trio on my Yorkie poo. I trusted Banfield but never again. This product had my yorkie poo on fire. he was scratching uncontrollable. I washed him after two days because he was racing through the house trying to scratch everywhere. I tried to consult Banfield who sold me the product and at first they would not see me then upon constant calling they saw him

    Bottom Line: DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT !!!

  62. Marie says:

    I’m extremely upset at Banfield. Have three dogs and to cats and they are all on the wellness plans. I have a pomeranin with alot of issues one of them respiratory. I’ve always given my dogs comforts then 2 months ago was no longer able to get it except through their mail order which I did. The next month I went in 1 week before they were due and was told comfortis was not available at all. I was then sold the FirstShield and was told it was just like Frontline Plus and was safe! I put it on my dogs last night and I was nauseated all night. Woke up t 2 am my Pomeranian was hardly breathing, eyes rolled back in is head and was tremoring! My first reaction was to bathe him and get the poison off him. He came back to & after the bath he drank an entire bowl of water. I have lost my confidence in banfield. They always find more ways to charge me for services not covered under the wellness plan and usually call when my animal is under anesthesia. I’m looking or a new vet. One that cares and is not about making money! Greed is what will ultimately end Banfield. Unfortunately so many pets will be harmed before that happens. They just lost my $200 plus a month.

  63. mommasnacks says:

    Great product! My husky shepard mix has never had any fleas/ticks since using this product. I would highly reccomend.

  64. DS says:

    IDK what the outcome was for the product. I put it on my dog per instruction. However after I read all of the comments posted my other half and I agreed to wash it off and not to risk the dangers. Our dog started to shake btw.

  65. ashley says:

    okay so we just bought this product tonight i have 2 cats that have never had fleas until this year we put the product on them about 3 hours ago they are itching and scratching / mopeing around i really hope it works without hurting them and with all these mixed reviews idk :/

  66. Catherine says:

    I used this product on my 8 week old puppy 2 days ago and have not seen any adverse effects. Fleas started dying almost as soon as I applied. Very happy.

  67. Megan says:

    I am glad that I researched this. My English Bulldog puppy, Eliza, has had a few fleas. She is about 9 weeks and weighs 7.8 lbs. Our other English Bulldog puppy, Higgins, is six months and on triflexis (for 2 months) with no problems. We just started the triflexis for his worm prevention. I don’t know how Eliza got these fleas since she has only been to the dog park three times and we never put her down. She must have gotten them outside our house. Anyway, we took her to Banfield yesterday and they gave us the Firstshield Trio. I was going to put it on her tonight but they gave it to us in a prescription bottle and it just said, “Apply once a month.” Well I didn’t know how to apply or it or where so I googled it and it pulled up these reviews. I am so glad I didn’t put it on her and I found these comments! I am going to wait until Monday and ask the vet for another treatment. I don’t understand why they would give it to us without instructions or any warning of these terrible side effects. I see people say that this stuff has eaten through leather so I am sure not putting it on my puppy!

  68. Miley says:

    I’ve been using first shield trio on my mini golden retriever for 4 years and it works fine. She had a history of sensitive skin and dried skin but this product didn’t bother her. I remember the first time I’d applied the product, you can see the fleas and ticks dying and shedding off her skin and onto the ground. So far, she haven’t experience any side effects

  69. Nelly says:

    I haven’t had any problems using this product but after reading all the comments, I am shocked!!!!
    I am afraid to keep using it and that something will happen to my lovely dog.

    I will not use any more.

  70. Larissa says:

    I am definitely not happy with Banfield for other reasons- but I really liked the first shield…. Best flea repellant I’ve ever used!!!!!! Most of the reviews that I have read are personal blogs about cats…. This however this is the first unbiased and intelligent site that seems to have given me the information that i needed… I will discontinue use of first shield because I love my dogs and do not want to take the chance but all of the blogs and reviews out there just seem a little fishy to me????

  71. Jakki says:

    From reading the post, I think a class action suit would be appropriate. I have had many negative experiences with Banfield Animal Hospital and have heard many horror stories. Let’s put the suckers out of business!!!

  72. Kanika says:

    Oh my God!! I was about to purchase this Firstshield Trio today from petsmart since this is the only flea treatment they prescribe. I am a new pet owner and have a shitzu- bichon. Can anyone suggest me which one should I buy?? Also I am looking for a heartworm medicine.
    Thankyou all for your reviews.

  73. Tiffany says:

    Bandfield Pet Hospital sucks. I would not recommend this to my worst enemy. First shield trio for dogs is horrible.

  74. Melissa says:

    I took my 6 yr old Bichon Frise into Banfield Sat (May 25th) and they talked me into buying First Shield Trio. I usually use Frontline Plus. I applied the Trio on Sunday afternoon and 3 hrs later, my baby was whining and crying and very agitated. He kept biting at his rear end. I called the ER # at Banfield and was told to bathe the area with Dawn dishwashing liquid, but it did nothing to help. The next day, Monday, I took him back to Banfield so they could take a look at him. I paid $40 for them to tell me to bathe him again in Dawn and give him Benadryl. It’s now Tuesday, and he is still in discomfort, although not as bad. He is still biting at the area. I feel so bad that I didn’t just stick to what I know (Frontline). I can’t believe Banfield hawks this poison for our beloved pets and then charge us to treat them. I’m seriously thinking about changing to a new vet after this episode. I just pray that this poison will work itself out of my pups system and he’ll feel better soon. ****DO NOT USE FIRST SHIELD TRIO….IT’S NOTHING BUT POISON***** Banfield should be ashamed for selling and promoting this horrible product.

  75. Sharon Ball says:

    My dog’s skin started bleeding!

    • Sharon Ball says:

      Forgot to add she is a labrador and not a small breed.

    • Theresa says:

      Om my goodness! How soon after you applied it did that happen? And did they have a reason? I’m sorry to hear that!

  76. Karen says:

    Put this on our 3 month old shih tzu. 4 hours after application, he wouldn’t eat his dinner and was throwing up. After reading these reviews, we washed him in Dawn and are waiting for him to get better. He could be lethargic or just worn out. I am canceling our health wellness plan and going back to our regular vet. Shame on Banfield for not dropping this horrible stuff.

  77. RG says:

    Need some help. I have a 3 year old Mini Dachshund. I was using trifexis and started to notice side effects. So Banfield recommended Firstshield Trio. June 2013 was the first month and seemed to be okay. July 8th I used the 2nd dose. Like many others I wished I had done the research and seen comments like these. She was still itching like crazy and I could not find any fleas on her. Her right ear is twitching as well. Today I called Banfield and they said I could give her Benadryl and bathe her in Dawn. Done. Still twitching and maybe the itching has subsided a little. Can anyone tell me how long this may last? I honestly feel like the best thing I can do is treat the yard and keep it lush and green. I’m tired of making an experiment of her. I feel so bad that she is going through this.

    • Theresa says:

      Hey RG. Sorry to hear about your terrible experience with flea meds. Unfortunately, for many pets the choices seem to be “itch all the time from fleas” or “itch once per month from the flea meds”. That’s not an acceptable solution so have you considered using natural flea treatments? There are some really great articles floating around here that can help you develop a natural flea program for your little girl. Lemon juice is great, and diotomaceous Earth can help keep your yard pest free safely. Good luck!

  78. Bette says:

    I have two toy parti poodles. After applying the dosage of First Shield Trio, and within seconds, my dogs were running wild around the apartment (over the furniture, the bed, each other) and at first I thought they were playing. NO, no, no! I had to bathe them, using Dawn Detergent, and still their skin is irritated. I called Banfield and they offered another option which only covered fleas. Finally suggested I ask PetSmart what they would suggest and I ended up with K9 advantix II. Now that I’ve read about it, I’m returning it and wondering what to do to protect my wonderfun companions.

  79. Sonya says:

    My sheltie is 13 and has never had fleas and was in good health. I recently switched to first shield at Banfields suggestion, and my dog has been having so many problems. He is CONSTANTLY itchy. The vets said that it’s allergies and he has been on allergy meds ever since, but it’s not enough to stop the itch. He is balding in places, and is just plain miserable. Now, to top it off, a week after he got his dose, he has fleas. When looking for solutions online i started comming accross all the negative reviews, and now I am thinking that the problems that Banfield is downplaying all have been durring the use of this product. We will not be using this anymore.

  80. Louise says:

    I have a pit bull and pit bull boxer, both 3 and a half. I hadn’t experienced fleas at all until my pit bull boxer got them. He has allergies to grass & such so I didn’t notice his scratching to be unusual at first. I did notice some weird dirt but figured be just needed a bath. Then one night at midnight he got really bad gives. I was confused as to how these huge welts had got on him. I looked it up, and apparently the weird dirt, which looked like coffee grounds, was probably fleas. I also read online to give hives for Benadryl. I already give him Benadryl once a day for his allergies, but I read from multiple sources that you could give dosage based on weight every 8 hours. I immediately gave him Benadryl. In the morning, I gave him more Benadryl. Then I took him to the vet first thing and they confirmed it was fleas and that he had further had an allergic reaction to the fleas, hence the hives. They put on a vial of FirstShield Trio and gave me some for our other dog (full pit bull). I asked about the house- we have carpets, couches, sheets, blankets, etc. They said as long as the dogs were treated, I didn’t have to treat the house. They did recommend regular vacuuming as dead fleas would be in the carpet. I did clean the house and vacuum. They also said to continue Benadryl every 8 hours until the hives went away. The hives receded, the fleas went away, and my dogs have been flea-free ever since (September). I did the follow up vials every 30 days for 3 months. I have not treated them this year and haven’t needed to. This product worked perfectly for my dogs.

  81. Christine says:

    I used this product on my 4 month puppy not once, but twice because the vet told me a bunch of bs the first time as to why he was all itchy. I decided to give it another shot and he’s been itchy ever since and I have found more fleas on him than he has ever had even without any treatment. Use dawn dish soap to get off and this will also kill fleas. I am using it today and we will try Comfortis….

  82. Jo says:

    My French Bulldog had a terrible reaction to First Shield Trio. He became agitated, running around like crazy, didn’t sleep all night and kept biting at his foot. He drank very little water the day the dose was giving, but drank at ton the next day. He seemed to not be able to get enough water. We took him to the emergency as two Banfields were too busy to take him (maybe from giving this toxic drug to our pets). We were told to give him a bath with Dawn liquid dish soap and put vitamin E on his skin. He still is acting strange but they said the symptoms should get better in the next 24-72 hours. I hope our little munchkin gets back to normal soon. He is in agony! I am looking into natural solutions as I will NEVER give this to my pet again.

  83. Jo says:

    My French Bulldog had a terrible reaction to First Shield Trio. Within a few hours, he became agitated, could not sleep, was biting at his foot all night. The next day, he ran around like he was crazy. Ran on around on the furniture, outside in circles, around and around as fast as he could go. He was drinking water excessively and was just not himself. Two separate Banfields were too busy to see him (maybe because they are giving our pets poison) so we took him to an emergency vet. They checked him over, called the drug manufacture and told us to give him a bath with Dawn Liquid dish soap and give him vitamin E. We did both and he is still biting at his foot and seems like he cannot get comfortable. He is just in agony. They said his symptoms should get better in the next 24-72 hours. This drug company knows there is a problem. I’m looking into a natural solution as I will NEVER give this to my pet again!

  84. Julia says:

    I used FirstShield Trio on my 9 week old Australian Shepherd as Banfeild recommended it was the top of the line product. It seemed fine at first but it took 24 hours for it to actually dry completely. The next day of it being applied my dog was scatching and was crying out of no where. After 4 days, my dog was still scratching continuously and didn’t want to eat much. He was sleeping more than usual and didn’t seem himself. The next morning around 5:00AM I woke up to him throwing up yellowish/white foam. He then threw up a 2nd time the next morning which was around 4:00AM. I’am so upset with this product and how Banfeild is still able to sell this Poison after a lot of people are dealing with these same problems or even worse. I will never go to Banfeild for anything again. I will try usuing Advantix or Frontline for now on. I wish I would of read these reviews before I used FirstShield. PLEASE DO NOT USE!!!

  85. Rebekah says:

    I was recommended first sheild by Banfield for my 3.5lb papillon. After giving it to her she scratched all night, had shortness of breath, and was shivering like she was cold but she was hot to the touch. The next day she was vomitting. Just 2.5 weeka later and she is covered with fleas again.I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!!!

  86. Zman says:

    Avoid this product at all costs. Those scumbags at Banfield recommended that i use this on my 7 pound Chihuahua which i did that night. The next day he was laying around all day didnt want to move. He was also in pain and i felt that his back legs were having some sort of spasms. I gave him a bath today which he felt a little bit better. Banfield is the worst pet hospital of all time. Very incompetent workers. This product is straight up poison for your dogs. All of those worthless scumbags that work for Banfield should be thrown in jail for recommending something that poisons your pup.

  87. Jennifer says:

    I have used first shield trio for years on my pets. I have large and small dogs. I switched to it after seeing fleas while my pet was on frontline. It has always worked great. It does take along time to dry though. All flea and tick medications have the potential to cause an allergic reaction whether topical or oral. A doctor would have no way of knowing which pet will react and which pet won’t. People need to realize that fleas also infest the environment, so it must be treated as well. Another thing people don’t seem to realize is that you have to use soap free shampoo for pets that are on topical flea products no matter what brand they are…that’s something I learned along the way.
    Most people seem to recommend switching to k9 advantix if their pet has had a reaction to first shield trio without realizing that they both contain permethrin to treat for ticks.
    First shield for cats and first shield trio are not the same products. They contain different ingredients. I have used first shield on my two cats too without any issues.
    I did do some reading as far as the reactions go, one blog had some bad pictures, but it did say they did not take the pet back to the vet for a week. Why would someone wait to take their pet to the vet if it was having a reaction? My shi tzu had a reaction to a vaccine, but I didn’t blame it on my vet. I did, however take her back immediately. She is on first shield trio, btw. I will say that now first shield trio comes in different sizes for small dogs. My vet said the manufacturer cut the amount in half for dogs under 10 pounds to reduce the amount of medication being given, so maybe that will help reduce the number of reactions. I feel sorry for those pets that have had a reaction, but it has worked great for me. I will continue to use it because we have a lot of ticks in our area and need something that works well on ticks and fleas.

  88. hummergirl says:

    We started using FirstShield Monday when recommended by Banfield. Here it is Thursday and my dog cries and whimpers because this is not working. She gets up every night and chews the spot just above the tail, the first application spot. I called Banfield and was told to put a shirt or sweater on her to stop chewing, scratching and licking. Yeah, right!Told not to reapply medication because I’d be over-medicating her. Told I could not bathe her in baking soda because it would lose effectiveness. Asked if any topical product would help. No! Just wait til the fleas die. She got fleas after returning from CA. Las Vegas doesn’t get fleas, the vet told me. It is 2:40 a.m. and I have been up with her for an hour sitting on this computer reading all the terrible reviews of FirtShield and listening to her whimper and scratch. I would not recommend this product if someone paid me. I will call the vet when they open, or better yet just go in. I will call another vet not associated with Banfield and I will rethink their wellness plan. After the visit, I wrote a complimentary review for the doctor and staff. What do you think I will write now?

  89. Dave Carlson says:

    I have been using spray and baths because my 4 month old puppies are training in the field daily and picking up ticks regularly. Banfield vet found a tick in the ear that I missed. He told me about all the different products and I picked FirstShield Trio having tried and researched methods of insect control. At first I did not apply the treatment because of the reviews. Then I decided to split the 21-55 lb (3.6 ml) treatment between the two 30 lb pups as the 36% Permethrin is a strong dose. I fed them a big meal first. I think that it irritated them a bit at first. Now twenty four hours later I see the results.
    After today’s run, I found one new tick and one mosquito and they were both dead. I haven’t checked the other puppy yet.
    The spray was only effective a day or two at a time, but I will continue to give them a very light spray below their neck and on their legs. I also put some spray (Adams) on my hand and rub the top of their head and ears before we train.
    The fleas, mosquitos and ticks are heavy here in Florida during the summer. My dogs range on sixty acres. Fipro works (Frontline or generics) especially on fleas and flea infestations.

  90. Nancy says:

    We got this product as part of our Puppy Welness Plan at Banfield. The 1st time I applied it air lab puppy was vomiting and lethargic. I got online and read some of the awful things this has done to dogs all over this country. We washed it off and took the remaining tubes we had back to Banfield, explained that it was making Beau sick and asked if there was a substitute included with the plan. We were told no. “The vets at that clinic has voted and that was the medication they wanted to use”. Ultimately she credited our account for the 2 tubes and claimed to remove it from our plan so we didn’t get charged for it in the future. We shall see.
    We ended up going to Petsmart and purchasing K9 Advantix which I applied and Beau
    has had no bad reactions to it at all.

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